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Wishlist groups
19 May 2013

We came up with a small update.

You can create as many groups in your wishlist as you like and put your figures into these groups. We believe many of you with a big enough wishlist will find this useful :)

Thank you for your attention.

Background draw livestream
06 May 2013

Hey everyone.

We’re got news that is not related to software matters :)

Recently we’ve been contacted by an artist: she offered to draw a background for the website and broadcast the process via livestream.

Figure database changes
03 May 2013

Hello everyone.

We’ve got «small» big changes here. They are small because most of you won’t notice anything and big due to a significant change in the way figures are linked to anime titles and characters. This took a complex alteration of many website figure managing modules. It means that despite all the tests we ran there still may be a lot of bugs *_*


  • You can link a figure to more than one character
  • A figure is auto-linked to an anime title that character belongs to (you can still set the links manually though)

Due to these changes we’ve updated The Ultimate Figure Submission Guide: if you’re the one that submits figures please look through the “Character” and “Original” sections.

Thank you for your attention :)

We're experiencing some performace issues after the update. We're working on it.

666 likes on facebook! :)
18 Apr 2013

Scary, isn't it?

We celebrate 666 likes on our facebook page!

Huge thanks to Oddy for being its admin and to MrsSkeeter who's been running it before.

And thanks to Toma for the background *_*

Blog spot changes
06 Apr 2013

Due to an enormous amount of sale posts (mostly written in Russian) they’ve been moved from the blog spot to a new subsection.

It works like this:

  • Blog spot now does not display posts tagged with «sale» or «joint order».
  • «Sale» subsection contains posts tagged with «sale» sorted by date of change.
  • «Joint order» subsection displays posts tagged with «joint order».
  • A tag filter can be used to include or exclude certain tags in each subsection.
Madoka Game: the end
28 Mar 2013

Hey everyone!

Our first game with tangible prizes just came to an end. Hope it’s been fun to open a picture bit by bit =)

Congratulations on march 8th! Yay!
08 Mar 2013

On behalf of gentlemen of the team I would like to congratulate our dear ladies on the 8th of march!

May this day bring you lots of pleasant emotions, long-wished-for presents and good spirits!

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations on true samurai day!
23 Feb 2013

As this is the February 23rd the Shelf would like to congratulate its shelfers upon the day of courage and strength!

The name of the holiday being “Defender of the Fatherland Day” does not imply one should not defend his aims, opinions and the right to choose. The burden of a modern samurai is heavy so we wish you courage, health and lucidity of mind! May all your goals be realized and wishes come true!

“Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.” Baltasar Gracián y Morales

Field Game: release!
09 Feb 2013

As I mentioned earlier the testing has not uncovered any major issues and all the minor ones had been fixed.

Away with those words! I announce the next game start! This time the prizes are quite tangible. And the main one is... hehe, a secret! =) It’s worth fighting for, I promise.

All the prizes are related to the hidden picture so you get more ideas on what you might discover as the game goes.

Field Game: clear
24 Jan 2013

Field game testing has ended. A couple of nasty bugs has been taken care of, everything else went quite smooth and the game is ready for the real prizes =)

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants!
Prizes should’ve been handed out by now.

Happy New Year!
31 Dec 2012

Hey! :)

On behalf of MyAnimeShelf team I wish all our users a happy New Year! May the year 2013 be a better one and get you lots of new figures, anime titles and good spirits! :)

I would also like to commend our wonderful team who is watching over our humble world. The project couldn’t have developed without your help. Let’s improve our website even more next year!

MyAnimeShelf v.2.74
15 Dec 2012

Hello everyone, we have a lot of news today :)

They are mostly about updating editing/adding anime and figure pages.

Field Game: testing
02 Dec 2012

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

We've got great news today. We’re introducing long-awaited game you can spend your precious SP on. We still need to run a test (that’s what we’re about to do) to make a proper release.

Game description:

So there is a big picture that is divided into a lot of little pictures. Every cell may or may have a prize in it. Only the prize quantity is displayed at the start, exactly what is hidden out there is unknown. As this is a test I’ll make an exception: prizes are SP purses, I won’t declare the amount of SP in a purse though. The game is over when the last prize is found.

