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Phauna Marion

Japanese name: マリオン・ファウナ
Nickname: Mari
Marion Phauna, known also as "Mari", the doll master is one of Hao's followers from Italy who dresses in Gothic Lolita fashion. Her birthday is February 28, 1987. She is on the shaman Team "Hana-Gumi" (Flower) with Kanna Bismarch and Matilda Matisse. Although Kanna is the leader of the group, Mari is the strongest with a furyoku level of 8,000.
Her Guardian Ghost is a doll with a large revolver stuck to its hand, named Kirisaki Gun a.k.a Baby Chuck. It greatly resembles Manta Oyamada, and is a reference to Child's Play. Despite Marion being the strongest member of 'Hanagumi', Chuck has the lowest reiyoku level: 680, but the difference of reiyoku between the team's spirits is very small.


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