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Figure News: New Figma prototypes leaked

Figure News: New Figma prototypes leaked
01 Apr 2011 20:20:51

My, what an interesting development has occurred this week. Two days ago, a mysterious thread popped up on 2ch's figure board from someone claiming to be a former intern for Max Factory. He posted a brief story to explain the photos he posted. Note that this is a fairly rough translation, so I had to rearrange some sentence structure and swap some words here and there to make it clearer.

"Hello, 2ch users. I'm not going to post my real name here, but you can call me "Satonaka-kun." A couple of months ago, I had a stint as an intern for Max Factory (although I now have another job). One evening, I was asked to transport some Figma figure prototypes to a local photography studio (so that they'd have the photos ready for tomorrow morning). Note that these were very early prototypes that hadn't been approved by the license holders yet, so they may not ever be released. Anyway, it was already pretty late, and I got caught in a traffic jam. At around 11PM, the studio called me and said that I should just bring the figures in the next morning. So I had no choice but to take the prototypes home with me for the night. During that time, I took a few photos of them out of boredom. I've been [TL note: This word here is pretty confusing. It literally says "fighting myself," so I'm assuming he's referring to making a decision.] debating with myself(?) over whether or not to share them for a week or two. But I figured that I may as well share them, if only to show you guys what your figures look like while in development. Besides, as I said before, they may not ever get released.


You can see the three pictures below. When asked about the different backgrounds, he said that it was due to him unpacking the figures at different times (when he was in different rooms).

To be honest, Holo and Ika-Musume don't really surprise me. People have been clamoring for a Figma Holo for years, and Ika-Musume has proven to be one of the more popular shows of last year. What surprises me, though, is the Figma of the female Pokémon Black/White protagonist (Touko/White/Hilda/whatever you want to call her). While plenty of companies have made toys of the Pokémon critters themselves, nobody has done any good-looking, posable figures of the human characters. If Game Freak/Nintendo approve this sculpt, though, it might be the beginning of a new era!

Anyway, how do you feel about these new Figmas-that-may-be? Sound off below!
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