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Ohayocon 2010

Ohayocon 2010
01 Feb 2010 03:17:58

Hello everyone! I just got back from a little trip to an anime convention. It's called Ohayocon (a pun on my home state of Ohio) and it was the tenth year for the event (my second year going). It's a pretty decent sized convention with lots of panels, cosplay, anime screenings, games to play, and stuff to buy. It was a pretty fun time, but I went to the convention with three main goals in mind....

Mission #1, the most relevant to this site, was to hunt for a list of specific figures:

I compiled this list of 12 figures before I left for the convention in hopes that I would be able to find a good number of them at the dealer's room. So after my group arrived I went right down to the dealer's room to hunt! But alas, during my first walk around I only found one of the figures from my list that I really really wanted (I saw a couple others, but they were of lower priority). So this was my first buy of Ohayocon:

It's the Echidna figure from Queen's Blade. Even if it was one of the only figures I could find that I really wanted, I was glad to get her. I recently finished watching the first season of the anime and she was hands down my favorite character. I actually found the series in general to be very entertaining. Exquisitely trashy! XD Is that an oxymoron? Oh well. I enjoyed it even if other people may think it was a total piece of crap. ^_^

Anyway, with Echidna in hand and feeling a little disappointed by the figure selection I decided to try my luck at Ohayocon Mission #2: Look for doujin porn manga!

So like with my figure hunt I made myself a list of doujinshi I wanted to go after, but this time it was a little more elaborate. Instead of just looking up books and writing out a list, I went through my collection of digital doujin scans, copied the covers of the ones I was interested in buying, pasted them into a Word doc, and printed it out. I ended up with 25 on my list. I didn't expect to find them all. I was mostly hoping buy four of them. But since the figure hunt was such a bust this is what I got:

Yeah, sorry for the crud censorship, but I figured better safe than sorry. I didn't know if a hentai labeled picture would be screened when embedded in a post or not. Anyway, I want to the doujinshi dealer and showed the guy my list and he just started pointing at them saying, "I have this one, I have this one, etc. etc." He ended up having 7 of the ones on my list and recommended two other ones (a follow up to a Railgun doujin on my list and a Bakemonogatari book by the same circle). He actually said he had everything on my list except for 2 or 3 books, but he just didn't have all of them with him at his booth. Not that I would have bought that much. But yeah, I was probably most happy that I could find the last book in the picture because it's the Tony Taka doujin that includes this picture:

I really wish I could have found the Collet figure at the con, but oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to find it online when I have the money to spend (meaning when I have a job).

Later that day my next purchase was a bit of an unplanned impulse buy:

The Japanese special edition box of Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition for the PSP. It's actually the second super expensive special edition box import PSP game I've bought, the first being Toradora Portable. After tax it ended up costing just under $130, but it was worth it. Here's what was inside:

It has the actual PSP game, three little chibi style figures by Yujin (Satoshi, Shion, and Mion in the waitress uniform), a weird little key cover key chain thingy, and a drama CD.

Anyway, on Saturday, day 2 of the convention, I went back to the dealer's room hoping that maybe some of the booths would have put out some more merchandise. But I didn't see any new figures. So I ended up buying the two figures that I was a little on the fence about:

First was Nendoroid Kuro from Kodomo no Jikan. I was a little hesitant about buying her because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to get all three of the Nendo girls from the series, and now that I own Kuro and Rin I totally have to get Mimi when she comes out.

Then I picked up this figure:

It's a Nendoroid Petite of Kyon's Sister, but it's not the one that I was hoping for. I really wanted the one with Shamisen on her head. Oh well, I guess this will do.

Then in addition to what I have pictured, I also ended up going back for a few last minute buys today before we left to go back home. I ended up buying more of the same type of Higurashi figures that came with my Daybreak game (Rena, Rika, and Satoko) and I got a different type of figure for Keiichi which kind of looks like a full size Nendoroid, but by a different company. I'll have to look it up. =P I just really wanted the full primary cast from the series and they didn't have Keiichi in the same type of figure. When I did a little searching online I found out that there isn't one of him that was sold alone, but there was one packaged with the limited box of the first Daybreak Portable game (none Mega Edition). That made me a little sad.

So in the end, with my shopping missions I ended up with 2 1/2 figures out of a possible 12 when I was hoping to buy at least 5, and 7 doujin off of a list of 25 with 2 extra purchases when I was originally going to buy about 4. And the whole Higurashi thing happened. XD Sorry I didn't have more figure pictures. I promise to have more pictures of them all after I get them all un-boxed/unwrapped and set up. I'll most likely have new blog posts for both Echidna and the Higurashi figures later. Echidna will come first since I have to look up a lot of information on the Higurashi stuff and get the figures added to the database. ^_^"

Anyway, now this brings us to Ohayocon Mission #3: Get pictures of cosplayers. Yeah, no Loot involved with this mission. There wasn't really any work involved either other than keeping an eye out for people. I didn't even take the pictures myself. I asked my roommate's boyfriend to take all of them for me. XP So yeah, here were the highlights as far as I was concerned:

It's Pedobear! The official internet mascot of lolicon! XD

Stiyl from Toaru Majutsu no Index. I was really surprised to see this at the con. Not a very popular series or character in the mainstream fandom.

Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII, my favorite girl character from the Final Fantasy series. Not badly done either.

