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Hello, I am a newcomer. So… what are you guys doing here?

Welcome! MyAnimeShelf is a place where we go crazy about anime and figurines from Japan. As a first step we recommend you to visit our Anime and Figures databases. Using search forms you can easily find your favorite figures, anime and characters.
Aside from official release information we do proudly present our user content: blogs and figures photos! Browse, read, get an eyeful of figure pics… and don’t forget to say a couple of words to their authors in return.

Should I register in order to get access to all content?

Actually, no. Both official and custom info is fully available to guests.

Then why should I register?

Well, that’s where all the fun begins! Registered users can create their own Shelves with anime and figurines collections on it! Well, web-shelves. Virtual copies of figurines and anime collections. Registered users can upload pictures, make blog-posts, rate other users stuff. And of course they gain rating points themselves. There are also lotteries and contests on MyAnimeShelf that only registered users can take part in.

I would like to leave a comment but I don’t want to register.

No problem. We have a comment form for guests. It is located at the bottom of the page. Fill in your nickname and email address if you want to be notified of follow-up comments and go ahead.

You have English and Russian versions of MyAnimeShelf. What’s the difference between them?

Basically, MyAnimeShelf is an English language site. Russian version was launched several months later. To switch languages click the corresponding flag on top of the page.
By default in English version of Shelf Russian content is disabled. You can enable it in your profile page. However, user photos are not version-divided.
Users of Russian version cannot switch off English-language content because it is the main language of the project. Our anime and figurines databases are maintained in English (excluding a few fields, which exist in both Russian and English languages).

So, I’ve registered. What’s next?

First, we recommend filling up your Profile page so that other users can know a little more of you than your nickname. To do that, click «My Profile — edit» in the My Room menu. All the fields have the explanations below, so it’s simple!


How does «My Anime» list works?

In «My Anime» list you can make a virtual collection of your completed, «plan to watch» or «currently watching» anime series.
To add anime to your list, go to Anime database and search your anime by title. Then on anime page click «Add to My Shelf» button. Point out status and your personal rating of this anime and then click Apply. Now anime is in your «My Anime» list.

My favorite anime is not on the list! What should I do?

Add it yourself, of course! Use our «Add an anime!» feature on the anime database’s main page. As usual, explanations are provided for almost every field which you have to fill. And, of course, you will get SP for helping us expanding the database.

My favorite anime’s page is almost blank, or information provided is incorrect.

You’re welcome to edit it! On every anime’s page there is an «Edit» button meant for this purpose. You also can upload images, descriptions and characters.
Keep in mind that when you are filling an empty field there is no premoderation, but editorial changes of existing fields will be checked by moderator.
As usual, you’ll get SP for helping us maintaining our database.


Tell me more about these figures shelves. I’d like to create one too.

First, put the figures you own into your Box. To do that, go to the Figurines Database and click Toggle Search Form. You can search by one or several fields: for example, Character name or/and Original (anime, game or manga).
Then on a figurine’s page click a box icon. Now the figurine is in your Box.

But in a Box all figures are displayed like a total mess. I want to arrange them in my own way!

No problem. You just need to create a shelf (or several shelves). To do that proceed to your Shelf-page, enter «Editor Mode» and choose [add].
Think of a name for your shelf and indicate a shelf lines number (you will be able to place 7 figures on a line). Also you can add a shelf description if you want ([bb] enabled, you can even add images).
Now it is time to fill your shelf with figures from your Box. In Editor Mode click on the name of your newly created shelf. On the left you will see all the figures from your Box. In 2 clicks you can move them to the shelf. Don’t forget to save everything when you are done, or changes you made will not be applied.
By the way, you can name every shelf line you use. To do that, click an edit icon on a bar under the line, type in the name and press the check mark to save it.

Ok, I’m done with Box and shelves, but what about Preorder?

In our database you can find figures yet to be released. However, most of them have both price and release date revealed by the manufacturer. If you preordered such a figure, you can add it to your Shelf as well. It will appear on your Preorder page. When release date passes, it will be moved to your Box automatically.

And what about Wishlist?

Well, we all wish for something:) Most likely you’ve got a figure you wish to acquire, but cannot. It may be out of stock, or you just can’t afford it. Wishlist is for figures like that.
In order to add a figure to your wishlist click on a heart icon on its page. Now we know what can make an ideal present for your birthday.

One (or more) of my figures is not in the list! Why?

Don’t panic, it’s normal. Actually, our figurines database is filled up by users. It is constantly expanding, so you have two choices: sit and wait for some active user to add your figure, or take action yourself — and use our «Add a figure!» form!
All fields of the form have explanations below, so adding your precious figurine should be a simple task. The only skill you’ll need is googling for information on it.
«Add a figure!» service is pre-moderated. For every figurine you add you will get SP.

I have a 'hentai' figure. Am I allowed to add it to the database?

No problem. In our «Add a figure!» form we have a special 18+ checkbox. All 18+ figures are guarded by age-confirming messages.

I have found my figure in the database, but its description is either incomplete or incorrect.

«Edit» button on the figurine’s page is at your service anytime! You will also get some SP for updating figure info.

