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Trading: sets

Trading: sets
12 Nov 2016

Hi everyone!

It's been some time since the last update. This is due to big changes in our CMS that the website is running on. Current update has an insane amount of CMS engine changes. And while all of those cannot be seen by our users (except for bugs) there are some good news.

Trading section now allows you to sell a set of items. Putting a set for sale costs 7 coins (amount subject to change, might be a calculation of sort). An item turns into a set of you select more than one figure.

Stuff you should know:

  • Buyers can't add an item from the set to a cart, the whole set will be added instead
  • Seller can't change the set items after saving the set, one has to delete the set and create a new one (but can change the price, description, etc)
  • Seller is strongly advised to put a whole set photo as the first picture (for buyer convenience)
  • Set items are displayed in the market as regular items but bear a special mark
  • Despite only the whole set being available for purchase each item in the set can have its own price

In case you have not noticed we've started to issue warnings for not following the rules in blog post sales. Please be careful and don't break the rules.

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