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Warnings and feedback

Warnings and feedback
17 Jan 2014


Now all the bad kids will get warnings: any user can see them but only site administration can leave them.

  • Also something many users were asking is here: feedback for sellers.
  • The feedback must be used only (!!!) for sellers and buyers
  • Any user can leave a feedback.
  • You cannot leave the feedback on yourself.
  • You can answer any feedback.
  • You can answer any feedback answer.
  • You even can answer and feedback answer's answer but please try to avoid offtop there.
  • A feedback can be deleted or edited for 15 minutes after posting.
  • A feedback answer can be deleted or edited for 15 minutes after posting.

Feedback is allowed and recommended if:

  • If you bought something from the user.
  • If you sold something to the user.
  • If you exchanged goods with the user.
  • If you took a part in joint order or hosted one.
  • If the user canceled their reservation numerous times.
  • Try to tell everything in details: did the goods comply pictures and description? How was the payment proceeded? How was the goods packed and sent? It will help the other users.

You will get an email notification about every warning or feedback that you receive.

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