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Lamperouge Rolo

Japanese name: ロロ ランペルージ
Age: 16

Rolo was introduced as Lelouch's younger brother and also a student of the Ashford Academy. He is unsociable and reserved unlike his older brother, a trait which does not gain him many friends at school. His most prized possession is a locket given to him by Lelouch on his birthday.

In the first episode of season 2, Rolo went to a casino in Babel Tower with Lelouch. He dislikes what he sees, especially when he watches two Eleven siblings fighting each other in a coliseum. He was also afraid of what will happen to his brother when he is accused by the gambler, the Black King, of cheating. After the Black Knights begin their attack on Babel Tower, Lelouch falls off of an edge while trying to protect Rolo. He later comes across a group of Britannian soldiers in search for Lelouch. When Lelouch regained his memory, he was certain that he does not have a younger brother.

When the Black Knights were about to make their escape, Rolo once again appears in his Knightmare Frame, the Vincent. He wiped out nearly all of the Burai units using his Geass and Knightmare Frame. He appears to Lelouch in the Vincent and fights Urabe and Kallen. Though clearly at an advantage, Urabe sacrifices himself and Lelouch detonate the explosives that had been planted in Babel Tower which allowing the Black Knights to escape. He later arrives at the Chinese Federation consulate. Li Xingke asks him if he's working with Britannia or Zero and he tells him that's a good question and he wants to know the truth. Revealing his Geass to Li Xingke, he says he is there to kill Zero.

At that moment however, his cell phone rings and it's Lelouch which confuses him. As before, CC is disguised as Zero and is actually the one giving the speech, which makes Rolo believe Lelouch is not Zero after all. After attempting to uncover Lelouch as Zero, the efforts of Villeta Nu and Rolo are all in vain as Lelouch gives no indication of having regained his memory. After causing a panic in a mall, Lelouch attempts to ambush Rolo and reveal who he is, only to have the situation reversed when Rolo uses his own Geass.

Episode 4 goes further into his past; he was a killer even as a child as he was told his Geass was most suitable for assassinations. Lelouch manipulates the situation and tells him that simply completing the mission will give him no future. Lelouch then convinces Rolo that he will bring him C.C. the following day. Using his Geass on one of Darlton's adopted sons, Lelouch commanded him to open fire on Rolo with his sniper rifle equipped Knightmare. Lelouch subsequently protected Rolo, who was frozen in fear, by taking the shot meant to kill Rolo. He then tricks Rolo into believing that he thinks of him as a brother and thus protecting him, throwing Rolo's psyche into confusion.

It was revealed in episode 4 of R2, Rolo has killed many powerful figures using his Geass powers from the age of six. His main assassination method is to use firearms at close range, but is also known to utilize and handle other weaponry expertly, including knives and poison. It is unknown what his real name is, but quite frequently employs the codename "Rolo Haliburton". His real age and date of birth, though unknown even to the Secret Intelligence Service, is said to be 14 to 16 as of 2017.

Rolo's personality is just as varied and enigmatic as he is. On one hand, he is very shy and withdrawn; a trait the student council members have noticed has made it difficult for him to make friends. He stays close to Lelouch for protection, and is quite fearful as seen from the violence at Babel Tower.

While working with the Britannian Secret Intelligence Service, he is aloof and doesn't seem very interested. His main goal is the death of Zero, and he doesn't seem to care much about other objectives. He often stays in the background and simply listens, and isn't afraid to be very blunt of their faults. Episode 4 shows him as a killer since he was a child and quite robotic about his duty, believing in nothing but the mission, everything and everybody else is not important. When he eavesdrops on the other Secret Intelligence Service agents chiding Villeta about his killing and their effectiveness as a team due to his presence, Rolo doesn't believe in teams or families, he simply wants to complete his goal.

He is also shown, especially in Lost Colors, to be very ruthless. As Rai approaches, he immediately repels his Geass, uses his own, and kills him with his trademark knife. If Rai chooses to stay away from him, he runs from the "maddening aura". In Episode 3 of R2, a Britannian walks into his conversation with Viletta about Geass, and he immediately activates his own geass and kills the man despite Viletta's protests. When Villeta questions how many he killed (indicating a large body count), he merely replies "This is the best and fastest method, right?”

One thing consistent however is his devotion to Lelouch. Despite his urge to kill Zero (shown by immediately attacking his Sutherland with his Vincent), he never looks at him badly and immediately supports him. Lelouch's year without memories shows him and Rolo quite happy, particularly when Lelouch gives him a heart-shaped locket which he keeps attached to his cell phone (and plays around with when he's bored). After Lelouch regains his memory, he asks Rolo for the locket back saying it was an odd gift for a brother but Rolo immediately backs away, says that the locket belongs to him. It is revealed later that the locket given to Rolo on the first time he had a "birthday."

Rolo is very devoted to his mission. However, it is clear that he has also been heavily affected by his time with Lelouch. Because of this, he was easily manipulated into believing that Lelouch cares for him after Lelouch pretends to have saved his life. Lelouch plans to throw him away after he makes good use of him.

Rolo possesses a Geass in his right eye, which grants him the ability to temporarily suspend the subjective experience of time for all individuals within a given sphere of influence -- represented on-screen as a glowing orange bubble that expands from his body.

The medium by which the ability influences others is as yet unknown, but the phenomenon of subjective time lapse is implemented in the absence of direct eye contact, unobstructed by physical obstacles or electronic equipment. Effective range is set on use, with no presently known absolute maximum. No wait is necessary between deployment, and the single-use restriction of Lelouch's Geass does not apply. Despite long-term possession of the ability, Rolo appears to remain in full control of its activation.

Rolo has made eye contact with Lelouch without immediately falling under the influence of the control Geass. In Episode 5 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, he purports that a weakness exists in his ability, but subsequent explanation does not occur on-screen. In the following episode, the Geass effect appears to deactivate after a countdown.

Rolo's ability has been popularly compared with Dio Brando's true timestop ability -- The World (ザ・ワールド, Za Warudo?) -- from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure; as well as with the time-sequence erasure ability of another Jojo character, Diavolo -- King Crimson (キング・クリムゾン, Kingu Kurimuzon?), which brings consequences to fruitition without need for a cause. In fact, the ability most closely resembles the "Demon Eye" of Dominique the Cyclops from Trigun -- a subjective timestop effect of limited range projected from Dominique's right eye, requiring no eye contact.

Rolo has been an assassin since he was a child, and according to his Secret Intelligence Service profile that, quite skilled in firearms and other weaponry including explosives, poisons, knives and others. He is also the pilot of the Vincent knightmare frame, and uses its unique speed and mobility effectively, especially when he uses his Geass in battle, throwing his opponents into confusion and shock.

In a video game for the PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable, Code Geass: Lost Colors, Rolo is sighted on Kaminejima island together with V.V.

If the player decides to attack first with the protagonist Rai's Geass, Rolo uses his Geass power and kills Rai with a knife, resulting in a game over. If the player chooses not to use the Geass ability, Rai instead ends up throwing a grenade in an attempt to escape. It detonates while still in the air, far faster than he expects -- possibly due to Rolo's Geass ability.


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