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Marquise Zechs

Japanese name: ゼクス・マーキス
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Age: 19
Mobile Suit: Tallgeese; Epyon; Tallgeese III
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality: European
Hair colour: Platinum Blonde
Family: older brother of Relena
Home: Earth
Occupation: OZ Ace Pilot/WhiteFang Leader

Zechs Marquis is OZ's most elite soldier in Gundam Wing and one of Treize's two closest companions. While with OZ, he wears a silver mask to hide his true identity - that of Milliardo Peacecraft, one of the two surviving heirs to the destroyed Sanc Kingdom's throne. When his mask shatters in battle, Zechs leaves OZ and becomes a peace ambassador for the Sanc Kingdom. After Sanc is destroyed a second time, he becomes the leader for a rebel organization called White Fang and tries to achieve a total peace through war. An excellent pilot, Zechs uses the mobile suit Tallgeese and the Gundam Epyon.

In Frozen Teardrop

Some time between AC 197 and M.C.0017, Zechs and Noin marry and have twins, Naina and Milou. Zechs, under the alias 'Cyrene Wind', travels Mars with his daughter Naina while Noin's elder brother Nix-Deuf Noinheim poses as him. Searching for the murderer of his former OZ comrade, Major Elve Onegal, he runs into Father Maxwell, who is also searching for the killer in order to take the bounty on his head. Zechs asks Father Maxwell to take Naina to Hilde Schbeiker's orphanage in the Lanigreen Republic, and continues to pursue the murderer on his own.


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