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Happy Birthday, MyAnimeShelf!
25 Oct 2011

Happy second birthday to us!

It's hard to believe, but we are 2 years old. Sometimes it seems like the day when we began to "invent" the Shelf was just yesterday... yet sometimes it seems like we are carrying this project through our whole life. An amazing thing, isn't it? :)

How much have we achieved? Good question. From the beginning we understood that with just few of us it's impossible to get everything at once, so we've never set complex goals and objectives. All we wanted was to become useful for someone. And, I think, now we are. It is confirmed by you sharing posts and drawings, writing suggestions and complaints, or just the fact that you update the page. At first we did not think about it, but it turned out, that users give much more than they take. And there are no longer just the two of us. We have already 15 team-members who contributes to the project every day (or every night) - project which is not longer just ours, but public. Thank you, our invaluable helpers! Without you we would not be able to control such a large web-site which Shelf has become. Speaking of growth, there is no longer just fifteen of us, we have more than 1,500 users and guests who visit the site every day. But perhaps the most unexpected thing was the fact that during these two years we've actually made lots of friends. True friends, who give you Birthday presents, come to visit you from another town or listen to yours complaints at 2 a.m. Thank you!

So, while someone needs Shelf, we will keep on carefully looking after it, and there are many more interesting things waiting for us ahead! Thank you for staying with us ... :)

Glory & Vallefor

Finally... an update!
16 Oct 2011

Hi there. The Shelf was down for a long time today - we were making a big update. In general it makes the site work faster, so it's hard to notice it with the naked eye, but believe me, Vallefor spent a few weeks on it, so thanks again to the Shelf creator :)

The second part of the update brings functional changes:

  1. You can now filter the anime one've watched by genres (inset "my anime").
  2. You can edit several pictures at once now. Draw attention that for mass editing it's not necessary to put all the ticks, you can just select the area you want with the mouse (yes, like in Windows).
  3. There were added the same opportunities for mass operations with private messages as well.
  4. There were added "ties": now if you make a blog post, directly related to an anime or a figure (a review, for example), you can put a link between them. That should materially ease the search at our site. Read more about ties here.
  5. A few more visual elements.

The update was difficult, so bugs are possible. If something works incorrect, don't forget to report!
Thank you!

Birthday Photo Contest!
01 Oct 2011

Hello, Shelfers. Don’t you forget MyAnimeShelf has its Birthday on October 25? Well, to remind you about it we’re starting a small Birthday Photo Contest. Please, read the rules carefully:

We would like you to take a photograph of any figure (or figures) of yours. The only requirement — make it connected to our Birthday in any way, ok? Photo size or quality is not a big matter. Photoshopping allowed. You can even make several entries, if you like.

In order to participate you should be a registered MyAnimeShelf user.
Don’t have a registration yet? Register right now!

The winner will get those sweeties:
1) clear file with a picture of a favorite anime character (can choose between 14 variants)
2) MyAnimeShelf notebook (can choose between 3 variants)
3) MyAnimeShelf badge

Deadline for submissions is October 24th 2011.
Please e-mail your photos to:
Don’t forget to write your nickname on MyAnimeShelf, so that we could understand who you are.

The winner will be chosen by a committee of Michelle, Vallefor and me.

All the photos will be posted on our site on October 25th.
Hope, to receive a bunch of cute pics!

Fast Anime On-line Shop
24 Sep 2011

MyAnimeShelf starts to work with a Russian Internet anime-shop named Fast Anime. Since, I guess, there is no interest in it to our English-speaking users, all the details are on the Russian version of the news article.

Autumn backgrounds
24 Sep 2011

I would like to thank our users and talented artists FireWink and TomatheSpook who have created wonderful autumn backgrounds for MyAnimeShelf. Great job, girls!

Glory is back! :)
24 Sep 2011

Tadaima! I have returned after 3 months of studying in Japan, which means we will continue to develop MyAnimeShelf. Hope, it sounds to be good news.

Let’s welcome deathnotik!
02 Aug 2011

Despite of summer slack season we have a new recruit in a Shelf team. We’re happy to welcome a new 17th Shelf team member — deathnotik! She recently joined ranks of MyAnimeShelf anime database keepers.

Deathnotik is one of most active and popular Shelf users. Thank you for your support for over a year and — welcome to the team!

