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Hoi Hoi's

On Friday I received a package that contained standard Hoi Hoi and Combat-san kits. They were a bit of an impulse buy but I had a strong urge to build some model kits so it couldn't be helped. I spent most of yesterday and today building them. I'm starting to grow a nice army of these now. Here...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 13 Feb 2011

post's avatar: S.H.F Kamen Rider DOUBLE (W)

S.H.F Kamen Rider DOUBLE (W)

Saa, omae no tsumi wo kazoero! Kamen Rider W or Double is the currently airing Kamen Rider series, the show revolves around a detective and his genius partner who solve specialized crimes caused by people who use Gaia Memories to turn themselves into beings called Dopants. The main Rider's gimmic...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 25 Mar 2010

post's avatar: d'awwww


What's this, another Takoluka thread. Yes, but unlike some fortunate people (ahem, mu597), this isn't from the Nendoroid, it's actually a keychain. I took off the keychain parts which left me with this adorable kraken in pink. She is much much smaller than her nendroid counterpart, but...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 02 Mar 2010

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