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Nendoroid Louise

post's avatar: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Wishing You The Joys Of Easter!

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 24 Apr 2011

post's avatar: Saber-sensei


I've been watching you playing with your action figures for quite a while... That's great, guys! I also do understand that it's possible to exchange figurines parts between them. Do you do that kind of things? I own only two nendoroids - Louise and Saber Lily, but guess what will happen if I give Sa...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 20 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Mina-san, Happy Saint Valentine's Day !!! I wish you all LOVE, joy, happiness and piece and I hope you get lots and lots of cards! And here is a bit from me. That's... well, that's how Louise is celebrating her V-day :) *There is a couple of hentai pictures at the end of the post. But nothing e...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 14 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Unlucky photo-session

Unlucky photo-session

-24°C! What a beautiful day to go out and make a couple of figurines outdoor pics! It turned out to be a quickest photo-session ever. One pic and Nataliya is running back home :D...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 23 Jan 2010

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