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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale 2

Alter titles:
シュガーアップル・フェアリーテイル (2023)
Type: TV (12 episodes), 25 min
Aired: 7 July, 2023 - 22 September, 2023
finished airing
Genres: Adventure
Studio: J.C.Staff
Rating: 7.8
Weighed: 8.17 (12 votes)
Grabbed by: 35
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Note: Based on a fantasy light novel series written by Mikawa Miri and illustrated by Aki. It was released for 17 volumes from April 2010 to January 2015.

A girl and fairy guided by the sugar apples. A glimmery fairy tale spun upon their dreams and love.
This is a world where humans use fairies and where candy is believed to bring about good fortune. In such a world, there was a girl named Ann who aimed to be a Silver Sugar Maker, a special sugar candy artisan who can create holy sugar candy and a warrior fairy who guards her through her journey, Shall. Despite his arrogant attitude, Ann fell for Shall who had promised to stay by her side while Shall himself could not let go of his eyes on Ann upon seeing her zeal towards sugar crafting. While overcoming various hardships together, they have now become an irreplaceable presence for each other.
Then the following year, Ann was granted the Royal Medal at her second Royal Candy Fair. She has finally received the Silver Sugar Maker title. However, behind the scene, to uncover the plan made by people jealous of Ann, Shall made a deal with Bridget, the daughter of Paige Workshop's leader. He gave his wing and became Bridget's slave and left Ann. Ann was stunned, but she decided to take Shall back with her own hands.
Now here begins a new trial for Ann the Silver Sugar Maker!


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