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Christmas Michelle ^__^
11 Dec 2010

I would like to thank Impending_Sky for making our Shelf look more holiday-dressed.
Great job! :)

Fall Lottery ends soon!
02 Dec 2010

Hi everyone. Winter has embraced our small world, which means it’s time to stop Shelf’s Fall Lottery. Please look through the details of how we are going to handle it this time.

So, the event will be stopped on the 10th of December, 23:00 (Moscow time). That means you won’t be able to buy lottery tickets with SP (shelf points) from this point. At the same time you will receive your bonus-tickets: 1 ticket per every 40 RP (rating points) earned during the last 3 months.

Check what time will be at your place.

When it comes to your entries — all the figures added before the 5th of December, 23:00 (Moscow time) will be moderated before the end of the lottery. Everything added later will be moderated afterwards. Remember, that blank fields in anime database can be edited without premoderation.

The results of the lottery will be announced within a day or two after it ends. I wish everyone good luck. Asuka will become a gem of any collection. Awww… can’t wait to know the name of the winner!

Well, and as a theme for gossips: our next prize was decided. The figurine has yet to be released. It’s in dark colors and well… some may consider it quite a sexy one :)

Art by TomatheSpook (from Russia).

Masquerade: third stage!
23 Nov 2010

Ok, let’s continue with the 3rd (and the last) part of our Christmas Masquerade. You will soon receive a PM from me with the name and the address of the person you are expected to send your gift to. If you don’t know the person, you may want to visit his or her page on Shelf to find out if this person is a boy or a girl, what he or she likes, etc.

We kindly ask everyone to send their gifts before the 5th of December, but if you sending to another country it is highly recommended to ship your gift as soon as possible.

Thank you! Everyone, to the post office!

Masquerade: second stage!
21 Nov 2010

The Second Stage of our Christmas Masquerade has begun.

Below you can see the list of masks. We have 43 in total, including the one which belongs to you. Each mask has a unique number. Remember, don’t tell anyone which mask covers your face!

Now your task is to choose another mask.

You cannot choose your own mask or the mask which has already been chosen by other user. To make sure that the mask is available, skim the comments. If no one has written its number, than it’s available.

To let us know which mask you have chosen write its number in the comments below.

Keep in mind that the mask you are choosing will belong to the person who will actually make a gift for you. And you won’t know who is this person until you actually receive the gift.

On the other hand you may notice that someone has already picked your mask, which means that this is the person you will send your gift to. Don’t tell him or her, that the mask belongs to you. Let it be a surprise. I will PM you both name and address soon.

Ok, time to make your decision!

1. Chosen by Fizmat
2. Chosen by opasnaia36
3. Chosen by Akemi
4. Chosen by Vendetta
5. Chosen by Derstin_Lionis
6. Chosen by Noelle
7. Chosen by Severe_S
8. Chosen by Watanuki
9. Chosen by Chicot
10. Chosen by riraito
11. Chosen by Velorn
12. Chosen by Daira_Lir
13. Chosen by deathnotik
14. Chosen by Krestomansi
15. Chosen by Flan
16. Chosen by TomatheSpook
17. Chosen by Lulapa
18. Chosen by Shaely
19. Chosen by Feba
20. Chosen by MrsSkeeter
21. Chosen by Belolapka
22. Chosen by Amiche
23. Chosen by Myuzu
24. Chosen by platina
25. Chosen by Dyavlik
26. Chosen by AvaTaRRuS
27. Chosen by SnowTigra
28. Chosen by KururuSouchou
29. Chosen by usagi_joou
30. Chosen by Nomiya_kun
31. Chosen by Fukusin
32. Chosen by TBerezhnaya
33. Chosen by sem00001
34. Chosen by Origa
35. Chosen by bethykins
36. Chosen by Skipper
37. Chosen by mu597
38. Chosen by TadanoChou
39. Chosen by Yokay
40. Chosen by Glory
41. Chosen by Ranka
42. Chosen by Yumi
43. Chosen by Vivi
Christmas Masquerade!
10 Nov 2010

Dear Shelfers,

Christmas and New Year are coming. During this year we managed to become good friends, so… how about adding some magic to the upcoming holidays?

