30 November - 1 December 2019 Year
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
Pavilion 7a, 1st floor
Sokolniki Subway station
Стоимость билета: 500 рублей

About The Exhibition

The first Moscow state anime figures exhibition took place in October 2012 in cultural and business center “Japan house”.

The main goal of the exhibition was to attract public attention to the subject of collecting anime figures, which is now very popular not only in Japan itself, but also in many countries of the world including Russia, where this kind of hobby becomes more and more popular every day. Mostly, modern generation is well acquainted with anime culture, many people heard of anime figures or saw them and some even own ones. But most people today have no complete idea of this kind of collecting. Because of this the program of exhibition was created, which includes now a presentation “The history of anime figures and manufacturing companies” and a master-class “The difference between bootlegs and original figures”.

As regards to figures in general, we should note, that one of the most important goals of “Big Shelf” is to present all kinds of anime figures:

  • completed figures (fixed figures)
  • action figures (hinged moving figures)
  • nendroids (small moving figures from Good Smile Company)
  • nenroid petites (less movable little figures from Good Smile Company)
  • game prize (budget figures manufactured for Japanese playing machines)
  • official and unofficial Garage Kits (prefabricated models)
  • traiding figures

Altogether at the exhibition were presented more than 800 figures (though at first were announced only 400) from the most popular and famous manufacturers, such as Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, Alter, Bandai, Konami, Banpresto, MegaHouse, Kaiyodo, Movic, Atelier Sai, E2046, Yamato, Wave, Sega, Griffon Enterprises.

NOTE! All exhibits belong to private collections and are not a property of any institutions