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Japanese name: アイリス
Iris is said to be a wild girl who likes to swing on vines and eat berries. Her Pokémon friend Axew travels with her in her hair instead of inside a Poké Ball. She seems to be very hyper in occasions such as climbing up trees very quickly. Iris is very adventurous and bold. She is a quick thinker such as in A Sandile Gusher of Change! she saved Ash from falling into hot water. This is again shown in Here Comes the Trubbish Squad! and Minccino-Neat and Tidy! where she is quickly able to evade oncoming danger when Ash and Cilan can't. On some occasions, she becomes invasive with some Pokémon such as Ash's Pikachu which normally causes the Pokémon to attack her.

She can also be a little shy and nervous at times towards humans, as seen by her avoidant relationship towards Ash after their first meeting. On occasion Iris would leave Ash's company for a while before unexpectedly reappearing later, usually surprising Ash in the process. This pattern would continue until she was formally asked by Ash and Cilan to join them on their journey. Also, she wasn't entirely trusting of Ash when it came to the safety of her Pokémon during battles and often kept secrets from him and Cilan. However, as their time together expands, she slowly begins to open up and trust the two of them in battles as well as revealing her dreams and ambitions.

Iris is an experienced Trainer and has been in many battles in the past. She has been portrayed as a sort of prodigy in the Village of Dragons, and while there she had built up a 99-win streak with her Excadrill before meeting Dragon Master Drayden. These experiences seem to have affected her, as she has a high view of herself and her abilities. Because of this, Iris typically seems to think of Ash as a little kid and often treats him like a rookie Trainer when he makes simple mistakes, despite that he too has had many adventures and accomplishments in the past. Her view of Ash seems to stem from their first meeting. Despite this, she is not against cheering him on during Gym and Trainer battles.

Iris adores most Pokémon, often hugging them upon first meeting; however, she has a particularly strong understanding of Dragon types and tends to be very excitable around them in particular, not showing fear even against a rampaging Druddigon. Because of this strong passion, she aims to become a Dragon Master like so many from her hometown. The one type she doesn't like is the Ice type, due to the fact that Ice-type attacks are super effective against Dragon-type Pokémon. Trip mentions that her fear of Ice-types based on that is unjust, as Dragon types are super effective against themselves. Iris shrugged this off, however, and mentions that she also has a fear of the cold. Iris is willing to overcome this fear however as shown when challenged by Georgia's Beartic.

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