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Figure News: Hamhands and reissues abound

Figure News: Hamhands and reissues abound
20 Jan 2011 02:46:40

One of the most popular Figma sublines in the history of the line would be the Black*Rock Shooter series. Not only was the main character Good Smile Company's top-selling product last year, but she's also the highest-selling Figma to date! So Max Factory has decided to continue the subline with her foes Dead Master and Black*Gold Saw, as well as the mysterious Strength!

Don't let her near your other Figmas - those hamhands will break them!

Hobby Japan has shown more images of STR's unpainted prototype (alongside other already-shown items). While it doesn't reveal an awful lot, it does confirm a few things - not only do Ham*Hand Fister's hands come with mini-supports of their own, but they also have posable fingers! Speaking of posable digits...

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight; Risin' up to the challenge of our rival...

Max Factory also showed off painted prototypes of the next two figures in the Kamen Rider Ryuki Dragon Knight, including the imposing Kamen Rider Taiga Axe. While Axe does include an axe (well, duh), I have a feeling most people will prefer to use the impressive claw-gauntlets shown here. The other release in this pair wasn't so blessed...

Yeah, look at 'im go. Who needs gravity?

Kamen Rider Verde Camo only includes two versions of his trademark yo-yo device, with fully bendable wires. Of course, this does make sense for the character, who was more about stealing and copying other characters' abilities; and he has a reduced price tag as a result (3000Y as opposed to the 3200Y standard). Both Axe and Camo will ship in April, and preorders open tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this).

A cool figure, no bones about it. YOHOHOHOHO, skull joke!

The Revoltech Skeleton Army from the classic Jason and the Argonauts has proven surprisingly popular, selling out much faster than Kaiyodo anticipated. As a response, they're reissuing the figure in April, but with a slight change - the designs on the shield are different. This isn't the only reissue taking place, though.

Bust through the wallets!

You count the reissues one two and three...

Both the surprisingly popular Kamen Rider OOO Combo Change Series figures and the Tengen Toppa, Chouginga and Arc Gurren-Lagann Revoltechs have gotten surprise reissues this week, much to the delight of fans. However, these are very popular items, so they've been selling out extremely fast (the OCCs tend to last about a minute). However, if you've been looking to get one or more of these figures, there is hope! Amiami's been adding more at random intervals throughout the day, so a blend of patience and luck will help you here (I'm still surprised that I managed to snag a Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Revoltech).

Anyway, are any of you excited for the hamhands brigade, the yo-yo Rider, or any of these reissues? Sound off below!
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Jobibi (USA)
20 Jan 2011, 03:17:42
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Picked up two of the skeleton Revoltechs, and I love them both to death. (Hey, I like lame jokes too) I was actually upset with myself for not getting more, so this is perfect. ^^ Really dig the medusa skull shield. It will be nice to have more variety. I liked the octopus one that came with the first set, but I might repaint the other two shields as I could care less for them.
Glory (Russia)
21 Jan 2011, 06:39:01
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Posable fingers for Strength would be great! I'll be preordering anyways though T___T
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