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Activity page & more!
29 Mar 2010

Mina-san, say welcome to our next update. This time it includes the following:

— figure edition is back
— search-process within anime database takes less time (still being tested)
— some figure identification bugs were fixed
— outer images don’t mutilate the site anymore
— users activity page was added


… and don’t forget to report any bugs found :)

"Add a figure!" form returns!
24 Mar 2010

Ok, the form has been upgraded. It became more clever and will help you to fill in everything properly.
We have also installed another cute feature: now it’s possible to upload a bunch of trading figures at a time. Hope, it will reduce the time needed to add big series of figurines.

I kindly ask you to test our new form by adding a figurine or two, but keep in mind that it can still have bugs.
Please don’t be confused — report them!

"Add a figure!" form unavailable
21 Mar 2010

"Add a figure!" form is temporarily unavailable due to upgrade process.
We'll introduce a more powerful form to you in a couple of days.

Mail problems & awards
15 Mar 2010

Current news… would you like me to start with the good or with the bad one?

Ok, let’s start with the bad:
For some reason MyAnimeShelf has troubles delivering notification emails again. It may affect every domain including gmail. We’re investigating the issue at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

And the good news is:
We’re adding a new awards system. In short, you will have a special section «in your room» where your awards will be shown if any.
There would be 2 types of awards: static awards and challenge cups. For example, the owner of the biggest figurine collection (challenge), etc.
The work on this feature is still in progress, but the first awards has been already given to some of you.

Thank you for your time!

Spring Lottery
15 Mar 2010

MyAnimeShelf Spring lottery has started!

Are you happy? Hope so. A chance to get an additional figurine for free just cant be bad, huh?

The rules are pretty much the same, though the cost of tickets was reduced:
1 ticket = 40 SP
1 ticket = 15 RP

Main prize this time: Nakano Azusa Nendoroid.
There also will be consolation prizes and again — their amount will depend on the number of the participants.

Good luck to everyone!

!!! Winter Lottery results !!!
15 Mar 2010

I am ready to announce the results of the Winter Lottery!

To prove that the winners were chosen by random we shot a small film of the drawing. It’s crappy crap home-made video, but it’s the only evidence we managed to think out. So, you have a choice of two: you can either enjoy the dodgy show or simply open the spoiler below.

I should remind you that MyAnimeShelf lottery works like an ordinary one which means it is all about luck. One person can buy 2 tickets and win 2 prizes while the other will buy 10 and win nothing. Though the one with 10 tickets will probably feel more confident.

Download good quality video.

The Winners

For those who haven’t won a thing, I’m really sorry. I love you all and would provide prizes for everyone if I had enough resources.

The good news is that we’re starting our next event. Good luck to everyone!

Lottery: one last step
13 Mar 2010

Mina-san, we are terribly sorry for the delay. Winter Lottery has ended and bonus tickets were sent to those of you who has 20 RP or more.

In total 27 tickets were «sold».

1469 (pluvia33)
1701 (pluvia33)
1904 (pineappleskewer)
1973 (Velorn)
2236 (usagi_joou)
2437 (Yokay)
3318 (Velorn)
3392 (Yokay)
3507 (Velorn)
3797 (mu597)
4151 (Eld)
4262 (pineappleskewer)
4289 (usagi_joou)
4653 (usagi_joou)
5386 (Velorn)
5440 (mu597)
5705 (Eld)
5816 (Eld)
5866 (Kajico)
5984 (pluvia33)
6118 (usagi_joou)
6186 (Kajico)
6268 (Eld)
7978 (pineappleskewer)
8321 (pineappleskewer)
8647 (pluvia33)
9821 (mu597)

That means 1 ticket gives you 3.7% chance to win Teni, the main prize.

The results will be announced on Sunday.

I don’t know the winner yet. Sorry for making you wait again, some preparations still need to be done. The good news is that the second event is being prepared for you as well.

Stay tuned!