Holidays are coming :)
30 Nov 2012

Streets are covered in snow, cats are looking for warmer places to sleep, so they say The End Is Near and that means the winter is coming and bringing the New Year along :)

I am happy to announce the next month: the month of happiness and presents! It will be dedicated to Advent! Every participant of the event got the date when they should open their present and make a post about it. I hope all the presents arrived (or will arrive) in time and everything will be alright =)

O-ho-ho! This time we're going to see 3 Advent-related posts a day!

Special thanks to organizers of the event — Tanya and Lulapa! It would’ve been impossible without your efforts :)

But the news won't end with this :P

Moderation changes
11 Nov 2012

There's kinda lot of news lately, but I have an important statement to make.

Due to increase of input (mostly unconscious though) of:

  • already existing characters
  • characters with no info
  • filling in empty character or anime info with whatnot (e.g. using google translate for that)

It has been decided to sort of tighten the moderation up:

  • Filling up character or anime empty fields will require moderator approval
  • Adding new characters will require moderator approval. The character will be shown immediately as “awaiting moderation” though. It will be possible to add a figure to the character.

Thank you for your attention :)

Itadakimasu On-line Shop
09 Nov 2012

MyAnimeShelf starts to work with a Russian Internet anime-shop named Itadakimasu. Since, I guess, there is no interest in it to our English-speaking users, all the details are on the Russian version of the news article.

BB editor upgrade
07 Nov 2012

This change is a minor one but I get asked about this a lot so I decided to put a news post.

The BB editor got a new “Arrange pictures in a row” button. It allows you to line up up to five photos.

The result will look like this (the photo must resign in your album or it won’t work):


It also works with pictures that are hosted elsewhere:


If the pictures are hosted at our site they will also be resized prior to showing up in the post and clicking on it will open the image viewer.

Thank you for your attention :)

MyAnimeShelf v.2.60
10 Sep 2012


There's a small update for today (although it's a really big one for me).

Its main feature allows you to log in using one of the following social network services:

  • Facebook
  • Vkontakte
  • Twitter
  • Google+

This is implemented via OAuth/OAuth2. You’ll have to grant our application with certain access rights. Some of them may seem excessive but I believe they will be required by further updates.

Aside from that the update has a lot of fixes in the admin section of the Shelf — and those fixes lead to unexpected (can you actually expect a bug?) bugs quite often.
In case you find anything that doesn't work in a correct way — please send me a PM.

Thank you for your attention.

Gothic protocon: the winner!
12 Aug 2012

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.
It's time to announce the winner of our photo contest! :)

Let’s see what FastAnime Store representative has to say:

On behalf of FastAnime Store — greetings, shelfers! As mentioned before the time has come to announce the winner of the photo contest.

First of all let me apologize for the two-week delay. Turns out getting all the jury members together sober is not that easy.

Well, at least the task of selecting the winner excuses us a bit, it really was a tough choice: the works that won the vote are really gothic ones.
Actually, such participation was quite unexpected: they say people nearly dug themselves into caves and crypts, drew every detail of the feathers, poured gallons of tomato juice and did perverted things to their figures.

After a drunken brawl lively discussion the jury decided to declare Lishtenbird the winner due to his picture’s minimalistic nature and really appropriate use of retouch. The public opinion had some influence as well.

Bogdanov Dmitry
Fast Anime Studio and XL Media CEO

Congratulations Lishtenbird!

Please send me a PM to receive your prize.

Gothic photocon: end of vote
29 Jul 2012

As promised, the voting was stopped on Saturday midnight.
And here is the top of five:

1st placeLishtenbird — 40.3% (129 votes)

2nd placeCalipso — 25.6% (82 votes)

3rd placeFireWink — 22.8% (73 votes)

4th placeallgroassai — 22.2% (71 votes)

5th placelovett — 21.3% (68 votes)

The winner has left the others far behind.
It's a very beautiful picture, so it's not surprising many users voted for it!

In general — well done, everyone! It was nice to see so many beautiful, atmospheric and hard to take photos! Thank you all for participating!

However, the final decision is made by "Fast Anime" store that made this very contest possible. It's hard to estimate the time this will take. Let’s wait a little bit more!

Gothic photocon vote!
21 Jul 2012

Well, it's time to start the vote to select the best photo for the Fast Anime gothic photo contest. All Shelf users registered prior to the vote start can and should cast a vote! Zoom in on the picture by clicking it. Selecting up to five submissions to vote for is allowed this time. Please, do not rate the photographs only by the degree of compliance with the contest subject — every one of them displayed here has met that requirement. By the way we were not really strict on that matter (hope nobody’s embarrassed by that).

