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!! Please note that job here is not paid-for. We are a fan-site and don’t earn money for what we’re doing !!

At the moment we need:

— News writers on:

  • anime (new series and future films announces, trailers and stuff)
  • Japanese computer and videogames (announces, trailers and other details)
  • manga, periodic magazines and other aspects of Japanese pop-culture
  • anime and otaku culture in your country (localizations, translations, fests: announcements and, if possible, reviews)

You also can choose your own round of duties.

What newswriters do, exactly? They write news on our site using blog format and tools. Newswriters hunt for news in the deep woods of internet, analyze them and, if needed, add pictures, video or comments. Literacy and diligence are required.

— Artist and designer for:

  • MyAnimeShelf logo development
  • Making site banners, thumbnails and buttons
  • Design and development of official Shelf merchandise (like contest and lottery prizes)

To sign you in we will need to see your works (portfolio).

— Anime-style artist for:

Michelle and Leila mascot characters development, drawing alternative site backgrounds, concept arts for merchandise and so on. To sign you in we will need to see your works (portfolio)

If you want to apply for any job on this list send a PM to Vallefor or e-mail us:

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