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Japanese name: 粘液状の黒い人形使い
Nickname: Blobmen
The henchmen seen at the beginning of the movie of Howl's Moving Castle, and are controlled by the Witch of the Waste to do her bidding. They carry her around in a palanquin which may be a reason why she finds it difficult to climb the numerous palace steps.

Madame Suliman has similar looking henchmen to the Witch of the Waste, as she sends them to capture Howl and Sophie They are seen trying to break into the hat shop, which they are at from a portal in the castle. Near the end of the movie, the henchmen's attacks persist but they are unable to break in as they are prevented by Calcifer's protection on the castle.

The henchmen are not reffered to by name by any of the characters.

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