Let’s make a Christmas Masquerade with presents!

This event will take a while, so keep patience and study the rules carefully. What we propose is to make a Christmas present for someone from our community. And you will get a present in return. But you won’t know from whom it is until you actually open it!

What can be considered a present?

  • a Christmas card
  • something made by yourself (for example, a scarf)
  • any other small item (a trading figurine, whatever)
  • off course, you can buy something expensive, but no regrets when you receive a pair of socks in return

If you want to participate, leave a comment below. After that you will receive a PM with a mask of a participant in it (a picture). It is important: you should keep this mask secret no matter what! Another thing, you should answer to this PM, sending your real name and address (in order to receive your present later).

On the 21st of November — quickly get on our site. We’ll open a new topic showing all the masks which will participate in the Masquerade. Then we’ll be asking you to choose a mask. You can’t choose your own mask or the mask which was already chosen by other user. When every mask will find an owner, you will receive a second PM with the name and the address of a person, you should now send your present to. It is important: you will send your present to the person, who chose your mask (not vice versa). This way you won’t know who will make a present for you. It may sound complicated, but it’s me who will handle everything for you, so don’t worry.

After the 21st of November you will have the name and the address. Please send your present before the 5th of December, otherwise it may not come in time. Then what will be left to do is to wait for your own present. BTW, I’m participating as well. Awww… this is exciting!

Small Lottery Prizes Unveiled
05 Nov 2010

Approximately one month is left until the end of our Fall Lottery Event, and we are happy to unveil the small prizes we’ll be giving away this Fall — trading figures out of Bandai’s newest Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0 PORTRAITS set.

And in case you forgot, our main prize this time is gorgeous 1/6 Asuka figurine by Kotobukiya.

Make sure that the number of your Rating Points and Shelf Points is enough to purchase a lottery ticket. Otherwise we suggest taking actions in order to gain more points.

If you are unfamiliar with the event, you are welcome to read the rules here. There is still plenty of time to settle down on our site and earn at least a couple of tickets.

Let’s welcome mu597!
05 Nov 2010

I am pleased to announce that today we are welcoming mu597 to MyAnimeShelf Team as a Figures Database Keeper. I must say, taking care of figures base is a complicated and rather time-consuming job, so mu597’s help is appreciated greatly.

Thank you very much for your support, mu597! We hope on doing great things with your help and expertise. Cheers!

Let's welcome Feba!
03 Nov 2010

Please join with us in welcoming our newest team member — Feba. She will be our third Anime Database Keeper. Thank you very much for your support, Feba. We are excited to have her on board!

P.S.: we are expecting one more user to join the Team. Are you intrigued? :)

Smiles incoming :D
26 Oct 2010


Let's welcome Leila Vega!
25 Oct 2010

Happy Birthday, Our Dear Shelf!

One year has passed since we launched you on 25 October 2009. Our hearts are overflowed with joy, but there is still one thing left to do. We have one more present awaiting to be revealed to public. So, let’s calm down our emotions for a while.

Dear Shelfers, Brothers and Sisters, please welcome our second mascot — Leila Vega. Countless numbers of times we were asked to reveal the personality of the girl standing on the right side of the site. We remained silent… until today. No more secrets. The story of Leila is available for you to read right now. Unlike Michelle’s, Leila’s life is far from fortunate, but we hope you will enjoy her character.

Also I’d like to seize an opportunity and ask those users who draw arts in anime style: please, draw us an art of Leila. She’s so lonely with her pictureless page while Michelle does have so many. We will reward all artists with SP to buy lottery tickets with.

Thanks everyone… and Happy Birthday!!!

