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Drafts and stuff
26 Dec 2016

Hi everyone!

We've news, this time good ones!

The create/edit blog post form has been reworked at last.


  • Saving without page reload, saving with Ctrl+S
  • Errors explained simply
  • Saving drafts (explanation follows)
Trading: sets
12 Nov 2016

Hi everyone!

It's been some time since the last update. This is due to big changes in our CMS that the website is running on. Current update has an insane amount of CMS engine changes. And while all of those cannot be seen by our users (except for bugs) there are some good news.

Photo tournament is over
04 May 2016

Hi everyone!
I'm a little late with these news — turns out refactoring a single method in the CMS took me a whole week.

Photo Tournament
07 Mar 2016

Hi everyone!
Ready for some action?! *_*

We're accepting applications for the new photo contest!

Nice news first!

Courtesy of Madao_chin there are two awesome prizes!
Praise Madao_chin! :)

25 Oct 2015

Hi everyone!

We've got a very big update this time (the Shelf is upgraded to version 3.0)!

We're introducing a new trade system featuring order creation, cart, search and other nice things!

Autumn Field Game Results
27 Sep 2015

Well, another game has ended!

OlegatorTheSaint was the game sponsor. Let's all praise him for the provided stuff!

Alright, this time the winners are:

Field Game: Autumn
30 Aug 2015

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably grown tired of the old field game banner so we took it down and made a news post about it.


New terms of service
23 Mar 2015


We have terms of service now, you are strongly advised to read and obey.

Have a nice day.

Winter Field Game Results
28 Dec 2014

Well, another game has ended!

OlegatorTheSaint was the game sponsor. Let's all praise him for the provided stuff!

Alright, this time the winners are:

Field Game: winter
03 Dec 2014

Hi everyone!

We’re having a last game this year. As time goes by Kirito’s party got a new member, Chaika almost finished collecting the remains, a bug has been found in the Sibyl System, Shirou has summoned Saber and only our sponsor remains the same.

Behold OlegatorTheSaint and his words:

“Clickity click and win prizes!”

Email alerts issue
30 Oct 2014

Hey everyone!

We've got very bad news this time.

Almost all the email alerts sent since october 28th were not delivered. We are aware of the issue and very sorry there's literally no time to solve this at the moment.

BTW Yandex is to blame for this outrage.

When this is fixed all the lost emails will probably be sent once more.

Photo tournament has finished
19 Oct 2014

Hi everyone! :)

Good news first.
As you've noticed our first photo tournament has finished. Turns out the tournament system needs to be patched here and there. We really appreciate the help of all who took part! We've also been surpsised by the high photo quality despite the intangible prize.

Private chats: testing
13 Oct 2014

Actually I wanted to write about long polling, nginx plugin, old manuals, cross browser compatibility and a some more complex geek stuff.

So I'd better show you my PHP elephant *_*

Photo tournament: beta test
12 Aug 2014

Hey! Missed our events? We're happy to announce the photo tourtament beta test!

How does that work?
All the users who want to take a part in the toutament are randomly arranged in groups and are given time to send us photos. 16 users to participate in an actual tourtament will chosen by vote. After they will be paired for duels, this is where the fun starts! All participants will have 3 days to take a picture on a subject (there's no specific subject in the testing though). All the users will have 2 days to vote for each duel.

CMS Update
12 Jul 2014

We had no updates for quite a while, the reason being the admin section (which is hidden) of the website needed some love. It has been changed greatly in terms of nasty bug fixing and introducing new key features.

New Anime moderators
23 Mar 2014

Hey everyone!

We've got good hews today:

new moderators are here!

Thanks to everyone who offered their help. We highly appreciate your concern for the Shelf and we’ll be counting on your support from now on!

20 Mar 2014

Hey there!

It's time to meet the…

Winter Field Game Results
11 Mar 2014

Well, another game has ended

OlegatorTheSaint was the game sponsor. Let's all praise him for the provided stuff!

Email confirmation
27 Feb 2014


Sadly, the moment when we have to enable email confirmation to complete registration has come.

The registration form was changed too, I hope it got simplier and more understandable.

If someone experiences any problems with registration please contact us using any of emails listed in "About" section.

Figure database changes
21 Feb 2014

Hi everyone!

We've got a much awaited update this time. Very wow. So figure database keeper.

My Photos section issues
15 Feb 2014

My Photos section in unavailable for the time being. Some yaoi guys harrypottered a few pictures away, we're dealing with it.

View stats
14 Feb 2014


We'got a small update here.

View statistics is now available for blog posts:

User views are counted since “Let the spying begin” update, total views number is counted from yesterday.

PS Actually the news, anime, charactes, photos and your shelf views are now recorded as well. For the time being we'll just see how blog post stats go.

