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Photo tournament: beta test

Photo tournament: beta test
12 Aug 2014

Hey! Missed our events? We're happy to announce the photo tourtament beta test!

How does that work?
All the users who want to take a part in the toutament are randomly arranged in groups and are given time to send us photos. 16 users to participate in an actual tourtament will chosen by vote. After they will be paired for duels, this is where the fun starts! All participants will have 3 days to take a picture on a subject (there's no specific subject in the testing though). All the users will have 2 days to vote for each duel.

This way every 5 days the number of participants is halved until there are 2 competitors left. The final duel will define the winner and an honorable second place.

There are some simple rules:

  • All registered users can vote.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • The picture must be taken for the tourtament exclusively.
  • A photo must contain any item from our database: a figure of any kind, a doll, even a plushie or a charm.
  • Pictures of bootlegs are forbidden, pictures of very well made bootlegs are even more forbidden :)
  • Photos with watermarks are forbidden.
  • All pictures are premoderated.
  • You can change a picture before the voting starts. Bear in mind it has to be approved so don't leave it until the last moment.
  • You can upload a picture (if you haven't done it yet) after the voting has started.
  • And of course the picture must be taken by you. Users caught with photo stealing will be banned from tourtaments forever.

We also remind this is a test so we have achievements for rewards.
The tournament starts 24.08.2014. On this day a special section where all the users who signed in would be able to upload their pictures will appear, good luck!

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