Bug fix
08 Mar 2010

Mina-san, here is a list of changes applied today (mostly bug fixes):

  • Search bug in the figures database was fixed (the one, when you were unable to find a figurine by character’s surname).
  • Spoiler bug was fixed: spoilers contents won’t pop out on the front page anymore.
  • The annoying line was removed from comments panel on blog pages.
  • Links now will be automatically identified as links by our «AI»; link format should be like this: http://myanimeshelf.com
  • Features field which you fill in while adding and editing figurines now includes [bb] editor. This will enable you to include links in your description if needed.

Thank you for your time!

Lottery ends soon!
05 Mar 2010

Hi to all, here are the details on the end of our Winter Lottery.

The lottery will end on the 10th of March at 23 p.m. (Moscow time). That means you won’t be able to buy lottery tickets with SP (shelf points) anymore. At the same time you will receive your bonus-tickets: 1 ticket per every 20 RP (rating points).

Check what time will be at your place.

You are welcome to collect SP and RP up to the last minute. The only exceptions are services which need premoderation. Well, it’s OK to add figurines and edit stuff up to the 8th of March, 23 p.m. (Moscow time). I will try to process this data before the 10th of March. But the figurines which will be provided after this date will be added to the base only after the end of the lottery.

The results of the lottery will be announced within a day or two after it ends.

Awww… Do you want me to give you an advice? Well… I can suggest you checking if you have enough points to get the whole number of tickets. In other words, if you now have 15 RP — what are you waiting for? Go and turn it into 20!

Russian FAQ
05 Mar 2010

Russian FAQ was added to help our newcomers to understand the nuances of the project.
English FAQ is going to be next. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Spring 2010 anime season!
01 Mar 2010

Hey, it’s the first day of spring today… and with it comes the new Spring 2010 anime season! Hurray! For those of you who are still unaware of the upcoming series we’ve collected the most valuable of them on our front page. It will stay there on top for a while. We also tried to gather the basic information on the series, including trailers. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in particular series and got more info on it, please let me kindly ask you to share it with us by editing the current data. Also if you find some interesting anime missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

And as usual — you’re welcome to discuss whatever you want. Btw, which series do you intend to watch?

February update
21 Feb 2010

Today our update includes the following:

  • [SPOILER] bb-tag was added. I guess, everyone knows what it is.
  • [OBJECT] bb-tag was added. This one enables you to insert audio, video and other flash-stuff into your blog posts, comments, etc.
  • Several changes were made in the mechanics which deals with hentai. Now if you disable porno-alert, all hentai pics will become visible on the main page and on the photo spot page. They are invisible by default.
  • Another view mode was added to the figures database page. Go check it by yourself ^^ You need to click on the squares on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Some improvements in the photos-viewer were made.
  • Several bugs connected with translation and languages were fixed.

Thanks for using our Shelf :D

Changes related to languages
15 Feb 2010

This news-block is mainly directed towards our English-speaking users.

Эта новость обращена к англоязычным пользователям «полки» и посвящена изменениям, имеющим место в связи с открытием русской версии.

First, I would like to apologize for a number of bugs popped out on the site after the opening of Russian version. Thank you for your numerous reports, keep on the good work!

Secondly, today several fixes were made… but the only modification, which is probably worth mentioning, is the change in hiding content mechanics.

Russian language version: no content can be turned off.

English language version: Russian content is now turned off by default. You can turn it on by clicking on the corresponding check-box in your profile.

If you can remember, the previous system used a kind of opposite mechanics. We took counsel and decided that the new one will be more convenient for our users.

Thank you for your time.

MyAnimeShelf Russian version
09 Feb 2010


Today is the birthday of MyAnimeShelf Russian version. The translation was planned long ago since the beginning of the project, but only nowadays with the help of usagi_joou we dare to start the Russian subdivision.

