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Figure News: Black*Gold Saw Anime ver. as well as a plethora of Figuarts open preorders

Figure News: Black*Gold Saw Anime ver. as well as a plethora of Figuarts open preorders
07 Jan 2011 21:21:29

I know a lot of people were somewhat underwhelmed by Good Smile Company's Black*Rock Shooter Anime ver. PVC - the sculpt was wonderful, but it was hampered by a fragile design and subpar quality control (to the point where Amazon.co.jp has her listed for 4000Y). However, for those willing to forgive and give the B*RS Anime PVC series another chance, Black*Gold Saw has opened for preorder.

Heavens! She's intimidating enough to make chains float by sheer presence!

Black*Gold Saw is, like B*RS and Dead Master before her, posed leaping forward to flee (or pursue?) some unknown being. She maintains the same level of detail as her predecessors, and combines features from both of them - an outfit similar to Black*Rock Shooter, and skeletal hands and horns like Dead Master. However, she has a number of aspects entirely her own - spiky armor on her legs, long red hair, and a not-completely-flat bust (unusual for huke-designed character), among other things. But her most impressive component is probably her namesake - the monstrous King Saw! This gold-and-black blade has a battle-worn look, in the form of plenty of dings, scratches and stains. Anyway, Black*Gold Saw ships in June. But shall we move on to something more posable?

Japan has recently been on a hype-train about a trio of Kamen Rider movies called the Chou Den-O Trilogy, focusing on more obscure Riders such as Den-O's Zeronos and Decade's Diend. And now, the last of the three featured Riders is getting the S.H. Figuarts treatment - Kamen Rider New Den-O!

Nice tracks you got there, kiddo.

New Den-O did get a past Figuarts release, but it was a Tamashii Web exclusive. Not only is this reissue a standard release, but it also includes far more accessories than the first version!

In addition to the Macheteddy included with the first release, this new version includes the DenGasher (sword), Kintaono (axe), and Uratazao (fishing rod) weapons. You've gotta admit, anyone who can use a fishing rod as a weapon is a pretty cool guy. Anyway, New Den-O ships in April, along with the next two Kamen Rider OOO Figuarts.

Yeah, I'd say he got the medals one two and three.

Continuing the Kamen Rider OOO S.H. Figuarts series are the LaToraTah Combo and the SaGoZo Combo. In addition to the usual hands, the cat-themed Blazing combo includes extended claw parts, as well as another MedaJalibur (as if the ones included with TaToBa and GataKiriBa weren't enough). The silver Gravity Combo, on the other hand, forgoes extra accessories in favor of his massive fists. I can forsee hamhand jokes a plenty, as well as teamups with Figma Strength when she's released. The recent Figuarts releases have continued to sell like hotcakes - New Den-O and both OOO combos sold out within two minutes on Amiami, and Hobby Search had the same thing happen. HLJ is currently the only store that still has preorders open, so if you want any of these three, you might want to act quickly. However, the other stores still have a couple of new releases open...

"Not even my pretty golden sheen could help me sell out..."

From cult-classic tokusatsu Golden Knight GARO comes a Figuarts of the titular main character. With a 4500Y MSRP, it's fairly safe to say that Garo's going to include a lot of die-cast on his armor - this could have the potential to be a very impressive figure indeed. Either way, it's great to see that Bandai's branching out with their Figuarts line. Speaking of which...

Kodomo no koro, Yatta koto aru yo...

From the ever-popular MegaMan X games comes the first non-Digimon release in the D-arts line, MegaMan/Rockman X! As well as a high level of detail and articulation (a first for any MegaMan figure, not counting the Kotobukiya kits), Megs comes with two blast effect parts to illustrate various charge levels of his Mega Buster. While the Met shown with him at Tamashii Nations isn't included, Bandai's hinted that it's going to be bundled with another MegaMan X release (probably Zero). Like all the *arts shown here, he ships in April.

So, is anyone anticipating Black*Gold Saw, or perhaps their wallets and bodies are ready for one of the various *arts that went up for preorder? Sound off below!

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Feba (Russia)
07 Jan 2011, 21:29:27
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I like her as well. I have to choose between anime version and figma. Both have excellent performance in my opinion, but anime ver. more adorable for me. I like her gaze and outfit, especially boots*__* so i made my decision on her and pre-order) I hope she'll be a very good pair with my Dead Master figure)
mu597 (USA)
07 Jan 2011, 21:56:26
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OMFG! Den-o strike form isin't an exclusive? Pre-Ordered at the speed of light!
Jobibi (USA)
08 Jan 2011, 00:30:11
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Ah, I'll get all the BRS statues one day. But for now I'll continue to hold off on them as for the the price, I get way more satisfaction from nendos and figmas. Can't wait for her figma though, so I can make my army of soulless looking girls with giant guns on top of my tv more complete. <3

I do see some breaks in Animation version's future though. So many long thin strands of hair and chains. @_@ Hope everyone gets her safely!

F... fishing rod? Wow. XD I've gotta see that in action.
Vivi (Russia)
08 Jan 2011, 03:33:29
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Just can't help myself. Pre-ordered Black Gold Saw=) I like her design even more than BRS and Dead Master.
Glory (Russia)
08 Jan 2011, 08:43:39
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I've suffered from the "low quality control" myself when I bought the Dead Master original version figurine, but I'm a completist of a kind, so now I'm tempted to preorder both BGS and Strength anime version in order to have completed models of all 4 characters.
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