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Private chats: testing

Private chats: testing
13 Oct 2014

Actually I wanted to write about long polling, nginx plugin, old manuals, cross browser compatibility and a some more complex geek stuff.

So I'd better show you my PHP elephant *_*

The testing of new private messaging system is upon us!

Private messages are an important part of the website and we must make sure everything's working properly, server runs smoothly, alerts are sent and so on.

Upon the successful (hopefully) end of testing all the messages from the new system will be deleted. Old private messages will be converted to new ones. All unread messages (how many do you have? I have 65) will be marked as important so you won't have trouble finding them.

There are two chat types:

  • Private two-person chat.
  • Private group chat.

Both of those feature:

  • Mark message as "important".
  • Delete message (can be restored until the page is refreshed).
  • Archive the chat — chat is moved to "Archived" tab and remains htere until you open the chat or a new message pops in the chat.
  • "Message has been read" mark (separate marks for each person in a group chat). Message is marked read when an explicit requested has been received by the server.
  • Turn email alerts off (in case there're tons of messages in a group chat).
  • Postponed email alerts: you'll receive an email if a message stays unread for about 15 minutes. You won't get any more emails for that chat until you've entered it.

Oh and in case someone creates a group chat with a lot of users please make sure to invite me, I must give my creation a test *_*

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