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Katsucon 18: The Merchandise

Katsucon 18: The Merchandise
25 Feb 2012 05:36:38

Once again, I went to Katsucon this President's Day weekend. When it comes to the events of the con, you can read my opinions about it here. As for the Dealers' Room, I definitely got a good haul this convention after somewhat of a disappointment the previous con.


For those who live in the United States know, the first volume of Puella Magi Madoka Magica came out the on DVD and Blu-Ray the week of Katsucon. Given its' popularity, I was tempted to pick this title up. However, will power prevailed, and I was able to avoid buying it (probably for the best IMO, given my issues with the series). However, I didn't leave the convention empty-handed when it comes to anime DVD's, as I did pick up the second half of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Video Games

With Video Games New York at Katsucon, this meant I'd be spending some time in the Dealers' Room looking at their stock of import games, especially those for the region-free Playstation systems (PSP, PS3, and the recently released PS Vita, which I picked up before the con). This time around, there were four games that interested me. However, while I do like Busou Shinki, I don't know how much text is in the first PSP game based on the franchise. Also, I was unsure if the PS3 Saint Seiya game like the Fist of the North Star game that came out in the US a couple years ago (although it's likely I may pick this game up if they have the EU version at Otakon).

As for the games that I did get, I ended up with a couple anime-based PSP games. The first one Nanhoa A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny, a game that I read about that made sure to keep my eye out for the next time I went to an anime convention. The other game I picked up was the K-On! rhythm game that I was looking for last year, but was sold out before I had a chance to search for it at an anime convention.


This convention, I had quite a haul when it came to anime figure purchases.

It all began Friday afternoon when I checked out the booth being managed by Trilogy Shop, a vendor that specialized in both anime and American comics items. While checking the booth, I noticed that given how this was the first con of the season for them, they restocked their supply of anime figures, and among their stock include older figures by Epoch that were nearly a decade old (and given how the early 2000's was the period where I really became an anime fan, I'd be interested in looking for these older pieces).

Given the selection of older Epoch figures, there were actually two pieces that interest me. However, they were pretty expensive (between $125-$200). So, my plan was to get one for now and save the other for later (i.e. the next day or Otakon, if it's still there). In the case for Katsucon, I went with a fanservice statue of Shinobu from Love Hina (because I prefer the mousy girls in most groups, not to mention the fact that Shinobu's the "prototype" of Nodoka from Mahou Sensei Negima).

The next day, I did a more thorough look-around of the Dealers Room (one where I didn't have to keep my browsing short due to scheduling). During this go-round, I was able to find a variation of a figure that I tried to order from Toys' Logic last year after Otakon, only for them to be sold out of said figure with them not updating the information. The figure in question: a Nendoroid of Konata from Lucky Star with her sporting cat ears (with the one that I got at Katsucon including a Nendoroid Petit of Akira from the Lucky Channel segment).

BTW, for those wondering why I only did one photo of Konata (rather than doing numerous pictures of her in different poses), keep in mind that not only did I want to get the report done quickly (as in I want to get this and the cosplay posts up before the Oscars), but also because it was tricky trying to remove Konata's skirt so that way I can replace with one that can show off Konata's cat tail.

Rounding out my figure purchases, later on Saturday, I check the Trilogy Shop booth again, and noticed that they had Maaryan (from To Heart 2) in her Final Dragon Chronicle attire at a decent price. So, I decided to pick her up.

While initially checking out, I learned that the place was having a figure sale in which if you buy one, you'll get a second one half off. Taking advantage of the sale, I picked up a second Final Dungeon Chronicle statue in the form of Silfa in her bard outfit.

For the count, here's my Final Dungeon Chronicle party as of the end of Katsucon 18.

This report will continue with my coverage of the cosplay, which will be up shortly.
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Dzeta (Russia)
25 Feb 2012, 09:52:32
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Thanks a lot for the report!
Madoka released in USA? Want-want

GalaxyExpress999 dvd!
ToonAddict (USA)
25 Feb 2012, 17:46:59
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As someone who is a fan of animation in general, I do keep a look out for older titles, and that includes anime (with me picking up the GE999 DVD's this past year at Otakon).

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