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Super Action Statue 6 Noriaki Kakyoin

post's avatar: Another camera test...

Another camera test...

I decided to fiddle with my cameras settings just a little bit more. I think I have the white balance, shutter speed and ISO just fine. I discovered my camera has two different color modes, Adobe RGB (top) and sRGB (bottom) Adobe RGB seems truer to real life but sRGB some of the colors pop more. I'm...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 20 Sep 2011

post's avatar: Super Action Statue Joseph Joestar :)

Super Action Statue Joseph Joestar :)

I got my Super Action Statue Joseph Joestar today and He's great and He completes the set of the heroes of part 3. It's nice to have them all together, but i hope wheel eventually see some other villains besides Dio / The World. (I'd kill for an Oingo Boingo 2 pack) But anyways Joseph com...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 16 Aug 2010

post's avatar: The unexpected purchases of June

The unexpected purchases of June

Today i received a couple of packages of unexpected Purchases. (I also got a new backdrop today Witch i'm trying out in some of the pictures) First is my order from HLJ's second summer sale. Which includes RAH Josuke Higashikata and final form ride Decade and Diend. Iv'e been wanting Josuke...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 24 Jun 2010

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