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Fraulein Revoltech 016 Yoko Movie Ver.

post's avatar: A bit about me and my hobbies + Yoko pictures

A bit about me and my hobbies + Yoko pictures

I'm not sure about other people but figure collecting in my eyes is just another hobby phase that I'm experiencing and I've had a bad habit of spending too much of my money on hobbies. This is really because I'm still considered a 'kid' and I don't actually have a real job yet. Just two smal...

By Chiaki | Otaku & Japan | 20 Aug 2011

post's avatar: another Yoko!

another Yoko!

New arrival yay! Please welcome Yoko as stewardess) Обновление в коллекции! Приветствуем Йоко-стюардессу) The box/ Коробочка The figure itself/ Сама фигурка Close up/ Моська My fav one: Kamina and his harem of Yokos))/ И самое шикарное фото: Камина и его гарем Йо...

By MrsSkeeter | Figures & Dolls | 13 Jul 2011

post's avatar: Couples/ Парочки

Couples/ Парочки

There's only one thing that's better than just collecting figurines - collecting COUPLES! I think it kinda makes the hobby more romantic, doesn't it? For now there are four happy couples on my shelf, two "ideal" ones and two with... errr, let's call it size issues) But I think they still l...

By MrsSkeeter | Figures & Dolls | 12 May 2011

post's avatar: another St Valentine's day pic

another St Valentine's day pic

I wanted to show you another pic that I've made for St Valentine's Day contest. The figurines are the same so it would've been a spoiler if I'd shown it sooner)) Of course I'm a shitty photographer and my camera is far from being perfect... since the only thing I cared about when buying it was co...

By MrsSkeeter | Figures & Dolls | 22 Feb 2011

post's avatar: Алкоголица Йоко)) Alco Yoko

Алкоголица Йоко)) Alco Yoko

Мы обе любим клубничную маргариту)) We both love strawberry margarita!

By MrsSkeeter | Figures & Dolls | 02 Nov 2010

post's avatar: Yoko


Ну вот наконец-то и любимая женщина номер два! И одна из самых прекрасных фигурок, на мой взгляд) Если не считать того, что при cмене ее деталек я каждый раз чуть не ломаю себе ногти, то она прямо-таки идеальна лол А еще Йоко приятно и легко фоткать даже криворуким типа меня - красотка она и есть к...

By MrsSkeeter | Figures & Dolls | 08 Oct 2010

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