Summer Holidays on Shelf
24 Jun 2011

Hi, guys. I just wanted to inform you that I’ll be away since 25 June till the end of September. Going to Japan actually (for studying purposes). Still MyAnimeShelf team-members will take care of everything, so write down to one of the staff if any problems. Oh yeah, Vallefor has a birthday today — best wishes, darling! :) The only unfortunate thing is that there will be no Summer Lottery. The Autumn one will start in October and will be carried out normally. I’ll try to bring something nice from Japan as a prize.

See you later, Shelfers. Enjoy your Summer! Kisses! :D

Spring Lottery - Results !!!
22 Jun 2011


We’re finally ready to announce the results of our Spring Lottery. Unfortunately, things went terribly wrong this time. First, Tenshi had been delayed and now we failed to record a video due to some kind of technical issue. Cause of this we decided to pick out the winners using a program written by Vallefor. It chooses a random ticket out of the list given. We’ve also made a bunch of photos for you as a compensation.

So, let’s congratulate our winners:

Summer on Shelf
18 Jun 2011

Summer has come to MyAnimeShelf.

Michelle and Leila got undressed and went to the beach :D Beach Queens!
…many thanks to Koniks, our team artist :)

Spring lottery: one last step
13 Jun 2011

As you noticed, Spring Lottery has been stopped according to the schedule and bonus tickets were sent to those of you who had gained 40 RP or more during this Spring.

In total 647 tickets were «sold».

List of tickets

That means 1 ticket gives you 0.15% chance to win a gorgeous winged figurine of Tenshi by Good Smile Company, our main prize.

The results will be announced by the 20th of June.

BTW, Tenshi figurine was released today, so the delay in shipping won’t be as huge as one might expect. We’ll be also giving away 5 small Hetalia figures and a notebook with Shelf mascot of your choice on it. I wish everyone good luck and stay tuned!

Prizes for Spring Lottery
29 May 2011

Less than 2 weeks are left until the end of our Spring Lottery. So, here are the details on the prizes. First, Tenshi (Tachibana Kanade) figurine was delayed. Now it’s scheduled for June release. Bot don’t worry. What we’re going to do is to hold a drawing as planned and to ship it later, but as soon as possible. As for the small prizes we’re having Hetalia trading figures from the second set by Kotobukiya. Hope, there would be guys who like them. Looking forward for the upcoming drawing!

Welcome, Ramzes_III & Genazvale!
15 May 2011

Today we have two more of our members being welcomed to our Team here at MyAnimeShelf. Ramzes_III, well-known for his massive figures collection, will join the figures database keepers, while Genazvale will help me to organize real life parties, etc. Guys, lets give Ramzes_III and Genazvale a round of applause!

Welcome to the Team!

Following feature enabled
14 May 2011

Activity pages (both general and personal ones) have been upgraded, and the "following" feature was added. Enjoy!

1 Lottery Ticket = 40 RP
17 Apr 2011

A few changes:
1. A number of RP needed to buy one lottery ticket was set for 40.
2. Michelle and Leila pages were slightly upgraded.

Have fun!

Michelle & Leila 2.0
25 Mar 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome our new team member — Koniks. She’s a young charming artist and will be developing the images of Shelf’s mascots, Michelle and Leila. So, let’s thank our new teammie for her hard work! Koniks, I’m your fan #1 from now on!

Yeah, this means you may expect more merchandise to come.

New Rating System
20 Mar 2011

The new rating system has started to work in a test-mode. The idea is that RP is going to be counted every Monday, which means weekly. For example, during the previous week you earned 1.5 RP. This means that during the next week you’ll be able to rate other users' content only on 1.5 RP (no matter pluses or minuses) every day. For instance, you’ll be able to «plus» 5 comments and to «minus» 1 blog-post. If you want to rate more actively, try to earn more RP yourself.

MyAnimeShelf Team is an exception to the rule. All team-members will be able to rate content with no limits. The next week happened to become the first meaning that only team-members will be the ones rating your stuff.

We are not quite sure whether we like how it’s going to work, so please excuse us if any troubles.
Carrying out experiments of some kind.

Spring lottery has started!
20 Mar 2011

MyAnimeShelf Spring lottery has started!

This time our main prize is going to be a gentle figurine of Angel (Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats!) by Good Smile Company. In my view, this figurine is very spring-ish and delicate. Its size is 1/8 and it is scheduled for May 2011 release. Really hope it won’t get delayed, though it is possible due to the earthquakes.

Mochiron, there also will be smaller prizes: we will announce them a bit later.

Be aware that the cost of the tickets was changed.
1 ticket = 40 SP
1 ticket = 40 RP

The cost in RP will be also announced later. We are not ready to do it now, since the new rating system works in a test-mode. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hope, you like our new prize and Kanade will be able to find a loving home.