Please comment on your choice! Tell us what you voted for and why!

The vote will last a week — till July 28th 19:59 PM UTC. Top five photos that get the most votes pass to the second stage. The winner is selected by Fast Anime store representatives.

We hoped the works would speak for themselves and would not require any remarks to be made, but I will permit myself to make one.

A remark on the submission №44

Now go and vote!

Anime database update
02 Jul 2012


Actually the update is not as epic as the title is. I’ve just applied a new interface style to the anime database section.

You’re now also able to filter the content by:

  • Genre
  • Studio
  • Type
  • Air start date (e.g. so you could get a list of anime that aired during a whole season) – I’ve really put my soul into this one *_*

The first two actually existed before, though were not as near as useful as they are now.

The sorting also features new elements:

  • Creation data
  • Last update date
  • Start date
  • Health is the most amusing one. Every anime title has a number (0 to 100) representing the weight of its description – the less empty fields, the higher the score. The number is not displayed and can only be accessible via sorting. Oh and please don’t rush to fill the description with questionable data – our moderators have a low tolerance limit for that. Please check the info you submit thoroughly.

I’ve also created something that looks and feels like JSON API. If there’s anyone willing to use it – I can brief you on that :)

Thanks for your attention!

Fast Anime Photocon
01 Jul 2012

Greetings, fellow shelfers! We’re pleased to announce a new figure photo contest!

The subject is † gothic †.

The answer to your obvious «what exactly is the gothic you expect» question is: dark beauty. To my mind, that phrase shall create the required image.

The awards: winner gets a Heat Blade figurine by Yamato!

It’s provided by Fast Anime store, our sponsor.
A reminder – the store sells anime figures, anime DVDs, manga, art books, magazines, accessories and lots of other nomnoms.

Any registered Shelf user can participate.
If you’d like to participate, but haven’t registered yet you can join right now. It’s easy!

One little detail: if the winner’s not 18 years old we’ll have to ask his parent’s or guardian’s permission to receive the figurine. It’s quite a… special one.

The photos are accepted till July 20th 2012 11:59 PM, mail to .
The mail is to consist of:

  • your Shelf nickname
  • your photo (attached to the mail)

Rules and restrictions

  • The photo must be in line with contest subject.
  • One figure or doll (or more) that exists in our database must be seen on the picture. If the figure’s not present in our database, send me a private message, I’m quite certain it will be added and your picture will be accepted.
  • Almost any figure type is allowed: complete, action, nendoroid, trading, garage kits (pre-painted or not) and BJD that are included in our database. The ones not allowed are bootleg and BJD that are not present in our database (please show your Korean BJD elsewhere).
  • The participant can only send one photo.
  • The format and quality of the picture is up to you. Please remember images of bad quality will not be accepted.
  • You are allowed to alter the image by the use of a graphic editor.
  • The photo does not have to be taken for the contest specifically – you can submit an old one even if it did take part in any other photo contest. It’s really good if the photo’s a new one (or seen by none) though.
  • The photo has to be taken by you.
  • Watermarks are not allowed.

You are sent an email in 24 hours after your image is accepted. If the email is missing please send me a private message, it probably got lost.
If your photo is not accepted you’ll also get an update on that and will be able to submit a new one.

The winner is selected in two stages.

Stage one. On July 21st a vote post will be created. The vote will last a week, till July 28th. The displayed photos’ authors will be held secret. Top five submissions get to the second stage.

Stage two. Fast Anime store selects the winner. The winner gets the figure.

We’re waiting for your photos!

Nodanoshi on-line shop
30 Jun 2012

MyAnimeShelf starts to work with a Russian Internet anime-shop named nodanoshi.net. Since, I guess, there is no interest in it to our English-speaking users, all the details are on the Russian version of the news article.

Viewer's choice vote winner
30 May 2012

And... the winner of viewers’ choice vote is Rubee!

The artwork by Rubee has been noted by the jury though it couldn't be fit info a background for a number of reasons. That's why it's really nice to see that you supported Rubee and "justice was served".

