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figma Hatsune Miku Append ver.

post's avatar: figma Hatsune Miku 2.0

figma Hatsune Miku 2.0

Pfft, I was planning on posting this last week, but I was so busy with school. Now I'm on vacation already, but I've just been so lazy..... The pictures are still bad, and I apologize for that. I really need to get a descent lamp with a white light, or something... Anyway, let's get this...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 05 Dec 2013

post's avatar: Homuhomu Nendoroid Petit~⋆

Homuhomu Nendoroid Petit~⋆

My Madoka game prize came late last week but I didn't have time to take pictures of it and stuff, but now I do~ :D Hmmm, I wonder who it is.. *drum roll* IT'S HOMUHOMU! And now Gumi has a new friend ^__^ She's so cute! She still looks dangerous even though she's so tiny xD Her...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 26 Apr 2013

post's avatar: Inspiration goes a long way

Inspiration goes a long way

I've haven't been getting any original ideas lately It's been rather difficult, but the other day I saw a box of these 'plastic pearls' and ideas started flowing again! What a random trigger xD The lesson being; don't be sad even if you have art block! You don't have to force yourself, sometime...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 10 Mar 2013

post's avatar: November Snow

November Snow

The first 'real' snow came in late November (and then not again until before New Year's), and Miku-chan INSISTED that I took her out and snapped a few photos of her. (She's so sassy...) I wasn't out for very long as I was too lazy to out on warm clothes and I was very cold, but hopefully we can...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 15 Jan 2013

post's avatar: Denmark


I took these pictures when I went to Denmark in July, but I totally forgot that I even had them, so I just edited them now. They're not as good as my recent ones, but I still think they're worth posting.

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 07 Dec 2012

post's avatar: Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

Time for a new photoshoot with Miku!! ^__^ The weather was nice and not too cold, so I decided to take a chance. What I didn't notice earlier though was that the wind was pretty strong at times, so balancing her on the big leaves was pretty much hell. I'm really glad with how the pictures...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 24 Oct 2012

post's avatar: Summer Fun II

Summer Fun II

I took Miku-Chan with me to the summer house again. This time the weather was much better. Although it was pretty windy (making it hard for me to switch parts), it was much sunnier :D Blueberries everywhere! ^__^ Lot's of 'Append' poses.. She really likes flowers :3...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 07 Aug 2012

post's avatar: Summer Fun :)

Summer Fun :)

So I went to my family's summer house a few weeks ago. I took my dear Miku-Chan and chopper with me and captured a few pictures, but was too lazy to edit them. Japanese figures in Icelandic nature I found a little horse statue, which Miku seemed to fit perfectly on. Two of it's...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 26 Jun 2012

post's avatar: Chopper is here!~

Chopper is here!~

I'd like all of you to say hello to my newest figure, Chopper! I got him in late May from another guy for a fair price (I think totally unused), and I'm very happy - - - - - Welcome!~ ♥ His paint job is rather sloppy, but I'm still very happy with him . Already best friends!

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 11 Jun 2012

post's avatar: I need some help!

I need some help!

I really need some help! Her ..erm... leek thingy fell of her stomach part. (Because I'm a noob, and disgrace to the nerd community). I tried super gluing the tips together, but they're so tiny and fragile that they just fall apart again when I attach the body part to the figure. I was thinking...

By cupcakedreams | Figures & Dolls | 01 May 2012

post's avatar: Hatsune Miku Append figma

Hatsune Miku Append figma

She has arrived!! My first impulse buy, I tried not to get her but she was too cute and I didn't want to regret missing her (Just like with the Kurisu figma...which I really waaant) She arrived a week earlier than expected, SAL is so unpredictable, packages always come to me within 16 days but she a...

By megumi_vocaloid | Figures & Dolls | 15 Sep 2011

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