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Japanese name: グリフィス
Nickname: White Hawk
Griffith is the founder and leader of the mercenary unit known as the Band of the Hawk. Extraordinarily charismatic, intelligent, and handsome, his skill with his rapier sword and tactics gives him and his band the reputation of invincibility, making him the favored choice of the Midland King, who was locked in a century long war with the Empire of Tudor. Griffith is willing to sacrifice everything for his dream of his own kingdom and believes that he is destined for things greater than the average man.

After he won the war for Midland, he discovered Guts' intention to leave the Band of the Hawk. Intending to stop him from leaving or kill him altogether, Griffith decides to battle Guts a second time. However, he was instantly defeated when Guts broke his rapier, leaving him in disbelief and in turn crushing Griffith's morale. Later that night, Griffith went to Princess Charlotte's room and slept with her. The affair was discovered by a maid and later the Midland King, after which Griffith, unable to defend himself without his sword, arranged that he be captured by the king's guard. The king ordered that Griffith be imprisoned and tortured but kept alive. A year later, Griffith was rescued by Casca, Guts, Judeau, and Pippin, but he had already been physically crippled and mentally broken. Among other injuries, the tendons in his wrists and ankles had been severed, meaning he could no longer stand or wield a sword, and his tongue had been removed. After Wyald's attack and the further realization of his current state, Griffith attempts to flee the Hawks' camp, crashing his carriage into a lake. Guts comes to his aid, despite Griffith's unheard plea for him to stay away. The crimson Behelit is triggered, and the Eclipse begins.

Griffith and the pursuing Hawks are drawn into another dimension, where the four members of the God Hand appear. They declare that Griffith has the opportunity to become one of them, if only he sacrifices the Hawks who followed him to the lake. Griffith decides that because Guts caused him to forget his dream, the sacrifice is justified, and he agrees to the God Hand's terms. He is given a new body with raven black wings and is renamed Femto. His first action is to viciously rape Casca in front of Guts. Guts and Casca are rescued by the Skull Knight before they can be killed.


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