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Terms of service

There are certain rules in effect, not a lof of them though:

It is forbidden to:

  1. Offend any resource members in any way. Please be respectful.
  2. Use obscene vocabulary excessively.
  3. Express racial, national, political and religious hostility; propagandize terrorism, extremism, narcotics and other subjects violating common moral standards.
  4. Distribute non-anime adult content. Anime related adult content must me tagged accordingly. Administration may delete any adult content without further notice.
  5. Send spam.
  6. Create multiple accounts without administration approval.
  7. Create accounts deliberately copying existing accounts.
  8. Knowingly submit false information for approval.
  9. Discuss the price in sale blog post comments. Please bargain in a private chat.
  10. Create sale posts that sell stuff existing in our database
  11. Sold bootlegs (no matter how pretty).
  12. Create a sale set and sell items inside this set separately.
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