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S.H.F. Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

post's avatar: Vroom VROOM!

Vroom VROOM!

Well they aren't called Masked Riders because they walk around with masks... I went out and bought some Maisto 1/12 diecast motorcycles, I absolute love these type of bikes because not only are they 1:12 scale so they can fit either Figma or SHF figures, but they are also incredibly detailed and...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 28 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Playing with lighting...

Playing with lighting...

Just throwing up some pics I took with my crappy cellphone camera, it has absolutely no camera control settings so I'm trying to play with lighting to bring out the best photos as I can from this camera. I'm actually gonna go out and get a decent material backdrop, right now it's...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 18 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Guess who arrived today?

Guess who arrived today?

Errrr that's not Yui, what's Gitah doing with Kuuga... Ah there she is, but she can't live without her precious Gitah, give it back Kuuga... Bad Kuuga, don't you know you shouldn't make girls cry... it's just a gag, Kuuga gives Gitah back and all's right with the world...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 17 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Big buckle included...

Big buckle included...

So i've been trying to sell my Arcee movie deluxe transformer with no luck, was hoping this comic would make her more attractive to a buyer.

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 06 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Decade vs Black / Black RX

Decade vs Black / Black RX

Story time! Decade: Today, we end this, once and for all... Decade:I'll put you both down for good. Kuuga: Wait! We can work this out. Decade:I don't think so Kuuga, I'm tired of all your crap. Black and Black RX: NOW! While he's distracted! Kuuga: NO WAIT!

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 09 Jan 2010

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