Rubee's creation won, supported by 112 votes, being followed by:

2nd place - UB001 - 98 votes
3rd place - blackre - 80 votes
4th place - Chadzime - 74 votes
5th place - mikki_malu - 71 vote

Rubee gets a nice something from the Shelf as long as other winners.

The prize issue is currently being dealt with, please be patient :)

Art contest: viewers’ choice vote!
26 May 2012

The background parade is over – that means it’s time to reveal all the artworks!

As I mentioned before all the artists did a good job. The jury had a hard time picking the images for the parade, let alone select the winner. We couldn’t stop smiling though the entire parade: every work was commented by someone as deserving the first place.

So, shelfers, how about NO we finish the event with the viewers' choice contest? :D

There are 34 images to select from. That is all 36 that were submitted except for FireWink and RacoonKun ones – they have already been chosen by the jury. All the users registered prior to this day are able to cast their vote. You can select up to three images to vote for. Don’t think if it’s suitable for background or not – just select the ones that you like the most. The vote ends on May 30th, 5 AM UTC. The winner gets something nice with the Shelf mascot on it! :)

Don’t forget to post the comment after you vote and tell the others what you like and why!

Art contest winner
15 May 2012

Hey everyone!

There was a Victory Parade in Russia last week. So, we’re proud to announce the start of our own parade – the Shelf background parade! Starting this Wednesday the background of the Shelf will change with every sunrise (metaphorically speaking). The parade will start with the art contest winner – FireWink!

The background created by FireWink has been chosen as the very best one and the artist gets the contest main prize – a Good Smile production Hatsune Miku figurine. Thank you for this stunning artwork! Congratulations! ~ ♥

And that's not the end. We love one more artwork so much we decided to award its creator as well. The work itself will be the second in our parade. Who's this mysterious artist? What exactly is the prize? You'll see soon!

There were a total of 36 entries submitted. Some of the artists managed to send us two backgrounds. All of the pictures have left the most touching impression, I’d like to say we’re very grateful to all the participants. It’s been a pleasure, a moving one.

A bit about the jury. It comprised of four people: TomatheSpook, Vallefor, riraito and me. During the contest Vallefor was responsible for the layout and Toma handled the art composition issues. The winner selection has been divided into two stages. At the first one we picked the submissions that were considered suitable for the background. It really was a tough choice – even a “painful” one. There were many impressive drawings that sadly could not become a background (i.e. the technique or proportions). After the debate the winner itself has been chosen among the artworks that made it to stage two.

Stay tuned to see the other images. The parade's going to be an interesting one! We’ll create a post with all of the submissions we got after the parade’s finished.

As promised, all the contestants whose contributions are to be used as backgrounds are considered winners as well and will get commemorative prizes. We’re sorry to say the ability to acquire the prizes prior to the announcement had not been present due to the undetermined number of winners thus it’ll take us some time to resolve this issue. We hope you understand.

Once more – thank you, everyone!

Characters database
10 May 2012

Characters database has been implemented at last.

It’s designed in a similar way to photo spot.

Quick search field triggers the query to check different fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
  • Japanese name

You can type «Araragi Koyomi» as well as «Koyomi Araragi». In addition there is a detailed filter that allows you to perform search by anime title.

Character list is sorted by input date (most recent entries are shown first) by default.
After the use of any filter (except for the page filter) the sorting is performed by the last name.

Thank you for your attention! :)

characters database

Art contest changes
08 May 2012

Art contest submission deadline is postponed to May 12th (saturday).

All the submissions will be displayed at the end of the contest, format is to be declared.Goold luck and finish your drawings in time!

Photo section changes
30 Apr 2012

Photo section has been largely redesigned. Now it looks the same as “all user photos” mode.

  • The section is now fully AJAX-powered (applying filters and sorting does not refresh the page).
  • Clicking the photo will open the photo viewer (BTW it now has all the social network buttons).

And one last thing…


Photos are available through JSON API so if anyone is up to writing a mobile app I could show you the way :)

Writing an app that syncs anime lists would be totally cool as well *_*

Thank you for your attention!

Cadre update
15 Apr 2012

We're announcing quite an addition to the team! :)

It's been a long coming, sorry the news post is sort of late.

  • So the figure database has a charming new keeper - Lulapa.
  • Anime database keeper department has been reinforced with two new members - AwL and Genserius.
  • The honorary title of lead translator is transferred to comrade norfolk_s3d.

