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Gender: Neko
Release date: 01 Nov, 1978
Figure type: Action figure
Material: Titanium
Scale: 1/1
Your height: 160 cm
Castoffable: Yes
Available at: USA,
Logistics Associate
Web site:
Favorite anime: Girls und Panzer
Favorite game: Astroneer
Favorite figure: Roll from X-Plus
Camera: My Phone
Everyone possesses many faces.
For living...
For working...
And for falling in love.
I wonder how many faces I have?
And which one is the -REAL- me?

Not much to say about me. I'm just a slightly eccentric twintail aficionado. Anime, gaming, figures, and pretty much anything to do with Japan interests me.

I also am big on artificial intelligence, astronomy, and almost anything Star Trek related.
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