16-17 September 2016
Японский Дом
Саввинская набережная, д. 15
метро «Киевская-кольцевая»
Стоимость билета: 450 рублей


25 Jul 2013

The content of the exhibition doubled!

Dear friends! We have great news! The quantity of exhibits at the second anime figures exhibition “Big shelf” reached more than


Although last year the project was started with only 400 figures announced, then their quantity increased to 800.

To cut it short, the content of the exhibition doubled!

This year “Big Shelf” team will please you not only with the most popular items from the first exhibition and brand-new anime figures but also with new thematic showcases and sections, unusual contests and all-prize lottery. In “Big Shelf” shop you will be able to buy original Japanese anime figures and “Mika-Mika” shop will offer you exclusive hand-made jewellery.

Follow the news!

Sincerely yours.
“Big shelf” team