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Une Lady

Lady Une suffers from a case of multiple personality disorder. The reasons behind her psychiatric problem is unclear, it's only presumed she suffered a great emotional shock and/or find parts of her mind in strong conflict with each other; she created various personas that reflect those emotions. She has 3 personas: Military-Une, Peaceful-Une, and the 3rd version that is a combination of both, all reflecting a part of herself that she wants to be.

Military-Une is her dominant personality. She's cold, arrogant, shrewd, and callous. She does not seem to share Treize’s belief in honour or chivalry, and will use any methods (not matter how reprehensible) to get the job done. Une willingly sacrifices her subordinates and is single-minded in accomplishing whatever task Treize gives her. Also, she has no room for failure, remorselessly punishing anyone who she feels has botched his/her mission. As both a military commander and an assassin Une is seemingly without feeling, and has no qualms about killing in order to fulfill Treize’s orders. Une does however value efficiency and competence, and will reward those subordinates who she feels display it; she will also stand up for them against the criticism of others. These traits can be seen in her willingness to hire and utilize Trowa Barton despite the doubts of others, including her former right-hand man Nichol. While in her soldier-persona, she often dresses conservatively: braided hair buns, round glasses, no make-up, and a offensive no non-sense personality. Her second persona is completely different.

Peaceful-Une is the opposite of her military-persona in almost every way. As such, she has more liberal views and presents herself as a beautiful and charming lady that grabs the attention of all the men. She often uses her charms to the necessary attention to convey her political views. She is a committed believer in pacifism and working together with others to build a brighter future; as a result she often stand opposed to Lady Une and Treize on matters such as war and Mobile Doll construction. She later suffer mental/emotional instability as Une realizes she's more than one person inside.

Eventually, both of Une’s personalities merged, following her lapse into a coma; the 3rd and final persona of Une combines the best traits of both of herself: Lady Une’s military skills and drive with peaceful-Une’s belief in humanity and diplomatic skills for pacifistic negotiations. The 3rd version in many ways is Une reconciling with all her conflicts and accepting everything about herself. It's because of this, her remaining personas never resurfaced and the 3rd persona became permanent. All three personalities are deeply in love with Treize and they're motivated by the self-less desire to please him. Even after his death, she continues to honor is memory by becoming a Preventer and looking after his daughter, Mariemaia Khushrenada.


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