Winter Lottery: winners!!!
20 Mar 2011

Hi there, Shelfers. Finally I’m ready to reveal the results of our Winter Lottery which happened to become the most popular MyAnimeShelf lottery ever from the beginning of the project. 662 tickets is quite a number, I must say! I had to ask my family (both real and PVC one) to help me and Vall to prepare everything. Hope, you’ll enjoy the photos and video we managed to get.


More photos


Don’t forget that the single purpose of the video is to show that there is no cheating during the drawing. So, those who trust us — you may see results right now by clicking on the spoiler below.

The winners

The winners:

The main prize: big figurine of Kaworu by MegaHouse
The winner: platina. Congratulations!

Other prizes: 5 small figures of Evangelion characters by Bandai

Bonus-prize: MyAnimeShelf T-Shirt
The winner: Impending_Sky

Also all the winners will get our unique MyAnimeShelf badges.

Dear winners, congratulations, and I’m waiting for you to send me your names and adresses via PM. Keep in mind, that it’s not necessary to keep the prize for yourself. You are allowed to pass it to any other Shelf user. Thank you!

Lucent Heart Closed Beta Keys
13 Mar 2011

Have you heard of Lucent Heart, a zodiac-inspired anime social MMORPG with unique dating aspects by Gamania?
Whatever your answer is, you're lucky today, since Gamania was kind to give us some keys for its next beta.

This next beta is called Get Lucky! Beta, and its date is:
Thursday, March 17th at 5 PM PSTSunday, March 20th at 11:59 PM PST (Los Angeles UTC-7)

Any MyAnimeShelf user who wants to try the game, please write "Give me a key!" in the comments below and I'll send you one via PM.

Official site: http://www.lucentheart.com/
> How to activate the key <
> Details on the beta <

Interesting, that a goddess from the game was also created into a Nendoroid!

Winter lottery: one last step
10 Mar 2011

Winter Lottery 2010–2011 has been stopped and bonus tickets were sent to every user who had gained 40 RP or more during the last three monthes.

In total 662 tickets were «sold».

List of tickets

That means 1 ticket gives you 0.15% chance to win Kaworu by MegaHouse, our main prize.
The results will be announced within the next few days.

Happy Womans Day!
08 Mar 2011

On behalf of the men of our site I want to congratulate our ladies with Womans Day!
To tell the truth, "speeches" is my weakest skill, and doing it in English is really difficult :P

I wish you happiness, love and good health!
Stay cute and cheerful. Because of you our life becomes more interesting ;)

Bans for Cheating
07 Mar 2011

The following accounts were banned for cheating:


Winter Lottery ends soon!
06 Mar 2011

Don’t know how about your neck of the woods, but Winter is still at its height here in Moscow. Good to know, Shelf lives according to its own schedule.

So, our Winter Lottery will be stopped on the 10th of March, 23:00 (Moscow time). That means you won’t be able to buy lottery tickets with SP (Shelf Points) from this point. At the same time you will receive your bonus-tickets: 1 ticket per every 40 RP (Rating Points) earned during the last 3 months.

Check what time will be at your place.

When it comes to your entries — all the figures added before the 6th of March, 23:00 (Moscow time) will be moderated before the end of the lottery. Everything added later will be moderated afterwards. Remember, that blank fields in anime database can be edited without premoderation.

The results of the lottery will be announced during the week after it ends. I wish everyone good luck. Kaworu and everyone else here are eager to know the name of the winner!

Well, and as for the next grand-prize… It’s gonna be a figure of one of the characters from the voting. Yeah, mentioned by one of you. That’s all I can say for now :)

Art by Yuki_Takarai.

Lotter prizes revealed!
23 Feb 2011

About 15 days left until the end of our Winter Lottery. Who gonna participate?

As you all know we’re giving away 1/8 figure of Kaworu by Mega House.
As to small prizes, once again, we’re going to have Evangelion figures from Bandai. Well, I still have some left, and since the main prize is from Evangelion, I guess small Eva figures should do as well.

By the way, we have already started preparing the next lottery…

Let’s welcome Minorin-rin!
23 Feb 2011

Yay, one more person decided to join Shelf Team. Let’s welcome Minorin-rin, out 12th member! Min is a very accurate girl who has earlier helped us with translations, but was promoted to the Anime Database Keeper. That’s great! Thank you for your help, Min, and please — take of us.

Aaah, little cutie!