New server !!!
22 Oct 2010

Hello, everyone,

Next Monday (25th of October) it will be one year since MyAnimeShelf was officially opened to public. It’s MyAnimeShelf’s Birthday! Yuppie! :D

Birthday means presents. So, we decided to make a present for ourselves, for MyAnimeShelf, for our users. And we’ve chosen one. Guess what?..

A new server!!!

Until now we were sharing a server with a number of other sites. That’s what common fan-projects usually do. But from now on we will have our own dedicated server (it is located in Germany), which means Shelf’s pages will be loading faster. We’re moving to a «business level». One may notice that we still don’t have that many users and so on, but it seems that normal hosting can’t handle Shelf’s databases and other features anymore. And our users' comfort is our first priority. Most huge web-projects do use dedicated servers, and now we’re joining them as well.

We’re still configuring things here and there, so please give us some time. When we finish, I hope you’ll be impressed with our speed.

Thanks for staying with us :) And be ready for more surprises!

Figures' shelves upgraded !!!
10 Oct 2010


We have returned with a new update. This time we upgraded the figures' shelves of our users. From now on when you grab a figurine to your shelf, you will be asked to fill in a small form. You may want to give a detailed information about your figurine (like when and where did you purchase it, etc.)… or may not :)

You can edit your current figurines in the editor mode on your shelf. I also suggest checking your preorder list: you’ll probably get surprised.

We didn’t have much time to test it, so please if something in your opinion doesn’t work correctly — report!
Thank you for staying with us :)

Fall Lottery has started!
18 Sep 2010

MyAnimeShelf Fall lottery has just started!

OMG, we have a marvelous prize this time — Asuka Test Plugsuit Version by Kotobukiya. It’s 1/6! And it’s sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, who did the previous Rei, Asuka and Mari 1/6 figures from Kotobukiya. Moreover, according to manufacturer, the green parts of the new figurine’s suit will be painted with special fluorescent paint!

The rules haven’t been changed, except for the cost of the tickets:
1 ticket = 60 SP
1 ticket = 40 RP

There also will be smaller prizes, but we’ll keep it secret for now.
You may guess what title they will have connection with ^^

Good luck to everyone!

Summer Lottery: winners!!!
15 Sep 2010

We are ready to announce the winners of our Summer Lottery! Which means the prizes will be soon shipped to different towns to find their new home. Is it luck? Or is it something one deserves? It’s up to you to decide. If you ask me, I’m very happy for all guys and it will be a pleasure to ship the rewards. I hope you like our lottery idea and I hope you’ll be participating in the next one.

Wow, the tickets pile is impressive:

Video of the drawing (no cheating on Shelf!):

Of course, we do not force you to watch the video. You can learn the names of the winners by simply opening the spoiler below.


In case you haven’t won a thing, please don’t get upset. We have Fall Lottery starting very soon. And who knows, may be the next winner is going to be no one but you.

Let's welcome KururuSouchou!
14 Sep 2010

KururuSouchou has joined the team as a news writer. He will keep us informed about the newly opened preorderes and other stuff connected to the figurines' world. Thank you for support and please take care of our news section :)

Figurines Calendar
11 Sep 2010

The figurines' release dates system was completely revised and the Figurines Calendar Page was added. Hope, you’ll enjoy the new features, but don’t forget to let us know if some bugs jump out.

Summer lottery: one last step
11 Sep 2010

Summer Lottery is over. Bonus tickets were sent to every our user who has gained 30 RP or more this summer.

In total 258 tickets were «sold».

List of tickets

That means 1 ticket gives you 0.39% chance to win Saber Lily Nendoroid, summer main prize.

The results will be announced within the next few days.

The winners will be chosen by random. I wish everyone good luck and stay tuned!

The winner of the Wishes Contest
10 Sep 2010

Michelle heartily thanks everyone for the warm wishes. She was so deeply touched by your comments that it took her quite a while to choose a winner. Finally she made a desicion, and the winner of the Wishes Contest is...

