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figma Black ★ Rock Shooter

post's avatar: BRS & DM


Had some fun with my figmas and decided to take some pictures with better lighting brs now close up(she suits dms face) dm being badass close up of hands i love this pose!! slightly better close up more close up Trying out different angles, kind of a fail Faveourite...

By megumi_vocaloid | Figures & Dolls | 25 Apr 2011

post's avatar: New figures part 2

New figures part 2

I already made a post about Figma Black Gold Saw so here are the other figures I got recently. From the same delivery as BGS I got two more Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Riders. Ryuki (the red one on the left) and Hibiki (the purple one) these two complete my set of main riders (that have been released so...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 12 Apr 2011

post's avatar: The Waiting Game, a new busou shinki, and another kind of rider?

The Waiting Game, a new busou shinki, and another kind of rider?

So another semester begins, I' am eagerly waiting for my wonderful or dreadful acceptance letter to the university which I will be transfered to. However, instead of getting that letter I received a interesting package... Well I got a hold of Busou Shinki Zilvern, apparently its Zielbellen accord...

By Viridia | Figures & Dolls | 04 Mar 2011

post's avatar: From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love

Today I received a rather large and mysterious package from Russia. Moe and my HoiHois decided to help me open it. (btw in this first picture you can also see my “massive” gaming setup) The HoiHois cutting it open. After opining it I learned that it contained four wrapped presents and a le...

By mu597 | Private stuff | 23 Jan 2011

post's avatar: figma BRS photo-set

figma BRS photo-set

There is one thing I don't like about BRS. It's very difficult to take pictures of it. First goes its fringe which makes it's almost impossible to focus on the eyes. And the second pain in the neck is its coloring scheme. Well, yeah, this breath-taking combination of black garments and nearly white...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 25 Sep 2010

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