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I still can't believe that they're making a Nendoroid video game. I mean, GSC may be on great terms with much of the video game industry (they've made promotional Petit Nendoroids for everyone from Nippon Ichi to Arc System Works), but they're actual...
Edit tags edit entry 15 1625 6 (8) 3
Ah, Golden Week. The week that everyone's tsundere for. On one hand, schools and many businesses are closed for this week of three holidays. On the other hand, traffic increases tenfold as everyone goes to visit relatives at once. Regardless, Banda...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1763 11 (11) 2
Well, folks, we've reached that point. We had a perfectly good sketch about hermits a successful and popular line of figures, but now things are beginning to get rather silly. The newest issue of Famitsu, which leaked today, unveiled something comple...
Edit tags edit entry 2 2344 10 (12) 4
Ah, Bakemonogatari. One of the most polarizing anime of 2009. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, though, Japan evidently loves it enough for it to be getting the Figma treatment. In addition to the soon-to-be-released Hitagi Senjougahara a...
Edit tags edit entry 12 3246 9 (9) 8
Today, not one but two Figmas went up for preorder. The first was one I've been secretly hoping for ever since Figma Reimu was announced way back in summer 2009. That's right, the Little Pandemonium, Suika Ibuki, has joined the Figma line! What...
Edit tags edit entry 5 2031 11 (11) 9
Alright, I'm in a bit of a love-hate relationship with Bandai at the moment. On one hand, their last batch of announcements was one of the most impressive this year. But on the other hand, they still don't know how to distribute their products effect...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1448 3 (3) 3
My, what an interesting development has occurred this week. Two days ago, a mysterious thread popped up on 2ch's figure board from someone claiming to be a former intern for Max Factory. He posted a brief story to explain the photos he posted. Note t...
Edit tags edit entry 105 11133 16 (16) 14
I'm not gonna lie, I laughed upon seeing this information - mainly because it turns out that the Figma Blog had updated while I was typing the last article. Anyway, the fourth release in the wildly popular Black*Rock Shooter line is here! Don't...
Edit tags edit entry 1 2045 9 (9) 5
Good Smile Company is one of many corporations donating money towards the relief effort for the Sendai tragedy. In addition to its initial donation, GSC plans to sell a special-edition version of its Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, including an extra face an...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1299 3 (5) 1
The Big O was one of the shows that got me into anime, and I still have a soft spot for it to this day. So you can guess how excited I got when I saw these gems on the new-items lists at the usual stores. That's right, the Figma of R. Dorothy...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1309 3 (3) 5
...Whew. The first major news update since the Sendai tragedy, and it's utterly massive. Kamen Rider fans be warned, your wallet may suffer a painful death upon reading this article. I'll start off with a less-anticipated exclusive release. S.
Edit tags edit entry 0 1708 4 (4) 2
Alright, the situation over in Japan is looking pretty bleak right now. The death toll continues to shoot up (current estimates are that it'll reach 10,000 before this is over). So most Japanese companies have higher priorities right now than releasi...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1189 14 (14) 2
March 9th is something of a special day for Vocaloid fans. As 3/9 can be pronounced as "Mi-ku" in moonspeak, Crypton has declared it to be Miku day! In addition to the annual concerts, plenty of new Miku merchandise goes up for order. In ad...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1428 19 (21) 3
Well, the past 9 days or so have made up for the recent dearth of releases in a big way - all the major manufacturers shipped a lot of items out. The natural response is to list them! Nendoroid Ui Hirasawa Manufacturer: Good Smile Company Orig...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1620 15 (15) 3
First off, I want to apologize for the lack of articles over the last week or so. I came down with the flu, which complicated things. Anyway, updates will be resuming as usual now, but I'll list the new items that went up for order and were released...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1260 7 (7) 4
Well, yesterday was a very, very slow news day. But now I'm glad that I waited 'til today to see if anything notable would crop up, as it most definitely did. >gir before being stepped on.jpg Impending_Sky already said pretty much all ther...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1208 9 (9) 4
Good lord, this really was a slow week for releases. Only three things of note showed up, two of which were spillover from last month (oh, GSC, you and your delays~). I even tried delaying the article by a day in the hope that something new would pop...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1715 9 (9) 0
The Touhou Project has always been in something of an interesting spot as merchandising goes, if only due to its doujin nature. Well, genius drunkard creator ZUN is now establishing new policies for commercial Touhou Project goods, which goes into ef...
