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With Comiket 77 under way I was thinking...

With Comiket 77 under way I was thinking...
31 Dec 2009 04:27:27

So I was taking a look at the figures being planned to be out, and noticed a rather nice one.

Obviously a ton of nudity on this one. I'm still living with my parents, so I try not to get figures that are outright nude/vulgar/etc. Doesn't mean I don't have such figures, but most of them also have clothing pieces that are castoff-able, so I keep them on when I display them.

But a figure like that one, you can't do that. The figure's a well made one but quite revealing... so I'm not sure if I should even make an effort to get it, since I'm very unlikely to display it out in the open anyways.

How do you deal with figures like these? Do you just avoid buying them? Or do you buy them and keep them somewhere hidden? Or do you buy them and display them anyways?
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