Photo Contest: Results
20 Feb 2011

St. Valentine’s Day photo contest is over, and I’m happy to announce the winner! ♥♥♥
Congratulations go to Kurako from Italy. She receives the figurine of Kureha by Max Factory.

And here is the prize-winning photo:

The following users also managed to get into the top-5:

2 place — willi from Indonesia

3 place — Juuyuki (country unknown)

4 place — riraito from Russia

5 place — mu597 from USA

These users receive a reward icon on their Shelves.

Well, what can I say. A good photo and a good photo, which will be liked by the majority… there is a big difference between these two. I’d like to thank all the participants — you’ve made a brilliant show. I hope, we’ll have more photo contests in the future and you will make a entry again.

Valentine's Photo Contest
14 Feb 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Representing MyAnimeShelf Team I wish everyone joy and happiness; but above all this, I wish you love.
Even though we are not together this Valentine's Day, but we’ll be with you wherever you go. Love you always.

And to celebrate St. Valentines Day we’re opening the voting for the most romantic photo on Shelf. Take your time, enjoy the photos and tick off the ones which have touched your heart the most.

The rules:

  • Only users registered before the 14th of February 2011 can vote.
  • You can vote for up to 5 photos. The photos are clickable.
  • You can’t vote for your own photo.
  • Voting lasts one week. The name of the winner will be announced on the 21st of February. I guess, most of our active users will vote during first 2 or 3 days, but we’ll have to wait anyways.
  • You’re welcome to comment the contest. Which photos have you voted for and why? What do you think about other photos?

Myself, I vote as an ordinary user, but in case of a draw, I will have to choose a winner.
Hope, it won’t be like that :P

06 Feb 2011

A small update, but I hope you like it. The «Drafts» button was added to your bb-code panel. You can use them while both blogging and commenting. Autosave saves your text each 10 seconds, so you can recover your text if something goes wrong while posting the message. Simply click «Drafts» and choose «Load autoslave» (don’t type anything in the message box!). You are also able to create up to 5 custom drafts, which can later be deleted or rewritten.

Trying to take care of our users, huh…

Let’s welcome sem00001!
05 Feb 2011

I’m happy to welcome aboard the 11th member of MyAnimeShelf Team — sem00001.
Sem joins us an anime database keeper. He proved to be an accurate and hard-working moderator, so we’re all glad to have him on our team. I also think that we really do need more male teammates, don’t we? Sema-kun, thank you for your support and please take care of us.

Figures Photo Contest!
25 Jan 2011

The first figures photo contest on MyAnimeShelf has started!

The theme is… ♥ Saint Valentine’s Day ♥ !!!
The day associated with romantic love… and the winner will get a lovely figurine of Kureha by Max Factory! Awww! ♥♥♥

In order to participate you should be a registered MyAnimeShelf user.
Don’t have a registration yet? Register right now, it’s easy-peasy!

Deadline for submissions is February 13th 2011.
Please e-mail your photos to:

Your e-mail should include:

  • your nickname on MyAnimeShelf
  • the photo you would like to submit

Make sure you are staying within the rules:

  • Only romantic photos. Your photo should be connected to the theme (looooove!).
  • Must be a photo of a figure based on anime, manga, Japanese video game or tokusatsu. Completed model, action figure, nendoroid, gashapon or a combination of all of them. No bootlegs or GK. Mass production dolls based on anime characters can be entered, but no BJDs.
  • One photo for a person.
  • You are allowed to use any media to take your photos, but some of the entries may not pass due to bad quality.
  • Photoshopping allowed.
  • Old photos are acceptable.
  • Must be your own work.
  • No photos with watermaks.

You will receive a notification within the 24 hours explaining whether your photo was accepted or not and why.

From Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14th), there will be a week of voting for the most romantic pic. Top vote gets the prize!

All applicants will get 20 SP.

Good luck to everyone!

Your Shelf new design!
22 Jan 2011

Hi everyone, I’m happy to introduce our newest update.

This time we started redesigning the pages of our users. Just visit your Shelf and you’ll see the difference. Well, perhaps it does look a little bit less cosy than earlier, but I hope — more mature and more suitable for a project we are.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to finish the redesign. Vallefor (our senior programmer) caught a cold, he’s suffering from a high temperature right now :( Anyways, we decided to update the site so that you may test the innovations we already made and express your opinions and ideas about them. One more time, the redesign isn’t finished yet.

