30 November - 1 December 2019 Year
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
Pavilion 7a, 1st floor
Sokolniki Subway station
Стоимость билета: 500 рублей


06 Dec 2013


Dear friends, Big Shelf team kindly thanks you for coming to the Second Moscow State anime figures exhibition “Big Shelf”.

More than 650 visitors in 2 days!!!

We are also very proud of the fact, that more than 1600 figures were presented at the exhibition instead of 1500, as it was planned at first.

As for the Garage Kits contest, which lasted all two days of the exhibition, we can now announce our winners:

The 1st place
Raquel Gothic. Author: Michail “Princess Chocolate Parfait” Seliverstov

The 2nd place
Orlando. Author: Earendil

The 3rd place
Alucard. Author: Darya “Dafnia” Levina

The 4th place – Neris. Author: Evgeniy “Muskrat” Starostin

The 5th place – “The frozen Leviathan”. Author: Alexander “Wild Panties” Morgunov

The 6th place – Holo. Author: Alexander “The Newest Federation Cruiser” Kataurov

The 7th place shared: Yuno – Author: Polina “Felenai” Ivanova and Miku Hatsune – Author: Kapushonchik

The 8th place – Shikinami Asuka. Author: Tanatos

The 9th place – Sasara Kusugawa. Author: Elena “LexxyLove” Mikhalina.

The 10th place – Sha Gojyo. Author: Anna “Pomidorka” Tuzova.

We should also note the fact that many people came not alone, but took their friends or relatives. We hope, that you enjoyed the time you spent at the exhibition. Our photos will help you to save the memory of those beautiful moments.

We are looking forward to see you at the Cosplay Festival “Hinode” (the 20th of April 2014). Follow the news!

Sincerely yours,
Big Shelf Team