We'd also like to thank Ge_ko for his priceless help concerning figure database development... to say the least ;)

Let's welcome our new members!
Bon voyage! :)

The April update
15 Apr 2012

This is about a small update.

First, the photo viewer has been upgraded:

  • Miniatures have been moved to the right.
  • All the indents have been shrunk to free more room to the picture.
  • Code has been largely rewritten, scrolling performance is higher (by the way the miniature animation has been removed for some browsers for not being smooth enough – I can explain if you’d like).
  • A tricky photo resize script has been implemented. It resizes the photo in order to take all available space. It only works on all user photos page (explained below).
  • The information on the photo is now shown in the right column.

Second, the page that lists all user’s photos that are public is finally released (guess many of you have been waiting for it :Р). It’s literally stuffed with scripts:

  • Automatic download of photo miniatures while scrolling.
  • Automatic download of next page while scrolling.
  • Date filter (e.g. one can choose to view the photos starting from Sep 25th 2010). The date selection’s at the top and you can also click the certain date.
  • Showing figures only / public albums only / altogether.
  • As stated above the viewer’s new feature is implemented here: the picture downloaded is pre-resized to fit your monitor resolution (users possessing a small monitor will download a smaller picture and vice versa). This will be implemented everywhere if we don’t get any bugs.

For example:

The photo spot is probably going to be replaced with this as well, please share your thoughts on this issue.

It is also very important for us to get your wishes and remarks on the photo viewer. Did it get better or worse? What is it you don’t like about it? What else do you want to be in the viewer?

There have also been some very important fixes:

  • Authorization cookie now lasts two years.
  • An annoying bug in the post autosave has been fixed (autosave was executed even if the text field was empty so you could lose your post just like that).

Thank you for your attention! :)

Spring Update
16 Mar 2012

Hi everyone! :)

We've got the long awaited update right here!

We’re introducing the automatic award handout system! They’re listed in “Hall of Fame”. Have a look, most of you should’ve received some :) Actually the present award list is just a start and it’ll most certainly be expanded. Awards are handed out once in a while: daily or weekly. “Hall of Fame” is also to list your manually awarded prizes (we took them down temporarily – don’t worry, we’ll get them back in a week).

Anime version control was also added. Even in case the information is edited by a moderator the preceding anime title state will be stored and can be viewed via special interface. We plan to implement this system to work with figures and characters. We’ll see how it goes with anime.

There’s also a lot of changes and fixes, here’s some:

  • A link to the added character is displayed after adding.
  • You get the moderation approval message even if you get 0 SP.
  • You also get the message in case your add/edit of a character/figure/anime was refused.
  • Moderators have a field available that helps send a message to the user (i.e. attach the link to the original item if user’s requesting to add a dupe).
  • There’s now a link to a character/figure/anime in moderation notifications which you receive via e-mail.
  • You can search figures by sculptor name.
  • Figure search has been improved, for example “Miku World” search results will also list “Mike Hatsune World is Mine”.
  • New figure list display type (big images).
  • Figure list sort on “My Shelf” page is saved. For example if you click a figure and then click the “Back” browser button the sort order won’t be reset.

There’s really a lot of engine fixes. For instance the CMS modular system has been fully revised. That’ll be of a great help to the future update releases.

The tag module has been developed, at the time it’s used only in award grouping. There’s more where that came from. The dupe anime title cleanup system has been created (yeah, I used to delete ‘em manually).

And as always I’d like to ask our users to send me reports on the found bugs without delay.

Thank you for your attention! :)

Double Lottery – the results
10 Mar 2012

Hey everyone! It's time to announce lottery results! :)

This time once more we turned down the idea of rolling more than a thousand tickets and recording a video - it would take the precious time we’d like to spend on polishing the last update (that’s going to be released really-really soon). Hope you forgive us! We used the same «software» as the last time to make the draw.

First let’s list the encouragement prizes. There are ten of them: six Den-Den-Mushi «snail» charms, some One Piece stuff and a notebook from MyAnimeShelf. All winners get a small year 2012 MyAnimeShelf calendar.

Now to the winner accouncement!

