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Sex: Female
Release date: 06 Apr, 1982
Figure type: Action figure
Material: 100% Selenite
Scale: 1/1
Your height: 166 cm
Castoffable: Yes
Available at: France,
Favorite anime: Death Note
Favorite game: Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Trigger, Lost Odyssey, Suikoden III...
Favorite figure: Myth Cloth Thanatos, Hot Toys Albert Wesker, Play arts Squall Leonhart...

I'm Trishler, I'm 27 years old.
I like to cook, I'm a Japanese Culture lover, I'm a cat fanatic =^.^= and I'm really attached to my family (Mum, bro and sis) ^^
I'm listening to a lot of music style: Black metal, Death, Metal, J-Rock, J-pop and Video-Games OST.
I started collecting figures in 2005 and I like all kind of stuff:

PVC and Resin
Action Figures
Gashapon & Trading figures

I'm also a big Video-Games fan with more than 250 games in my collection! My fav are RPG, but I really love Survival Horrors and all kind of other games! Oh! And I love Square-Enix =^.^=

By the way, as a Sailor Moon fan, I pray Naoko Takeuchi will free the licence so I can have more Sailor Moon Stuffs! (figmas!!!!)
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