Michelle was charmed by Vivi's photo, since she likes flowers and jewelry and does collect figurines. Besides, as you all know, Michelle is a shy person, who has started her musician career recently, so Miku is a kind of idol for her. Michelle dreams to become as brave and magnificent as Miku one day.

Congratulations, Vivi!

Please do us a favor to accept a small gift for your work. The first ever made MyAnimeShelf cup!

With Michelle on one side.

And our second mascot on the other.

Michelle also thanks Flan and Salvadora for their delightful arts. Both girls will receive bonus-SP, which they can use in current Lottery or save for the next one.

Happy Birthday, Michelle!
06 Sep 2010

Did you know that it's a very special day today? Today is Michelle's Birthday!

Michelle is a guardian and talisman of MyAnimeShelf. She keeps our site a comfortable and gentle place where everyone is welcome.

Happy Birthday, Michelle !!!

I wish you love, friendship, piece and joy.
I wish you all the pleasures the world has to give.

And what would you like to wish our little girl?
Arranged to Michelle's Sixteen Birthday, we're starting a small contest - a Wishes' Contest! All you have to do is write your congratulation in a comment to this post. You can use images or videos if you like or come to nothing more than a few apt words. Both English and Russian language are acceptable. You have time until Wednesday (which means two days).

The winner will be chosen by Michelle and rewarded with a MyAnimeShelf souvenir with Michelle's face on it.

Summer Lottery ends soon!
02 Sep 2010

Hi everyone, I brought you some details on our Summer Lottery which is finally approaching the end.

The event will be stopped on 10 September, 23:00 (Moscow time). That means you won’t be able to buy lottery tickets with SP (shelf points) from this point. At the same time you will receive your bonus-tickets: 1 ticket per every 30 RP (rating points).

Check what time will be at your place.

When it comes to your entries — all the figures added before 7 September, 23:00 (Moscow time) will be moderated before the end of the lottery. Everything added later will be moderated afterwards. Remember, that blank fields in anime database can be edited without premoderation. Thank you.

The results of the lottery will be announced within a day or two after it ends. I wish everyone good luck. Saber looks forward to meet her new owner!

Michelle congratulates everyone with the new academic year! Drawn by Flan.

Let’s welcome Platina!
28 Aug 2010

Platina has joined the team as Anime Database Keeper.
Dear Platina, thank you for your support and please take care of our Database :)

Figurines form upgraded
28 Jul 2010

Hi everyone, I’m happy to introduce our new system of uploading figures to the database.

From now on all your figures will appear on our database immediately. Though they will be marked as blocked which means no one will be able to comment, rate or add these figures to their shelves. Also they will not be shown on our main page. So, the only reason for this innovation was to avoid duplicates, because it will be possible to find the blocked figures while searching our base. We gave them red frames in order to make it easier to recognize them.
Later a moderator will approve your figurine, unblock it and reward you with SP. You will receive a notification e-mail.

We also do have a special feature for those of you whose entries are always perfect. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, there is a group of privileged users who are able to upload figurines without blockage. If you want to be within the group just try to do your best while adding figurines to the base.

Figurines database also got some tiny fixes here and there. And don’t forget to report bugs if any.

Thank you.

Let's welcome Impending_Sky!
28 Jul 2010

Impending_Sky has joined the team as a figurines database keeper. She will help me to check your entries and reward you with SP. A good moment to become friends with Impending_Sky, huh? Good luck and thank you for your support which is truly invaluable.

Btw, MyAnimeShelf Team is always recruiting new members. Want to develop the project with us? Contact me.

«Add a figure form» unavailable
26 Jul 2010

First of all, I am happy to announce that Shelf admins are back. Did you miss us? ^^ Glad to see that the place is successfully living on its own.

All righty then, I guess I’m going to be pretty busy with Shelf matters these days. Have quite a bunch of stuff, like small bugs, pms and off course figurines waiting for moderation. Please give us some time to manage everything. If you have a problem or question on fire, feel free to contact me via PM, e-mail or chat.

