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Character name: Abigail
Gender: Female
Release date: 22 Apr, 1988
Figure type: Action figure
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/1
Your height: 160 cm
Castoffable: Yes
Available at: USA, Ohio
I work at a veterinary hospital as a kennel attendant. It's a horrible paying job, but I love taking care of animals!
Favorite anime: One Piece, Berserk, Emma, Gankutsuou, Le Chevalier D\'Eon, Slayers, Utena
Favorite game: Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Professor Layton and Lunar
Favorite figure: Saber Lily Nendoroid (out of figures I own)
Camera: No camera. ]:
I...uh, I like to draw?
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