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Japanese name: ディード
Nickname: Knight of the Shining Blade, Deathscythe, Knight of Darkness
Another Knight Gundam and Zero's best friend. When Zero showed doubt over the plan to send him away, Deed reassured his friend that the other Knights would continue to fight on and Zero's mission was just as important. Deed's true motives were in fact much darker- he had masterminded the Dark Axis invasion as a means to win the heart of the princess with whom he had fallen in love. Soon after Zero had left, Deed betrayed his 'allies' and sided with the Dark Axis under his alias of Deathscythe. His ultimate ambition was to use the power of the Superior Dragon to become human, thus allowing him to rule Lacroa as Rele's king. He also planned to obtain the power of the Dark Axis.

As Deathscythe, Deed hid his indentity to gain more power. He captured the Steel Dragon and named their merged form Deathscythe. It was under this alias that he tricked Tallgeese into forming an alliance with the Dark Axis to cause Lacroa's downfall. Usually when in this form, Deed uses the cloaking magic and appears as a floating green blob. However, as his plans near the end he de-cloaks and reveals his fearsome form to his enemies.


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