And the second thing I should inform you about — we are going to upgrade our figurines database in the nearest future and that’s why «Add a figure!» form is temporarily unavailable. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. It won’t take too long.

Shelf admins on Holiday
12 Jul 2010

From 12 July till 26 July both Shelf administrators will be away… for Honeymoon :D Because of that all issues which need our presence will have to wait — including the premoderation of the figurines. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. I promise I won’t marry again.

Banners & signatures
24 Jun 2010

We have prepared some MyAnimeShelf banners and signatures for you — fell free to use them wherever you want.
I know it’s not much, so if you happen to draw something cute yourself, don’t be shy to share with us. The artists of the best custom banners will receive 20 SP for each banner we would like to use as an official MyAnimeShelf pic.


Banners from Amiche:

«Share» buttons
20 Jun 2010

Have just added «Share» buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Vkontakte. Share the anime series, figurines, blog posts and pictures you like with your friends!

Which other web-sites would you like to see on the «Share» panel?

Bonus art of Michelle by Hidara:

Summer Lottery has started!
19 Jun 2010 Hey guys,

I am happy to announce our Summer Lottery has just started!
This time we are having a special "Fate" lottery. Any fans of Saber and her series out there?.. Hope so :)

Right. All the information needed can be found on the lottery page as usual.

One last thing: if you are a newcomer and know nothing about the project, there is nothing difficult about it. Don't hesitate, join us today :)
Michelle Parade
16 Jun 2010

I received quite a bunch of Michelle arts recently. Time to open an exhibition, huh!

Art by Impending_Sky:

Art by Earendil:

Spring Lottery: results!!!
13 Jun 2010 Mina-san,
I am ready to announce the results of the Spring Lottery!

Once again we decided to record a video for you to make the process more entertaining. However, watching us preparing all 119 tickets would be pretty boring, that’s why we had made everything ready in advance and recorded only the part with drawing.

The pictures of the preparation:

Before showing you the video…

So, here is the video:

Of course, we do not force you to watch the video. You can know the names of the winners by simply opening the spoiler below.

The winners:

For those who haven’t won a thing, I’m really sorry. Hope, you’ll be luckier next time, speaking of which – you can expect the details on the new event very soon!

BTW, have you noticed…
Spring lottery: one last step
11 Jun 2010

Spring Lottery is over. Bonus tickets were sent to those of you who has gained 15 RP or more during spring 2010.

In total 119 tickets were «sold».

List of tickets

That means 1 ticket gives you 0.84% chance to win Azusa Nendoroid, the main prize.

The results will be announced on Sunday.

The winners will be chosen by random. I wish everyone good luck and stay tuned!

1 ticket was removed from the list (it got there by mistake). So, it's 119 tickets now.

The lottery was extended
11 Jun 2010

Due to an outrageous number of figurines added on the last day of the Lottery it was decided to extend it for
one day. You will be able to buy tickets up to 23:00, June 11 (Moscow time). The results will be most likely revealed on Sunday.

Check what time will be at your place.

Spring Lottery: details
07 Jun 2010

The team is snowed under with entries, so I have to limit the number of figures we will process. All the figures added before June, 8th 23:00 (Moscow time) will be moderated before the end of the lottery. Everything that will be added after this time will be moderated afterwards. Remember, that blank fields in anime database can be edited without premoderation. Thank you.

Check what time will be at your place.

English FAQ & figure types
07 Jun 2010

English FAQ was finally upgraded. Huge thanks go to usagi_joou who wrote the largest part of it :)

I’ve also added the following new figures types:
— Re-Ment
— Official Garage Kit
— Unofficial Garage Kit

Re-ments are different food, animal, fashion, etc. miniatures.

As usual, if you have any ideas on developing our project — don’t be shy. You may also want us to include some more info in the FAQ. So, any questions?

