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Spring 2010 anime season!

Spring 2010 anime season!
01 Mar 2010

Hey, it’s the first day of spring today… and with it comes the new Spring 2010 anime season! Hurray! For those of you who are still unaware of the upcoming series we’ve collected the most valuable of them on our front page. It will stay there on top for a while. We also tried to gather the basic information on the series, including trailers. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in particular series and got more info on it, please let me kindly ask you to share it with us by editing the current data. Also if you find some interesting anime missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

And as usual — you’re welcome to discuss whatever you want. Btw, which series do you intend to watch?

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pluvia33 (USA)
01 Mar 2010, 12:18:00
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I plan on watching just about everything other than continuations of things I haven't watched yet. Here are quick opinions of what has me particularly excited:

Angel Beats! - That trailer really got me interested. Looks interesting and very pretty.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - It's SHAFT and at this point that alone is enough to get me excited. The story sounds really interesting to me, too. Should be right up Akiyuki Shinbou's ally.

Bungaku Shoujo - Looks like it should be cute calm nice and fun. Too bad it's a movie and therefore I probably won't be able to see it for 5 months or so after it's debut in theaters. It's kind of sad that there are a lot of anime movies coming out, just because of the waiting factor. :(

Eve no Jikan (movie) - Really enjoyed the original ONA series and am looking forward to watching it again in completed movie form, someday. (read above)

Higashi no Eden - Movie II: Paradise Lost - Gak, yet another movie! I'm actually more excited to finally see the first movie for the series. The DVD is set to come out March 24th so I should finally get to watch a fansub sometime around then. ^_^

K-ON!! - Well yeah, enjoyed the first season so this is a no-brainer.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Haven't read any of the manga, but it looks like the only real shoujo anime of the season so I'll look forward to it. Though it's going to have a hell of a time filling the gaping hole Kimi ni Todoke is going to leave in my heart when it ends. :(

King of Thorn - The trailer looks very cool and badass. I was very excited to see a hardcore sci-fi action anime coming out. But then I realized it was yet another movie. -_-

Kiss x Sis (TV) - I've liked what I've seen of the OVA so far so I'm looking forward to this, too. Hopefully it's just as wrongfully perverted. ^_^

Planzet - Cool looking Japanese CGI movie. I wish US CGI movies looked this cool.

Redline - Not a big racing fan, but the style looks really cool. And racing is always more enjoyable when they're shooting at each other. ^_^

And a few things not in the database here....

Heroman - The picture looks a little cheesy, but it's Bones collaborating with Stan Lee, so I'll look forward to it anyway.

Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei - Considering the director's previous work, this should be some interesting artistic stuff.

New Hentai!!

So yeah, I guess I'll be busy again this season. But it actually doesn't look like there are as many TV shows coming out as in previous years. Oh well. Maybe I'll work on the database a little later. ^_^
ToonAddict (USA)
02 Mar 2010, 10:15:11
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For now, the only spring title that is a guaranteed "watch" for me is K-On!!

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