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Character name: kentamori Sanami
Sex: Male
Release date: 01 Jan, 1989
Figure type: Action figure
Material: judge me then .___.
Scale: 1/1
Your height: 6 cm
Castoffable: Yes
Available at: Japan, Osaka
and also,i forgot to mension that
..that i like diffent kinds of anime shows
..and some of theme...well i haven't really finish yet
..due to work i guess
..i get to busy at times ^^
Web site: www.myshelf.com
Favorite anime: dgray-man,kobato,code geass R2 (all series),bakura ga ita,,hack//(all series) fullmetal alchemist,FMA brother hood,melanchony of suzumiya haruhi,souleater,soul link,kuroshitsuji,bleasc(all series),naruto(shipuden),k-ON!,oh my godess,negima,suzuka,chronicl
Favorite game: persona 1,2,3,4 grandia1,2,3,4 .final fantasy,1 to 10,adn many more
Favorite figure: .....cute,attractive,smart,and...ill stop it now -___-
Camera: secret
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