Field Game: Winter 2014
12 Feb 2014


Suddenly we've got another game upon us!

The sponsor is OlegatorTheSaint and his message follows:

“In the begining was the song. Stars singing, as they playing the beautiful tune of heavens. Lynn Minmay - 2009. Sharon Apple - 2040. "Fire Bombers" - 2045. And now...”

Photospot changes
10 Feb 2014

Hello everyone.

We're working on unifying all of our databases, frontend and backend alike. This time the photo spot got an update.

By the way photo spot filter has not worked properly since figures got multiple character link option.

We are moving to a new server
26 Jan 2014

Hello, everyone.

It seems like an established tradition for us to move servers after New Year.

But unlike last time, when moved according to plan and all, this year we are experiencing trouble with hard drives, and it's easier for us to switch servers than replace the drives.

Warnings and feedback
17 Jan 2014


Now all the bad kids will get warnings: any user can see them but only site administration can leave them.

  • Also something many users were asking is here: feedback for sellers.
  • The feedback must be used only (!!!) for sellers and buyers
New year game summary :)
13 Jan 2014

New year game summary :)

Our new year game came to an end :) We hope you’ve enjoyed revealing the image, winning prizes and praising the sponsor!

The only thing left is to announce the winners.


Happy New Year! :D
31 Dec 2013

This post could’ve been a selection of best shitstorms, worst anime titles, most horrible figures, etc but it’s not. Let’s leave all of that in the passing year! It’s been a tough one already. We hope all of our users will find the following year much more pleasant! :) We’ll continue working on the project and making new rewards features for you :)

We’d also like to announce a New Year background by Kotikomori :)

Well, MyAnimeShelf team congratulates you on New Year and is off to a party! :D

Please don’t break anything here *_*

New blog spot filter
26 Dec 2013

Good news: a new beautiful and usable filter appeared in the blog-spot. Sorting there is as cool as in figures section now, you can also search blog entries by title or post text. Tag search got more useful, too.

Old post categories were called off.

Field Game: New Year Game
15 Dec 2013

Oooh yeeeah :)

I’m pleased to announce that the new game starts right now!

Our sponsor is a Russian service to help buy stuff in Japanese online stores.

Спонсором игры выступает
сервис покупок в японских интернет магазинах — ZenMarket!

Сайт сервиса:

Процесс покупки призов для игры, с использованием сервиса ZenMarket

Email delivery issues
08 Dec 2013

Due to newly found delivery issues we're now sending emails via local SMTP service. This can lead to some emails dropping into your "spam" folder, please take note.

The problem was solved.

Message to a moderator
07 Dec 2013


Finally something that many of you were waiting happened: you can now leave a message to a moderator when you add or edit a figure. If you want to leave a link to the manufacturer site or confirm your information in any way - welcome.

Figure list. Release.
24 Nov 2013

Figure list open beta is over. It did reveal quite a number of issues. Thanks to all the users who took their time to test everything :)

I tried to post this several times thinking “that’s it, I’ve fixed the last bug” but new ones appeared again and again. It seems everything has been fixed for now, haha :P

Open beta: figures
02 Oct 2013

It’s been a long time since our last update!

And it’s not only that I have no time but I’m also trying to rewrite that one thing: our figurines database. It has been out there for a while and it certainly has not been getting any easier to rewrite and I made my mind eventually :)

Let the spying begin!
29 Jun 2013

Hello everyone!

We have quite an interesting update. Basically it consists of two things:

Yuki Game: the end
29 Jun 2013

Another game has finished.

This time the main prize remained hidden until the very end. Truth to tell at one point I opened the database to check if everything was ok :)

Field Game: Summer 2013
09 Jun 2013

A new field game has started.

This time we have a sponsor: many thanks to OlegatorTheSaint! :)

A word from our sponsor:

“In the name of the Great Goddess!”

Rating restrictions removed
03 Jun 2013

Rating restrictions have been lifted as a part of a test. You can now rate all user content to your heart’s content: all members have been provided with unlimited RP.

The test will last till the end of the week at least.

More improvements
02 Jun 2013


Figure user photos section has been improved. Please see for yourself here.

Main page changes
30 May 2013

Hey there! Slight main page changes incoming.

Illya and ssh console


  • Top 3 figures
  • Top 3 users


  • Photo of the week
  • Post of the week
  • Top 3 users of the week
  • “I want to take it home” tab to the figure section

“I want to take it home”
It’s actually hard to explain this. Figures that are released in between two weeks prior to the current date and three months after the current date are sorted by rating and displayed there.

Oh and if you have any other thoughts of some brand new changes to be made to the main page please state them here, okay?

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