If you are reading this text, you are most likely to be an English speaker. So, how does Russian Version affect you? To tell the truth, almost in no way — but I will give you a brief explanation anyways.

Menus and static content
Was completely translated into Russian. You can switch over to Russian version by clicking on a small flag on the top of the screen.

Anime and Figurine Database Content
Will remain English, except for anime and characters description fields. These fields will exist in two variants. To make it possible an additional field was added to corresponding forms.

User content
English language is the main language of the project. It is considered that you write in English by default and it is impossible to hide English-language posts or comments or whatever. Things are slightly different if you write in Russian:

  • Every blog post and comment now has a dropdown menu where ‘English’ is selected by default, but it can be changed into ‘Russian’.
  • In your profile you can make Russian language a default one.
  • In your profile you can select to hide all content marked as Russian. We understand that strange Cyrillic symbols might be very annoying if you do not speak Russian. So truly, you are welcome to hide it.

I hope no one will see any threat or discrimination here. The sole purpose of the innovation is for all of us to live happily side by side on MyAnimeShelf. As to translating, Russian language was chosen simply because we already have a small Russian community. If we have a… for example, a South African community, we’ll find someone to translate the site into Zulu %)

I’m also happy to officially welcome usagi_joou to MyAnimeShelf Team.
In spite of being a team member from now on, usagi_joou will maintain all her Shelf Points and a right to participate in events (at least for now). Vallefor and me gonna do without prizes :(

Email confirmation disabled
09 Feb 2010

Due to our problems with mail delivery we temporarily disabled email confirmation system while registering.
Hotmail guys should be ok now, but several other providers continue to make troubles. Recently I received a report from a person who couldn’t complete his registration… So, we are going to do without email confirmation until the problem is fixed.

Database improvement
31 Jan 2010

The anime database and the figures database were finally linked.
In other words all figurines pages now have appropriate links to their character and original pages. By original I mean anime series only, because we don’t have manga or games database… yet.
If you find a figurine without character or original, either it means the figurine does not have one, or it was missed by mistake. In second case you are welcome to edit the figurine.

A slight redesign of figurines pages was also made.

Troubles with hotmail / msn
28 Jan 2010

MyAnimeShelf has troubles delivering notification emails to the following domains:


The problem has started a couple of days ago.
We will try to solve it as fast as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Anime database added!
19 Jan 2010

Hi again,
Please let me introduce our latest update. This time it’s going to be kinda unusual, I guess. Are you ready? Go!

We have added an anime database to MyAnimeShelf!

Huh, it was unexpected, wasn’t it? Ok, I will explain its main points first; and will share some of my personal thoughts afterwards.
What exactly we did is…

  1. We created and installed the service which enables you to add anime to our database, edit it and even grab it to your own shelf, although it looks more like a list for now. Off course, you are also able to rate series, make comments, etc.
  2. We actually imported the anime database to MyAnimeShelf. I mean the titles. Most likely it is incomplete, but at least you should find all the series, which are more or less popular.

As to details and pictures, they are missing — but (but!) you can provide them by editing a particular anime. You are also welcome to add characters: they will be used for our future character database. All you need to know in order to edit anime correctly is written within the editor form.

As usual, you will receive SP (shelf-points) as a reward for your work.
In fact, you will receive 0.1 SP for every field of the anime and anime character forms.
If you fill in the empty field (in other words, if you are providing the new information — not editing the existing one), there will be no moderator check. Your information will be accepted instantly — as well as you receive your shelf-points.
If you change the existing information, you will have to wait for moderator to come and check it.

Off course, none of us want hypothetical bastards to come and desecrate our ‘shelf’ by writing crappy things in order to gain SP.
Because of that I kindly ask everyone to report every incident of abuse you may find. You can simply edit the ‘wrong’ information or contact me using any method you like. The disturbers will be punished.

As you know, SP is used to take part in events and get a chance to win prizes. Thus, we’re having Winter Lottery event nowadays… and there are more to follow!
Be sure all the winners will receive their prizes only after we check whether they were honest or not.