1. Main prize – Ace and Luffy figures

2. Small prize №1 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

3. Small prize №2 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

4. Small prize №3 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

5. Small prize №4 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

6. Small prize №5 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

7. Small prize №6 – Den-Den-Mushi «snail».

8. Small prize №7 – notebook and eraser.

9. Small prize №8 – memos.

10. Small prize №9 – desk pad.

11. Special MyAnimeShelf prize – a notebook.

Congratulations to all winners, hope you’re pleased :)

If we don't know your postal address please send a PM with the address to Glory.

In conclusion…
As Glory have already pointed out this lottery (in its current incarnation) is the last. That does not mean your SP will be rendered useless. You’ll be able to make use of SP in upcoming events.

We’ll also start a new photo contest shortly… What contest? You’ll find out very soon.

Stay tuned! :)

Double Lottery: the last step
05 Mar 2012

Gosh, lottery came to an end quite suddenly this time.

Kuroneko trying to catch two pusses

The fail of Kuroneko

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed the ticket office is closed and everyone who managed to earn at least 50 RP received their bonus tickets.

So, this time a total of 1337 tickets were handed out (should we borrow additional pans to hold that much?). Thus each ticket provides you with 0.074% chance of winning the main prize - Ace and Luffy from One Piece.

Ticket list

Please note: the ticket №6666 has been sold this time ^_^

The draw will take place on March 10th. Stay tuned! :)

Update: photo viewer
15 Jan 2012

Hello everyone!

At first I'd like to mention that Glory is very busy preparing to N1, her thesis and graduation in general. So let's wish her luck and wait for her to return to the project! :)

We didn't write about updates for a while but it doesn't mean there wasn't any. Different corrections are made almost daily and something gets better. Usually the change in version on our site shows it. And I'm not going to leave codding for Shelf behind anyway =)

Today a new photo viewer is waiting for us!

I really hope that viewing will get better and that it will let you to rate and comment them more.
The viewer will be completed with time as we plan to put it in almost every part of the site where pictures can be found, so we really hope to hear your thoughts of ways to improve it and bug reports!

Some of the viewer's features:

  • Fullscreen mode with pictures' ranging.
  • Ability to comment (please check out the advanced mode where BB code editors are loading) and rate a picture right away.
  • Navigating the thumbnails.
  • Browsing with keyboard and mouse.

Wow! I want to check it out!

And now a little about sad things:

This update concerns some other functions of the site:

  • The comment system and
  • BB code editors were completely rewritten.

That means these models can have small mistakes and you will be "lucky" to find something - PM me at the same intant and we'll be fixing it :)
There are no functional (excluding the fact that they'll be easier for me to use in the future, he-he) or visual improvements in these modules.

Thanks for attention :)

Merry Christmas!
25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas! ♥
May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year.

Michelle and Leila wish you a Merry Christmas! Michelle and Leila wish you a Merry Christmas!

Lottery Prizes
20 Nov 2011

Hi there! Today I've brought you a couple of pics of our newest Lottery prizes. This time we are going to have two big figures of Ace and Luffy as a main prize (yeah, one person will receive both pirates!), as well as a bunch of different One Piece stuff - for those who'll be a little bit less lucky. For example, cute Den-Den-Mushi charms. Hope the winners will like it!

Lottery is back!
25 Oct 2011

Finally our traditional event - Lottery - is back. Happy? :) I returned from Japan too late to launch it from the beginning of Autumn, so we decided we're going to make a double one - an Autumn-Winter Lottery. Since it takes more time than usual, we are also going to have slightly more prizes. Our main giveaway is a gorgeous set of two figures of Ace and Luffy by Banpresto (from One Piece anime). The amount of small prizes will be bigger than we used to have, but I will keep them secret for a while. Today I can only say they all belong to the Universe of One Piece.

Tickets cost:
1 ticket = 50 SP
1 ticket - 50 RP

I know lots of you guys here adore One Piece, so I believe you'll enjoy the prizes. And the fans of cute moe-girls, wait a bit more until our next event. Bye-bye!

Birthday Photocon Results!
25 Oct 2011

To celebrate our second Birthday we were running a small photo contest... and we are ready with the results. I must say, it took some time to choose a winner. Every picture was so sweet and positive, anyone would be moved by watching them. Special thanks go to Feba who send us - guess how many? - 15 photographs! Respect to those of you who purchased a real cake or sweets. We love you, guys!

But only one person shall become a winner... and we agreed that this time the prize is going to... riraito! We agreed that his picture is the warmest and most touching one. Here it is:

by riraito

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