Edit tags edit entry 2 2138 13 (13) 3
Well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but it still sucks. Good Smile Company, ALTER, and Max Factory have just announced another batch of delays - which includes pretty much everything they were going to release this month. To be...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1198 15 (17) 8
Today, I found these two in the mail. While TTGL is pretty old news, I did utterly fall in love with Nendoroid HMO Miku. If anything, her parts go so well with Neko-Arc's... And Woody decided to jam with the band. And if anyone...
Edit tags edit entry 30 1291 18 (18) 5
Well, well, well. It seems that I got so swept up in the Tamashii Features announcements that I missed a new Figma preorder! Fear not, for Kurisu Makise is here! Piccolo-tan? Kurisu here comes from the sleeper-hit VN STEINS;GATE, about severa...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1269 11 (15) 0
Well, Valentine's Day is around the corner, and love is in the air. It feels kind of sticky and hard-to-breathe-in. Not fun. ...Anyway, this week actually yielded a surprising number of releases for the middle of the month, starting with an old cl...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1394 10 (10) 1
Well, Bandai has gone off trying to be all independent-like again. Rather than showing off their wares at Wonder Festival like everyone else, they've created their own show! Tamashii Features revealed a lot of new products, but not in the fields you'...
Edit tags edit entry 2 3441 13 (15) 9
Well, I'd like to draw the attention of MAS to a very interesting interview courtesy of toy site It'sAllTrue.net. Shortly before Wonder Festival, they asked readers to supply questions for them to ask to Kaiyodo, Max Factory, and Medicos representati...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1235 8 (8) 5
Alright, Wonder Festival has come and gone. The Mikus were appended, the Stockings were stocked, and ROBOCOP GOT A FIGMA. Anyway, we're in that lull that comes after big announcements - this week is probably going to be pretty slow figure-news-wise.
Edit tags edit entry 0 1188 5 (5) 3
Alright, the flood gates are open, and the new images from WF2011 are pouring in! Here's how I'm gonna do this - I'll be uploading images continuously into this post until the flow stops. For now, there'll be no text, just images. In return, I'd like...
Edit tags edit entry 4 2153 24 (24) 14
Well, tonight's the night, folks! Wonder Festival has come to town! But rather than get completely caught up in the hype, we should also remember that there are plenty of cool things that are already out, even this very week. Let's take a look at the...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1509 4 (4) 1
Alright, folks. I hope your bodies are ready, 'cause that very special time that comes twice a year is nearing once more! Wonder Festival Winter 2011 begins on this Sunday, February 6th! While it's likely that leaks will begin tomorrow afternoon (as...
Edit tags edit entry 3 1257 15 (15) 10
The past 48 hours have proven that a lot of people are attempting to count the medals one two and three. With the S.H. Figuarts line only growing in popularity and Kamen Rider OOO proving to be quite the hit, demand for both Figuarts and OOO merchand...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1223 6 (6) 6
Well, this isn't really that figure-related, but I know that a lot of people are big Black*Rock Shooter fans 'round these parts. Anyway, some more concept art was revealed in recent magazine scans, including clear looks at two of the new characters.
Edit tags edit entry 0 1187 12 (12) 3
Well, Good Smile Company hasn't exactly been winning friends lately. Not only is there the controversy regarding the questionable future of their international sales, but they've developed a knack for biting off a bit more than they can chew - nearly...
Edit tags edit entry 0 3140 11 (13) 5
Well, there's been quite the cafuffle in the figure-collecting world over the past 48 hours, due to a mysterious newsletter sent out by figure retailer CDJapan. It merely read: "IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, products manufactured by Good Smile Co...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1150 7 (7) 5
As much as I (and many people) love Bandai, I must admit that it's a rather tsundere relationship. Their figures are among the best on the market, and they delve into properties other companies tend to overlook (tokusatsu, Digimon, Shonen Jump franch...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1702 11 (11) 3
HobbyLink Japan has been known for doing sales quite a lot, but they're usually focusing on less-popular manufacturers like Aoshima. Well, they've began their new sale, the Fabulous Figure Bargain Battle! 75 items are available from 25%-75% off, f...
