30 November - 1 December 2019 Year
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
Pavilion 7a, 1st floor
Sokolniki Subway station
Стоимость билета: 500 рублей


“Yaponsky dom” (“Japanese house”). Situated on the picturesque embankment in the heart of Moscow the cultural and business centre “Yaponsky dom” offers a wide spectrum of educational programmes dedicated to Japanese culture. Any person even one who knows nothing about Japan will surely find some pastime which will please him.

HINODE Festival is a ticket to top-division world cosplay. It’s not just a festive carnival of anime and manga cosplaying, but also a large-scale festival of modern and traditional Japanese culture which attracts all-age connoisseurs of Japan.

“MyAnimeShelf” is a community of anime stuff collectors.

If you’re not the one who deletes anime right after viewing it…
If there’re some manga and disks on your shelves…
If you have figures, posters or at least a couple of badges…

Welcome on our shelf! 

Издательский дом «Истари Комикс» — компания, основанная в начале 2008 года с целью издания манги, ранобэ и распространения культуры Японии, Китая и Кореи в России. Основной акцент в нашей работе мы делаем на высококачественном переводе и издании японской манги. У нас работают профессионалы, которые любят своё дело и готовы приложить все усилия для того, чтобы наши читатели получили качественный продукт.

Information Partners

The forum “The collectors community «My figures»” is a place where people communicate with each other about their figures, demonstrate their works, meet friends, ask questions and find necessary answers. Sometimes various contests are held. People share useful information that one cannot help sharing with others. So it’s just a cosy old-time forum.

Anime Figure Exposition “Big Shelf” welcomes new partners for collaboration and support of the exposition.

We’re willing to offer you a wide range of services for brand promotion at all stages of the event holding.