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figma Yui Hirasawa School Uniform ver

post's avatar: Kirino Figma

Kirino Figma

I would have put pictures up earlier but my mum lost my camera (emphasis on my) and my dad found it last night in a suitcase. Here she is ~ She is one of my few figures that can easily sit, she is really poseable and fun too! Her crossed arms look strange...uncrossed Yui: Look Mugi-chan its...

By megumi_vocaloid | Figures & Dolls | 09 Jul 2011

post's avatar: K-On classic bicycle ride. Ex:ride!

K-On classic bicycle ride. Ex:ride!

Let me continue with my ex:ride madness. Mu597 suggested to recreate this scene when I’ll be reviewing my ex:ride classical bikes. So, when few days ago Tsumugi and Ritsu figmas arrived safely at my headquarters, I decided to do so. Between photos I will rant about ex:ride classic bikes. Why ra...

By usagi_joou | Figures & Dolls | 05 Jul 2010

post's avatar: Ex:ride loot – the Wheel walker

Ex:ride loot – the Wheel walker

Due to some serious problems on Russian post many Japanese packages were severely delayed. But now all this muddle is somehow clears up which resulted in me getting packages sent from HLJ on 27th of January, 31st of March and 28th of April almost simultaneously >_< All three packages contai...

By usagi_joou | Figures & Dolls | 13 Jun 2010

post's avatar: Figma Ritsu Review

Figma Ritsu Review

I got my Ritsu figma today, and as usual I need to take pictures and review her immediately. :) As a figma Ritsu is very nice looking, all of the joints work well with the sculpt and she's painted nicely. Her headband is a little sloppy looking though. She comes with a good amount of acces...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 09 Jun 2010

post's avatar: new camera!

new camera!

Ok so technically it's not my camera it's my mom's new camera (a nikon D5000) but i get to use it so yay! I'm still getting the hang of using it here's the best i've taken so far. The first two have my normal lighting. the next two have lighting as suggested by my mom. It's...

By mu597 | Private stuff | 05 Mar 2010

post's avatar: Figma Yui

Figma Yui

The final review of the stuff i just got its figma Yui! Yui is the main character of K-on! but you probably already knew that. Yui comes with a good amount of stuff. She includes 5 sets of hands, 2 regular faces, a blank face with matching hair pice, Indoor shoes, her guitar, a case for the...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 28 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Yay a package!

Yay a package!

I got a package today it contained figma Yui Revoltech Elina Nendoroid Luka Gold Lightan model kit and some Revoltech joints I'll post more pictures of them later.

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 23 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Playing with lighting...

Playing with lighting...

Just throwing up some pics I took with my crappy cellphone camera, it has absolutely no camera control settings so I'm trying to play with lighting to bring out the best photos as I can from this camera. I'm actually gonna go out and get a decent material backdrop, right now it's...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 18 Feb 2010

post's avatar: Guess who arrived today?

Guess who arrived today?

Errrr that's not Yui, what's Gitah doing with Kuuga... Ah there she is, but she can't live without her precious Gitah, give it back Kuuga... Bad Kuuga, don't you know you shouldn't make girls cry... it's just a gag, Kuuga gives Gitah back and all's right with the world...

By Kajico | Figures & Dolls | 17 Feb 2010

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