Taiga! On the run! Yeah, funny story about this one. The three of us (myself, my roommate Joyce, and her boyfriend Mike) are walking to go somewhere when I see this girl dressed up as Taiga about 50 feet in front of us. I command Mike to go after her and get a picture as my official Photo Pimp. So he runs after her, but when he catches up to her Taiga also starts running! From where me and Joyce are standing, this just looks ridiculous, like she doesn't want her picture taken and Mike is harassing her. Well, he comes back to us and says that she was just late to get somewhere and she asked if he could take the picture as they ran. It didn't come out too bad either. ^_^

And finally a group of Final Fantasy Tactics cosplayers doing Ovelia, a Time Mage, and Agrias. I was really surprised to see a Time Mage. That was what caught my eye first. Pretty cool, although the red eye is a little creepy....

And I think that's all I'll say about that and end it here. Sorry for going on and on and such. I might end up talking about the rest of my con experience on my other anime blog (the one I have connected to the Feeds section). Look forward to the more in-depth figure blog posts and pictures for Echidna and the Higurashi cast. Laters!
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ToonAddict (USA)
31 Jan 2010, 19:25:43
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Where the heck did the Pedobear get the legendary "Behold" ear of corn that has become a staple of the Media Blasters booth (a reference to a segment in AMV Hell 0 that uses one of their yaoi titles)? Did someone at the booth sold it to him a la a similar incident at Anime USA last year in which someone bought the "Yaoi Land" banner that was also a staple at that booth?

This report makes me anxious for my trip to Katsucon next week (more specifically February 12 and 13).
pluvia33 (USA)
31 Jan 2010, 20:25:30
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Hahaha! Damn, I totally forgot to mention the Corn until after I finished the post and saw the picture again. >_<
But no, I don't know where she (yes, ironically that's a rather short woman under there) got it from. I don't know if she made that one herself or got it from the Media Blasters people. And I do know very well of AMV Hell 0. Love the series. I actually had four clips in Divided by 0. Check the credits. I was most proud of the Choisuji Muppet Show clip. ^_^
Glory (Russia)
01 Feb 2010, 06:14:23
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Welcome back, Aaron!

Hahahha! Ah, that post was fun. Well... congratulations with Echidna! I think most of Queen's Blade characters are attractive and incredibly stylish. I tried to watch the first season but... after the first episode the very thought of it makes me sick :( Nudity is ok, but the graphics and plot - yuk! Though it doesn't prevent me from wanting Menace figurine. For example, those two we have in database are gorgeous (1 and 2).
Kuro is also great! You'll have all Kodomo ni Jikan girls dancing together after all ^_^

Doujinshi sounds not bad either. I've never got a chance to hold a real doujin manga. I visited several hentai shops in Japan, but was too embarrassed by the stuff and other visitors (all men) watching me. I was later told that it was partly because of my blond hair. In fact I was pretty 'popular' in Japan TT But whatever...

Look forward to hearing more from you ^^
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
01 Feb 2010, 08:24:27
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Hahaha! Yeah, like I mentioned, Queen's Blade doesn't seem to be for everyone. ^_^" Although the plot does get a little more focused after the first episode, kind of. And there aren't any more special explosions.I think I mainly liked it because (1) I watch a lot of hentai so a lot of the stuff doesn't really seem very out of place compared to what I'm used to, and (2) I find it extremely amusing to watch as a D&D player, it actually reminds me of some of the off-color stuff that has happened in some of my sessions. I'd also been reading the 4th Edition D&D manuals while I was watching it and the characters would fit perfectly using that system.

Yeah, I guess I'll be eating my words about the Kodomo no Jikan thing. XD

Haha, I could totally see you drawing attention in a hentai shop. Wish I could have seen it. Though I'd probably have been just as surprised as the rest of the guys there.
Vallefor (Russia)
03 Feb 2010, 11:16:05
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Haha :) You just bought a stock of hentai stuff, man!
Is something interesting in Bakemonogatari book? ^_^
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pluvia33 (USA)
03 Feb 2010, 12:29:19
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Which one? There are two of them.
Both have sex in them if that's interesting enough for you. ^_^
Vallefor (Russia)
22 Feb 2010, 06:39:43
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Okay.. now we have spoiler tag and this topic has been bumped off of the front page... So you can take a few pics and place it here! xD
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pluvia33 (USA)
22 Feb 2010, 07:53:02
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Hahaha! Well, I really don't want to deal with using my roommates camera, so I'll just post some scans that I had downloaded before I bought them at the convention. Here are the cover arts and five pages from the insides of each. ^_^

Bakemonogatari Doujin: HENTAI INSIDE!

Yay for spoiler tags! They're not just for spoilers. XD

I find it funny that in both books Senjougahara binds Araragi. She handcuffs him to herself in the first one and ties his hands together in the other. ^_^
usagi_joou (Russia)
03 Feb 2010, 13:31:08
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It was really interesting to read, thought I really have no connection to the most of animes/games/things/mascots you mentioned.
But of course I know who Pedobear is^__^ I find it rather hilarious, that it was a girl in his costume^^ That what I would call emancipation and equal rights for both sexes!^___^

About Queen Blade - I didn't even tried to watch it^^ But I really love character designs anyway.
I would've ended with loads of figures of QB girls if I haven't had that rule: not to buy figures I have no connection with. Couple of days ago I broke that rule, buying Ito Noemi figure, but that was just an exception^^

I know we have some cons it Russia too, but somehow I've never been tempted enough to go^^
Nevertheless I loved your report!
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
pluvia33 (USA)
03 Feb 2010, 13:42:47
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But you know the thing about Queen's Blade? Technically the figures are their own original! The figures were initially designed and released without any real story to them and then after the figure series was established the anime and manga versions were based off of them, not the other way around. Weird, huh? XD

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