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Sorceress Manaka

post's avatar: Hotness in a Red Leotard

Hotness in a Red Leotard

Again, real life has distracted me (along with working on my Anime USA report), so I haven't really gotten a chance to remember to work on this until right now. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (in America), another figure that I pre-ordered arrived at my house, this time another Manaka De Ikun...

By ToonAddict | Figures & Dolls | 02 Dec 2011

post's avatar: Manaka Joins the Dungeon Exploration Party

Manaka Joins the Dungeon Exploration Party

Yeah, I pretty much admit that things have been slow recently. Part of it can be contributed to the fact that my next preordered figure won't be coming out until later this month (with the next one coming out in June and most likely after the deadline for the current lottery) and my next anime conve...

By ToonAddict | Figures & Dolls | 13 May 2011

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