What we are doing now is linking our anime and figurines databases. To this effect the ‘Add a figurine!’ form was slightly changed. It may look a bit complicated at first. But it is not. Just be careful with character names and originals.

An example: K-ON!

Thank you!


Ok, that was the official part.
The anime database… well, it’s a common thing nowadays. Lots of web-sites do have one. And several have this cute feature when you can add the series you have watched to a kind of list. The reason we decided to create our own database is that most figurines do have anime series as an original. And our engine enabled us to install it without any particular difficulties. So, why not?

Off course, it’s up to you whether to use our new service or not. Yeah, the problem is that the database is kinda empty… And to tell the truth, I’m counting on you. Well, because, you know, the team — Vallefor and me — are very busy fixing bugs and upgrading stuff now.

If you want to help, but don’t know how — choose the title you like, proceed to its page, try to add the missing information and then grab it to you shelf. If you experience any problems, please report. In fact, I will greatly appreciate if everyone fills at least one anime page. It will help us to check the efficiency of the service. The other way you can contribute is simply to tell your friends about our project. More activity will lead to faster improvements and more contests.

As to SP… 0.1 SP may sound kinda weird, but the information on anime is very easy to find; and there is no moderation. So, it’s going to be fair, I guess.

Though I think I explained everything pretty clearly, you are always welcome to ask or to discuss.
Ah ya, please keep in mind that the anime database is on its earliest stage and can be changed heavily in the future.

Picture size change and a question
09 Jan 2010

Minna-san, I want to inform you that maximum picture size was changed to 1500×1500 pixels.
Actually you don’t need to do anything about it; our resize script works pretty well.
Pictures quality won’t get lower.

Ah, and let me ask. Do you want us to change the positions of «good» and «bad» smiles?
I arrived at a conclusion, that minus should go before plus (not vice versa). Otherwise it’s kinda annoying and easy to get mistaken. What do you think?

List of changes
05 Jan 2010

Minna-san, here is a list of changes performed today:

  1. An active bar of photo thumbnails — the one you use while viewing someone’s photos of a particular figurine — was slightly improved.
    Some of you uploaded lots of photos last week. That was cool but showed several weak points of the bar. Hope, you enjoy the new one better.
  2. An Edition mode was added to every figurine page. Now you can correct wrong or incomplete information using a special form which pops up after clicking «Edit» button. You are welcome to provide more photos (or photos of better quality) as well.
    You can even provide a new figurine avatar if the present one looks crappy for some reason. BTW, it’s ok to use your own photos to make avatars if the quality of all official photos is awfully low.
  3. new text field was added to everyone’s profile form — Other. Here you are welcome to put any information about yourself and your life. It can be colored text, links, pictures or whatever. It’s up to you whether to use it or not. Personally I do not intend to do it, but I made a quick example for you.
29 Dec 2009

RSS service was added.
Now you can import your blog to MyAnimeShelf via RSS and vice versa.

Please keep in mind that the service is still under construction and may not work correctly. If you experience any problems, please report: help@myanimeshelf.com

MyAnimeShelf winter lottery
28 Dec 2009

Finally we've received a bunch of prizes from our mysterious sponsor! Hey-hey!
That means we can start our winter event. Actually it is a lottery. You can read the rules here. I think everything is quite clear, but if you’d like to ask a question or discuss our event, you are welcome to do it here.

I think I can already foretell some questions.

About prizes:
Besides Teni Black Version figurine (the main prize) there would be other smaller prizes (like trading figurines etc) — be sure! We keep the items a secret for now, but their amount will depend on a number of people who will take part in our lottery. In other words, on how active you are.