Spring Lottery ends soon!
03 Jun 2010

Our Spring Lottery is coming to the end — and here are the details:

The event will be stopped on June 10th, 23:00 (Moscow time). That means you won’t be able to buy lottery tickets with SP (shelf points) from this point. At the same time you will receive your bonus-tickets: 1 ticket per every 15 RP (rating points).

Check what time will be at your place.

Once again I will try see all your data to be processed beforehand. Good luck to everyone.
The results of the lottery will be announced within a day or two after it ends.

Are you taking part in the Lottery this time? :)

In addition, I would like to show you a new Michelle art drawn by our user Skipper:

Michelle's returned with presents...
14 May 2010

Michelle wants to repay your kindness and asked me to give SP bonus to the following users:


The last person mentioned is a young promising artist from Russia who has recently presented us this lovely picture of Michelle playing violin.

Along with SP bonus all three will receive a special award visible on their shelves. Thank you!

MyAnimeShelf brand-new look
08 May 2010

Mina-san, we are back with the new update! *smiles happily*

Huh, this one turned out to be pretty big, yeah? It took us quite a long time to handle everything. Have you noticed some changes already? ^_^
Don’t really know what to start from. I’ve probably forgotten part of it anyways T__T
Ok, here we go:

  1. We’ve got a brand-new look!
    Well, not totally new, but lots of things such as fonts, color scheme, comments design, etc. got affected.
    Hope, you’ll like it more than the old Shelf :D
  2. Two gorgeous arts were drawn for MyAnimeShelf by a talented Russian artist called Mistrie.
    You can see them both on the background of the site. I’m sorry, but the full-size pictures are only visible to the owners of wide-screen monitors.
    So, how do you like Michelle’s new style? Looks like she decided to go a little bit vintage ~^_^~
    And who is this mysterious girl on the other side?..
  3. Talking about Michelle, she got her own page, where you can enjoy her story written by pluvia33 and a couple of illustrations drawn by different users. By the way, if you like drawing, you can contribute as well!
    Huge thanks go to pluvia33 and pineappleskewer!
  4. User control panel was added. So far it includes private messages and last comments option.
    Huh, should I explain any further? Well… Yeah, this means now we’re able to write PMs! Send me something! ~^_^~
    The second feature gathers the latest comments you’ve received on a special page. The mechanics it uses is quite complicated. I would be happy to hear your impressions on it :)
  5. Chat option was added for those of us who has nothing to do at work ^_^"
    You can activate the chat window by clicking the corresponding button on your CP panel. You can deactivate it by clicking the same button again. By the way, it’s perfectly fine to browse the site while chatting on the same window — you won’t lose any of it!
    How about making a small test? Let’s all open the chat window and say a couple of words to each other :)
  6. External links were added to figure’s pages. If you stumble upon a great photo-review of a particular figurine, don’t forget to share a link with us using this new externals links feature. Proceed to any figurine’s page to see how it works.
  7. New photo viewer mode was added. Now you can choose between the line mode (the old one) and the sausage mode (forgive the name, nothing better came into my head). Proceed to any figurine photo-session to see how it works.

And that’s all for the most of it. Lots of other small fixes have been made, most of which are somehow connected to Internet Explorer browser.

Hope, you enjoyed Shelf’s new look and features. Thank you!

Anime rating formula
17 Apr 2010

Rating formula for anime was upgraded. Now it depends not only on marks, but on the number of voters as well. You can see the new leaders on the front-page from now on. Weighted average was also keeped for everyone’s convenience.

Let's welcome Velorn!
17 Apr 2010

I'm glad to announce that Velorn has joined MyAnimeShelf Team as our anime database keeper.
Thanks for joining! I'm very happy about it :)

Mass upload
10 Apr 2010

'My Photos' design was changed.
Mass upload feature was added.

I’ve also provided the form with some notes, check them before uploading something for the first time.

Thank you for staying with us. We’ll be happy to return with more upgrades.

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