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Sex: Male
Release date: 14 May, 1990
Figure type: Action figure
Material: PVC and some red stuff...
Scale: 1/1
Your height: 170 cm
Castoffable: Yes
Available at: Norway, Oslo
Document controller
Web site: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Amb
Favorite anime: Clannad -after story-, Elfen lied, Macross Frontier, Seto no hanayome
Camera: Sony Alpha DSLR-100k, HTC Incredible S
I am the bone of my collection
PVC is thy body, and ABS is thy blood
I have browsed through over a thousand figures

Unknown to nendroids
Nor known to figmas

Have withstood waiting for many pre-orders
Yet these hands will never hold them all

So as I wait,
Unlimited shelf space

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