About terms and tickets:
Ok, it’s obviously not a quick «come-and-get-a-prize» game. You have to wait till the end of the lottery in order to learn — have you won anything or not. Well, we just currently don’t have enough users to make things like, you know, photo-contests.
Ah… anyways it’s free figurines and our rules are pretty simple. I guess every collector is capable of earning at least 1 lottery ticket. Actually you even don’t have to do anything special. Just enjoy our site — as usual — and who knows? Maybe you’re going to be a winner. And if you are a newcomer, don’t be shy. You have plenty of time to settle down here.

Winter update
13 Dec 2009

Hello again :D

Please grant me a chance to thank you for beta-testing our ‘shelf’.
Some of you gave us advices, some of you said nothing, but you all did a great job just by using our site. We were able to find lots of weak points. For example, we found that we aren’t satisfied with the whole performance of MyAnimeShelf. Ouch!

What did we do? During last week… we fully rewrote MyAnimeShelf engine *_* Now it isn’t that heavy-working and should load much faster. Can you notice it?
Citizens of Russia and East Europe may still experience some problems through providers fault.

And here is a list of other sweeties:

  1. Password recovery service is working after all!
  2. New users don’t have to create ‘rooms’ for them by clicking a button anymore. All ‘rooms’ will be created automatically.
  3. My Stuff menu design was slightly changed.
  4. Everyone’s shelves design was slightly changed:
    • «View all» button was added: it will bring up your full collection including preordered figurines (but no wished figurines).
    • For those who enjoy creating their own shelves — you are now given an opportunity to choose a number of shelf-lines for each of your custom shelf. Thus you won’t have to view long empty shelves anymore, ya?
    • We also removed grey empty squares in viewing mode. They are visible in editor mode only. I guess you understand what I’m talking about.
    • If you upload at least one pic of your figurine, its avatar will have a dark brown border instead of grey on your shelf.
  5. Comments are now full AJAX. In other words, page won’t be fully refreshing while posting comments.
  6. Photo viewer is now also full AJAX.
  7. MyPhotos service now includes upload progress bar.
  8. Hentai filter was added to Photo spot :D
  9. Other manufacturer option was added to ‘Add a figure!’ form as we promised.
  10. Rating bug (the one which dealt with refreshing) was finally fixed! Yuppie!
  11. Several other (mostly IE) bugs were fixed. Why is IE so crappy?

I guess, that’s all for today. Finishing my monologue I’d like to say that this update was a massive preparation for the next one, which we intend to launch before the New Year. It will be a kind of winter present for our users and a first step to what MyAnimeShelf was truly planned to be.

Please welcome our small up-date!
24 Nov 2009

Here we go:
— Wish List was added (full AJAX)
— a description field for photos was added (now you can provide your pics with a small description without necessity of creating a blog post)
— a feature that allows users to edit their comments was added (beware, you will have only 30 minutes to do it)
— an improvement in authorization form was made («Remember me?»; cookies support is needed)
— a clumsy 'News Block' message was added to our main page *_*
— e-mail notification was upgraded
— some fixes in site template was made (keep in mind, MyAnimeShelf isn’t optimized for Internet Explorer 6)
— some general improvement in site engine was made

Well-known fails:
— there is a kind of rating bug: when you press the button, but nothing seems to happen — actually your vote is counted, but pictures do not refresh — ups!
— password recovery service does not work correctly (if you appear to forgot your password, don’t hesitate to contact me straight away)

We also plan to add 'View all figurines' feature to your shelves for those of you who are too lazy to arrange their figurines themselves. It will also come in handy if one wants to observe one’s whole collection.

Thanks everyone for interest in our project!

Beta-test progress
08 Nov 2009

Thanks everybody for beta-testing our 'shelf' ~^_^~

A list of what was done during last 2 weeks:
— several filters were added to Blog spot
— Photo spot page was added (you can browse all uploaded pictures there)
— 'Add a figure!' form was changed in order to simplify photo uploading
— GIF avatars do work correctly now
— last comments are now visible on the main page (still under construction)
— anonymous comments are now available
— some mistakes which used to pop up during figure identification were fixed (some browsers may still experience them — if you come across one, please report)
— some general improvement in site engine was made
— and some other small fixes

A list of well-know fails we are working on:
— users can’t edit their comments
— there is no comments archive

You are welcome to question or suggest! :)

MyAnimeShelf release!
24 Oct 2009

Ok. No more boring opening speeches. It’s just… MyAnimeShelf beta-test has begun!
And because of that we have ruuuuules!

