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My personal Spring-2010 anime chart - Part 1

My personal Spring-2010 anime chart - Part 1
10 May 2010 17:33:12

Now when new anime season is in full swing, we can come to some conclusions about “must watch” and “drop for sure” titles.
I made my choices too and now present you my personal Spring-2010 anime chart.

And well… what was meant to be a brief review turned into a rather huge article! >_< So I decided to divide it in two parts. Part 1, that you are reading now, covers the first paragraph of my chart. I called it

1. Watch for sure, most likely to become my personal classics
The second part (post soon) will cover other three paragraphs, as follows:

2. Watching, seems rather decent so far
3. Don’t know, probably dropping
4. Dopp'd without further ado


As usual, I didn’t try watching everything. Guided by existing reviews and charts (esp. The Spring 2010 Anime Preview Guide on ANN) I picked up some series that sounded interesting.

I also didn’t bother writing synopsises, cause you always can read them in our anime database. I’ll just share my subjective impressions on selected series.

So --
1. Watch for sure, most likely to become my personal classics

House of five leaves

- distinctive and original character design;
- Mushishi-like slightly faded, pastel backgrounds;
- slow-paced and detailed storytelling;
- Japanese ethnic flavour of Edo-drama;
- stylish, atmospheric soundtrack;
- and, OF COURSE, Yaichi-sama!! A new star of my constellation of white-haired, blue eyed, mysterious, light-hearted and yet strong-willed characters. Akagi-sama, Ginko-sama – you’ve got a new friend! :D

Outcome: pure love!

Giant Killing!

- Wow, sports anime for adult auditory, - she said and took it immediately.
And Giant Killing! lived up to her (my) expectations :D

I love sports anime. I even learned baseball rules in order to understand series like Touch, Cross Game and Major (N.B. – in our neck of woods baseball is quite exotic!). The only thing about sports anime I find a little tiresome is its childishness, which is natural, cause said genre is usually meant for kids. Giant Killing! is free from childish attitude, and yet it keeps all other ingredients of good sports shows: team-building, psychology, actual games lasting for 2-3 episodes and so on.

One more difference between GK and other sports series I’ve seen is the main character. Usually, hero is a star player. In GK the main character is a coach. His strategies and ways to bring his underdog team to the top is a main theme of the series. This gives GK a fresh feeling I especially like.

Oh, and one more thing. In GK they play soccer. Soccer is by far a most popular team sport in Russia. So I don’t have to learn any rules :D

Tatami Galaxy!

Absolutely crazy art-style makes this series a kind of challenge to watch. The main character speaks so fast that I have to press pause every minute to actually read the subtitles.
But! None of that really matters, cause the story IMO is simply awesome! After 2 watched episodes many things remain a mystery, but as far as I can understand, each ep is a different retelling of a same story about an unhappy and lonely university student desperately trying to make a contact with a girl he likes.
Characters are amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that in anime before!

The hero, who remains unnamed, is a hopeless case of no-social-skills-at-all guy. Nevertheless he possesses a somehow bitter sense of humor and employs most sophisticated and bizarre ways to make the world recognize him.

The girl, Akashi is not your average anime cutie-beauty. She is intelligent, distant, slightly mysterious and not one to mince the words. If I were a guy, I would fall for her immediately! :D

Ozu, the natural trickster, is a ridiculously ugly and kinda malicious friend of the main character. He seem to trigger everything that happens to the hero, being in the shade and in the spotlight at the same time. I’m that type of a crazy girl, who would fall for Ozu immediately, if he was 3D :D

Tatami Galaxy seems to appeal to me, personally, hitting the mark of my heart. I already watched 2 existing episodes for 3 times. At the same time, I wouldn’t recommend Tatami Galaxy to all minna-san anime fans. I hardly can imagine that such a bizarre (or I’ll better say bat-shit crazy!) series would appeal to many of you.

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