Can I place a figure, I do not own, on a shelf?

Yes, but… why? There is no way to check, if user does or does not have a particular figure. But what goes around comes around. No one can escape their karma.


What else can I do on MyAnimeShelf?

Well, if you do collect figurines, you are welcome to upload its photos. We have figure identification service to attach user photos to a specific figure. Identified photos will be displayed on the figure’s page. So, by uploading your own images you will do a great favor to other users interested in figures you have.
You can also blog about figures, anime or personal life. And, of course, you can comment and rate figures, anime, characters, as well as other users stuff: photos, blogs and shelves.

Tell me more about user photos!

Your wish is our command. In order to upload images use «My photos» option in My Room menu.
Before uploading you may like to create one or several photo albums to store and arrange your pictures. If you don’t feel like creating albums — no problem. By default all your images will appear in a root folder.

I have a 'hentai' figure. Is it allowed to load pictures of it?

Yes, it’s ok. Use «18+" check-box and the image will be guarded by age-confirm message.

What’s the purpose of identifying the figures on the photos?

«Identify my figure» service is created to attach user photos to a specific figure from our database. Other users will see your identified images below official ones on the figurine’s page. Moreover, only identified images are shown on the MyAnimeShelf main page and in Photo spot.
We highly recommend you sparing a minute to identify figures and make your photos a part of our global photo-album. Click on «Identify a figure!» button, use our search form to find the right one and click on its thumbnail.
Notice: when the figure is not a main point and/or barely visible, it is probably better not to identify it.

Can I upload someone else’s photos?

If you are sure that the author won’t mind — of course! But — and it is important — you should not identify them. Identified images are associated with your person, so it is implied that you have made them yourself. As an exception you may identify photos of your figures made by someone else if the author has authorized you to upload it on MyAnimeShelf by your name.
Without identifying you may upload virtually any image (from official blogs, anime, manga or from your own vacation ^_^) and use it, for example, in your blog post.

I’ve loaded a picture and later discovered it on the other source. Why?

Don’t know. Greedy users stole it:(Please be aware, that all MyAnimeShelf content is freely exposed. Actually, that is what we are doing here — sharing photos and expressions. All we can suggest is to add copyright to your pictures, using any drawing program.

Blog service: what is it and how to use it?

Well, we doubt that there is someone in our Web 2.0 age who doesn’t know what blog service is. Just in case: blog is a web-based diary with comment option enabled. So, if you are ready with the idea of your first post, MyBlog page awaits you. Use My Photos or Link buttons to add photos.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your pictures and blog stuff exist separately. In other words, you are able to expose a picture without creating a blog post. At the same time you can upload any image (not necessary figures photos) through «My photos» and use it in your blog.
Aside from images you may add any multimedia content (audio or video) to your blog posts. [bbcodes] are available, so you can customize your text and make it truly unique.


Can I rate figures and/or anime?

Sure you can. A rating system applies almost everywhere on our site. You can:

  • plus or minus figures (use face-icons on a figurine’s page);
  • rate anime (you’ll be asked to rate it when you’re adding anime to your Shelf).

Figures and anime with highest ratings are shown on the front page.

Can I rate user content?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage our users to do that. You may plus or minus user photos and blog posts using face-icons on photo/blog post page. Comments are rated by ± signs above the text of the comment. You can plus or minus post, photo or comment just once.
The only exclusion is your own content — naturally, you can’t rate it.
Top 3 users (as judged by their content rating) are shown on MyAnimeShelf main page.
Notice: due to high activity level of some MyAnimeShelf staff members, they may appear in Top 3 — don’t be angry.

I also want to see myself on the front page! What should I do?

As easy as ABC. Gain rating points! Upload photos, blog, comment — and your rating will rise for sure.
Keep in mind, though, that MyAnimeShelf staff has no influence on user rating points. The only thing that matters here is how other users rate your stuff.
So is you want to get to the top, try to make them love your stuff a whole lot.

So how rating points are calculated?

Here is the system:

  • plus 1 for the blog post = 1 RP;
  • plus 1 for the photo = 0.5 RP
  • plus 1 for the comment = 0.1 RP.

I understand about RP. But you also have SP. What for?

Shelf Points (SP) differ radically from Rating Points (RP). They are provided solely and exclusively by the administration. SP is a kind of reward for your participating in MyAnimeShelf development.
You’ll get SP for adding figures and anime to our databases or editing the database entries. You can also get quite a number of SP by drawing our mascot Michelle or helping us to improve the project in other way.
SP are a kind of currency around here. And this is just the beginning!
Okay. And how SP are calculated?
It’s simple. For adding 1 figure in our database you can get from 1 to 5 SP. Exact number depends on accuracy and fullness of a database entry you made.
For adding an anime or character, as well as for editing existing anime database entries you’ll get 0.1 SP per field.


Do you plan to add other features to MyAnimeShelf?

For sure! MyAnimeShelf has just been born, but we’ll raise a clever and skillful child.

I have Internet Explorer ver. 6 and…

And please go update your software. It is incredibly hard to make things work on this decrepit browser.

I have other question, problem, offer…

Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Editing and supervising: Glory

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