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Nendoroid Saber Lily

post's avatar: Happy Easter! (bonus photos :P)

Happy Easter! (bonus photos :P)


By Vallefor | Figures & Dolls | 24 Apr 2011

post's avatar: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Wishing You The Joys Of Easter!

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 24 Apr 2011

post's avatar: Saber-sensei


I've been watching you playing with your action figures for quite a while... That's great, guys! I also do understand that it's possible to exchange figurines parts between them. Do you do that kind of things? I own only two nendoroids - Louise and Saber Lily, but guess what will happen if I give Sa...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 20 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Cold winter and hot drinks

Cold winter and "hot" drinks

Freeezing COLD! −25°C in Moscow today !!! Aaaaaah! Ho-ho-ho, it's quite severe even for us. Typical Moscow winter temperature is something between 0°C and -15°C. And the lowest temperature ever recorded was −42,2 °C in January 1940. Huh! but you know, the difference between -5°C and -25°C is stu...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 16 Dec 2009

post's avatar: JLPT 2009

JLPT 2009

Did you enjoy your weekend? I spent it refreshing my knowledge before Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験, Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken). Level 3 here! And finally, it is over. Yokatta... (that is nice...) Although I feel a little depressed :( I'm not satisfied with my work :( I think my wor...

By Glory | Otaku & Japan | 06 Dec 2009

post's avatar: Nendo Saber Lily recovery!

Nendo Saber Lily recovery!

I'm so happy. Nendo Saber Lily isn't defective (gosh, this word is ugly) after all. All thanks go to pineappleskewer. She was brave enough to try switching Sabers fists. I suspected it to be possible, but couldn't make myself twist them off... and finally got help from one of 'shelf'-users. Ah, nice...

By Glory | Figures & Dolls | 08 Nov 2009

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