  1. Rule № ‘wun’. You are informed that the site is still under construction. So, no complaints.
  2. Don’t be silent. If you find bugs or mistakes (anything that seems wrong or creepy), please contact us through the comments or e-mail: . We will appreciate it greatly.
  3. Don’t be shy. We are open to any questions or suggestions. Please contact us through the comments or e-mail: .
    If you don’t know what to start from, we recommend becoming familiar with our FAQ.
    If by any chance you want to help, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Write to us immediately!
  4. Don’t be impatient. We will answer you as soon as possible. This concerns ‘Add a figure!’ service as well.
  5. Don’t be rude. Offending other users is bad and will be punished.
  6. Don’t be afraid. Yes, it’s beta-test, but - as I’ve already mentioned earlier - none of your stuff will vanish or get broken.
  7. Our main language is English. But. Buuut!.. We clearly understand that for some people - it’s impossible to start learning English just because they want to communicate here. So, you are free to speak any other language in case English doesn’t fit. Once again, we kindly ask everyone to be friendly and adequate.
    Moreover, we are going to translate MyAnimeShelf to Japanese and Russian languages in the future. What about other languages? Pity, but we don’t have such translators at the moment. Wanna help?
  8. We obviously know that we are not alone in the Universe. But we also truly think, that “otaku” culture means creativity – and MyAnimeShelf is our way to create. There are other well-known projects and communities, and we are not forcing you in any way. We even do not bun you from discussing them here. Just don’t go too far and don’t offend other folks.

You are welcome!
Добро пожаловать! Отаку из СНГ – привет! «Ня!»

Hello, World!
06 Sep 2009

Ok, this gonna be our first news-block. Although MyAnimeShelf is still under construction, I think, we have finally managed to bridge over the principal difficulties. Yuppie!

‘Shelf’ has been planned as an international web-portal, dedicated to collectible anime figures from Japan. You can read about it in short on the main page, or spend a bit more time, studying our FAQ. Well, and my name is Nataliya. I will keep you informed about our progress and other stuff. So you better go prepare yourself to my ‘engrish’. I am terribly sorry, but we honestly could not find a better announcer here in cold-cold Russia. Friends call me Tasha or Glory… huh, enough of private matters and stupid jokes.

Ever since the beginning of development we were overfilled with ideas. So what is done till now is nothing but a drop in the ocean of desires. But — at least — it’s something you can look at and touch. Our intentions include lots of features, that will give ‘Shelf’ users more opportunities to customize their content, and a slight re-design. The present design… well, it was chosen to be soft and unpretentious in order not to affect your pictures and blog posts. But we already have a couple of thoughts, how to make it linger longer in memory.

To tell the truth, I haven’t got big experience of site-construction before. Is it always like this? You find that you want to change something every single day?

It’s a pity, but obviously we cannot fully devote ourselves to the project. Lots of work, studies, household chores, babies, kittens… claim attention too. So it’s impossible to say, when we will be able to bring everything in perfect order. And that’s why we’ve decided to start an open beta-test! Aya, gamers detected! In other words, if you are ok with some construction going nearby — you’ll be welcome to use MyAnimeShelf, including all its features — comments, pics, posts, shelves! I hope we will meet many outstanding folks and think out the conception of future development together.

The good news is there will be no ‘wipe’: no user content will vanish or get broken. So you won’t have to be afraid while writing another 3-volume edition post. I’ll give you more information about beta-test very soon. We still have to make some agreements before letting you in. Jaa… mata-ne!

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