Also I’d like to say that we have a page on Facebook. You are welcome to like us and to invite your friends to join us ^^

Let’s welcome TomatheSpook!
15 Jan 2011

We’re pleased to announce that TomatheSpook has joined MyAnimeShelf Team! Toma becomes the 10th member, seems that we’re having a anniversary of some kind :) Toma has charmed us with her carefulness. She’s joining as a Figures Database Keeper, which is a complex and time-consuming job. Toma is also an artist, so she promised to help us with banners, etc.

Thank you for your help, Toma and please, take care of us and our Shelf :)

Public photo albums and more!
10 Jan 2011


Finally, we have returned with a new update. This time, we were upgrading "My Photos" section. From now on you'll be able to create public photo albums, which is actually something similar to Facebook, etc. Now every user does have a new "Photo" button oh their Shelf, which will lead to a special page showing all public albums of the user. Why does one need a public album? Well, for example, you can create "My art" or "My journey to Japan" album, or whatever. We do not apply any restrictions on subject matter of the photos for now. You are also able to create subfolders.

All currently existing photo albums are considered to be private, which means it's impossible to get to them from your Shelf. Still, you're welcome to identify figures on the photos from private albums or use them while blogging, etc. as usual.

We've also changed the way figures are being identified on the photos and the pages' headings.

Hope, you'll find it useful. Thanks and see you around.

Happy New Year!
31 Dec 2010

MyAnimeShelf Team is wishing all our users and guests a happy New Year!

May the dawning of this New Year fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring many delightful figurines into your collection.

May you have a great New Year and holidays.

I also would like to say special «thank you» to the Team. Your help is invaluable. We managed to become what we are only because of your hard work during the year 2010. So, as Japanese usually say, 来年も、よろしくお願い申し上げます。Please, take care of the Shelf next year as well.

I have also prepared some bonus-SP to all the teamies.
The hardest job is no doubt «moderating figurines» one, since it’s very VERY time-consuming. Dear, Impending_Sky and mu597, you have my thanks and my respect.


Merry Christmas!
25 Dec 2010

^__^ MyAnimeShelf team is wishing all our users a merry Christmas ^___^

Winter Lottery has started!
17 Dec 2010

MyAnimeShelf Winter lottery has started!

We have a very special prize this time — Nagisa Kaworu from G.E.M. series by MegaHouse! This is the first male figurine to become our Lottery Prize. Hope, all Shelf ladies will be pleased to hear that. Well, not only the ladies... since the figure of Kaworu is really breathtaking and hard to resist.

Be aware that the cost of the tickets was changed.
1 ticket = 45 SP
1 ticket = 40 RP

There also will be smaller prizes. Moreover, once again we’ll be giving away a bonus-prize. Last time it was exclusive MyAnimeShelf mouse pad, but our current prize will be kept secret until the drawing.

Good luck to everyone!

Small prizes opened!
18 Dec 2010

So, I have opened all 5 small prizes as requested. Now we are doing the following:

If you manage to come to an agreement, I will do as you ask. If not, I’ll be sending to you the prize that was meant to be yours from the beginning.

You are welcome to discuss through the comments below.

Vivi: Rei Black Ballerina (like on picture made by Chicot)

Fukusin: Asuka Child Ver.

Velorn: Rei Plugsuit Ver.

Derstin_Lionis: Rei White Ballerina

KururuSouchou: Asuka Red Balerina

Fall Lottery: winners!!!
14 Dec 2010

Hi everyone,

I have returned with the results of the Lottery. Are you tired of waiting? I'm really sorry - Vallefor and I got a cold of some kind, that's why the results were a bit delayed. Now everything is ok, so let's continue with the most interesting part - the drawing!

We had 206 tickets participating this time. Thanks God our figurines offered us some help.

And here is the video (I'm sorry for my accent and stupid smiles, I always become very shy when it comes to filming).

If you're not in the mood of watching videos, you can learn the names of the winners by clicking on the spoiler below.


I already know the names and addresses of all our winners due to Christmas Masquerade event. But I was told that not all of the participants want to keep the prizes for themselves, so those guys, please tell what to do with your prizes.

The folks who didn't win a thing, please don't be upset. The next Lottery is going to start on any minute, I'm sure you'll be luckier this time.

Fall lottery: one last step
11 Dec 2010

Fall Lottery has been stopped since yesterday and bonus tickets were sent to every user who had gained 40 RP or more during this Fall.

In total 206 tickets were «sold».

List of tickets

That means 1 ticket gives you 0.49% chance to win 1/6 Asuka by Kotobukiya, our main prize.

The results will be announced within the next few days.

The winners will be chosen by random. Asuka and all of us, I guess, are anxious to know the name of the luckiest person who will break the bank. I wish everyone good luck and stay tuned!

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