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Field Game: Summer 2013

Field Game: Summer 2013
09 Jun 2013

A new field game has started.

This time we have a sponsor: many thanks to OlegatorTheSaint! :)

A word from our sponsor:

“In the name of the Great Goddess!”

Game description:

A big picture is split into a lot of little pictures put in cells. Every cell may or may not have a prize inside. The prize quantity is displayed at the start but exactly what is hidden out there is a secret. The game is over when the last prize is found.

Game rules:

  • You can open cells in any order.
  • Every user can open a cell once in 3 days.
  • Every user can use SP Fuse to lighten the restriction above by spending SP. You can only speed things up once a day.
  • Each SP Fuse raises the cost by 30% of the base value but every cell opened lowers the cost by 10%. The cost cannot go lower than the base cost. Putting it simple: the more you speed up the time the more it costs.
  • Base SP Fuse cost for current game is 15 SP.

Good luck on the battlefield! =)


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