Edit tags edit entry 3 1404 12 (12) 6
Next week begins that time of the month when manufacturers begin shipping their wares in bulk. Until then, though, new products are down to a mere trickle. Anyway, there were still a few new items shipped this week... Ultra-Act Kaiser Belial Manu...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1324 8 (8) 3
Well, Wonder Festival is creeping closer and closer, but this isn't stopping companies from revealing (or leaking, as the case may be) new products! First up would be the revelation that Max Factory is stretching their Kamen Rider Ryuki Dragon Knight...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1923 10 (10) 7
One of the most popular Figma sublines in the history of the line would be the Black*Rock Shooter series. Not only was the main character Good Smile Company's top-selling product last year, but she's also the highest-selling Figma to date! So Max Fac...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1379 12 (12) 2
Kaiyodo's Sci-Fi Revoltech Predator has been eagerly anticipated ever since it was revealed almost a year ago. Well, images of the final-release Predator have emerged, and the result is... underwhelming. You might want to get to the chopper to g...
Edit tags edit entry 0 1309 7 (9) 6
The dry spell of figures that started last week continues, with a noticeable dearth of new releases this week. But GSC and Kaiyodo have still managed to get a few things out (mostly delayed items from last month in the case of the former), as shown b...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1600 16 (16) 2
Kaiyodo seems determined to continue its reputation as the most prolific of the major figure manufacturers - they've just opened preorders for three March releases! First up would be the return on their Queen's Blade subline. FEAR MY MIGHTY HAMH...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1116 9 (9) 3
Well, it's that time of the year again. Wonder Festival is mere weeks away, and Good Smile Company has prepared for it by announcing their new exclusives. This chart summarizes it nicely: And a list of the exclusives de-moonruned: Good Smil...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1152 7 (11) 9
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!, or My Little Sister can't be This Cute! for non-moonspeakers, is fast on its way to becoming the next Haruhi or K-On in terms of merchandising power. Preorders for every bit of OreImo merchandise have be...
Edit tags edit entry 3 1301 9 (9) 23
Once in a while, a company releases something that just makes me ask why. Not even in the "oh, ha-ha, how silly" SSS kind of way, but just genuinely elicits a reaction of pure confusion. Like these. Are you ready? Don't say I didn't...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1349 7 (7) 5
Well, it's that time of the week again, so let's skip the formalities and go right into our tour of the wacky world of character goods! First up is an item that's more amusing than anything else. While they're mainly known in the figure-collecting...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1206 6 (6) 3
This week didn't yield a huge number of new releases - it was mostly just the stuff the manufacturers weren't able to get out before the new year. Regardless, they still warrant a roundup, so here goes! Petit Nendoroid K-On Series 1 Manufacturer:...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1647 11 (11) 10
I know a lot of people were somewhat underwhelmed by Good Smile Company's Black*Rock Shooter Anime ver. PVC - the sculpt was wonderful, but it was hampered by a fragile design and subpar quality control (to the point where Amazon.co.jp has her listed...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1279 10 (10) 5
Well, the Japanese New Year celebrations are over, and life is slowly returning to normal over in moonland. The retailers are adding new listings, the manufacturers are preparing new unveilings, and things will probably back to their normal rate of i...
Edit tags edit entry 2 1125 8 (8) 2
Well, this is slightly old news, but pretty much everyone in Japan is celebrating the new year (which they hold in very high regard). So the past four days or so have been completely devoid of any new updates from retailers and companies alike, altho...
Edit tags edit entry 2 4679 6 (6) 2
Well, it's Sunday, and you know what that means! Gather round, kiddos, and Uncle Kururu will tell you a story of how he wrestled a bear silly licensed goods! Erika Sendo Mug - WITH LID! Something seems off here... The mug itself isn't what...
Edit tags edit entry 1 1417 8 (8) 1
Whew! First post of the new year, and the first post in the new format! Anyway, this is still a developing process, so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to how I could improve my reporting here, don't hesitate to let me know! As the first...
Edit tags edit entry 2 2135 13 (13) 9
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